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Adobe Aero for Mac

Adobe Aero for Mac

  -  Freeware
Adobe Aero for Mac is an advanced editor and viewer of augmented reality creations, enabling anyone from complete novices to seasoned professionals to immerse themselves into the groundbreaking technology that can infuse real-world locations with stylish 3D art.

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With streamlined tools and services that can serve the needs of 3D creators, artists, architects, students, and designers of all kinds, Adobe Aero for macOS represents the next wave of innovation and compelling AR experiences coming to the famous Adobe suites of productivity and creation apps.

As of the time of this review, Adobe Aero was officially released on iOS and is available as a public beta for traditional platforms such as Windows and macOS. The desktop client is best suited for content creation, careful crafting of all 3D elements, manipulation of 2D layers, and special effects that can be used to enrich a real-world location with AR rendering, while a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad is uniquely capable of providing a user with a window into an AR-enriched word.

Mobile devices can also be used to precisely tweak position, orientation, size, and many other aspects of AR elements that can be used for the creation of stylish creations such as graffiti art, store decorations, public promotions, making sculptures come to life, historical and museum experiences, and much more.

One of the greatest advantages that Adobe Aero for Mac can offer its users is its interoperability with many other applications found in the Adobe suite and even several notable third-party apps, including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Substance 3D Stager, Cinema 4D, and TurboSquid. The supported formats include OBJ, GLB, gITF files, and many others. This all enables users to turbocharge their creativity by not forcing them to always create brand new assets for their AR creations.

macOS client of Adobe Aero features a wide array of editing tools, scene assembly services, and object behaviors. After the AR project is built, tested, and tweaked to perfection, the entire AR scene can be easily published and shared from within the app. The sharing procedure even includes a streamlined way to share AR experiences to iOS users who can view them with a single click. This includes both static AR creations and interactive scenes whose behaviors are saved inside the accompanying .real file.

Adobe Aero is currently 100% FREE and can be tested on all modern versions of macOS as an unrestricted Beta client (macOS 11 - Big Sur or above is recommended).

Also Available: Download Adobe Aero for Windows