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Sophia Jones

Hello, I'm Sophia Jones from the United States, a creative editor and writer with a love for audio and visual media. I have a degree in Graphic Design and over 13 years of experience in creative industries. During and after my studies I have worked directly with photographers, videographers, and designers, and therefore I have learned to anticipate their needs and can identify which modern software solutions can impact not only the productivity and workflows of professionals but also regular novices who are just trying to find the best app for their needs.

My favorite app categories here at are without doubt photo and design, audio software, and video software solutions.

My experience in the creative industry has enabled me to create a unique perspective on app reviews by directly incorporating crucial factors such as aesthetics, usability, and functionality into my daily job of evaluating various products, services, or software available online. This approach has apparently made me one of the most popular app reviewers here, which is an honor I will never live up to.

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