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Luminar Neo for Mac

Luminar Neo for Mac

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Luminar Neo for Mac is an advanced AI-powered photo editor that allows its users to take full control over their photo projects by taking advantage of tools that can automatically select, isolate, manipulate on-screen objects such as backgrounds, foregrounds, human subjects, and create striking visual creations that are ready for use in professional projects, online publishing, print, and more.

Offered as a standalone application for macOS and as a useful plugin for 3rd party photo editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Photos® for macOS, Luminar Neo by Skylum represents the best way users of all knowledge levels can harness the power of AI in the photo editing environment.

The ability of this app to automatically detect objects in photos can lead to a striking acceleration of daily workflow for professional photo editors and home users alike. Users can select and change (or delete) backgrounds from photos, create bokeh effects with customizable blur, softness, and glow, extract additional fine grain data from photos by enhancing them with AI upscalers, and change the visual style of dark photos with a powerful Relight AI tool that can create new lights and illuminate objects spatially inside a 2D image, and much more.

In order to help users quickly access all objects present in their images, this app can automatically mask up to 9 types of objects (skies, water, mountains, plants, buildings, vehicles, ground…), enabling anyone to simply click and select the desired layer and manipulate it.

Some of the most effective tools inside the offering of Luminar Neo for macOS are the ability to automatically remove power lines, add atmospheric elements such as sun rays or fog/mist/haze, automatically remove blemishes, perform a wide array of picture adjustment passes (detail upgrade, denoiser, mood changer, AI enhancer that can focus on image elements such as shadows, highlights, and more), and do all forms of color correction.

It combines the features found in previous app releases such as Luminar 4 and Luminar AI, but it also introduces many other AI-powered features that make photo editing faster, more streamlined and more powerful.

Luminar Neo for Mac can be accessed either via monthly or yearly subscription or purchased for extended with a lifetime license. A free trial mode is offered for first-time users. The app is optimized for all modern versions of macOS.

Note: Requires registration for the trial version.

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