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Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Parallels Desktop for Mac

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  • Latest Version:

    Parallels Desktop 19.1 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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    Parallels Holdings Ltd. / External Link

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    Install Parallels Desktop.dmg

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as macOS on any Intel-powered iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Unlike dual-boot solutions, in which users must completely shut down macOS and endure a full OS start-up cycle to access a important application, Parallels Desktop 2023 for macOS empowers users with the ability to run important Windows programs like Outlook, Access, Internet Explorer and all other applications without having to give up the usability and functionality of their macOS machine even for a few minutes.
  • Run more than 200,000 Windows apps on a Mac, including Microsoft Office for PC
  • Download and Install Windows OS on your Intel or Apple M series Mac computer
  • Seamlessly copy and paste text or drag-and-drop files between Mac and Windows
  • Develop and test across multiple OSs in a virtual machine for Mac
  • Run Windows applications effortlessly without slowing down your Mac
Run thousands of Windows apps like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Access, Quicken, QuickBooks, Visual Studio, even graphic intensive games and CAD programs without compromising on performance or rebooting.
  • Optimized for macOS Ventura
  • Download and Install Windows 11 in one click
  • Seamless Mac integration
  • Works on Intel and Apple M series chips
  • Disk Space Optimization
  • Use game controller in Windows with no setup - NEW!
  • Automate with CLI tools + CLI for macOS VM on Apple M series Mac - NEW!
  • Per user licensing option for companies that are ready to use SSO/SAML/SCIM integration - NEW!
  • And many more!
What`s new in version 19:

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Seamlessly supports the latest macOS, Windows, and Linux versions, along with compatibility for new Mac models.

Edition Options: Available in three editions: Standard, Pro, and Business. The Standard Edition is subscription-based, while the Pro and Business Editions are included.

Enhanced Virtual Resources: Each virtual machine (VM) comes with dedicated virtual resources:
  • Standard Edition: 8 GB vRAM and 4 vCPUs.
  • Pro and Business Editions: 128 GB vRAM and 32 vCPUs.
Mac-Windows Integration: Enjoy a native Windows experience on your Mac with features such as seamless integration of Mac files, keyboard, trackpad, camera, microphone, sound, graphics, and even Touch ID support.

Extensive Windows Application Support: Run a diverse range of Windows applications, including Microsoft Office 365, accounting software, trading software, SAP, Matlab, and more.

High-Performance Graphics: Execute graphics-intensive Windows applications smoothly on Pro and Business Editions, along with the ability to run multiple virtual machines concurrently.

Multi-OS Development and Testing: Develop, automate, test, and debug software across multiple operating systems simultaneously, streamlining the software development lifecycle.

Efficient Resource Utilization: Leverage the power of virtual machines to efficiently manage your tasks, applications, and workflows, minimizing the need for multiple physical devices.

Organizational Deployment: Facilitate the deployment of Windows on Mac within your organization, enabling access to vital business applications. This also empowers developers by eliminating the need for managing multiple computers.

Enhanced Security and Integration: Ensure secure and seamless access with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration options, eliminating the need for multiple authentication steps.

Features and Highlights

Use Windows side-by-side with macOS (no restarting required) on your MacBook®, MacBook Pro, iMac®, iMac Pro, Mac mini® or Mac Pro®. Share files and folders, copy and paste images and text & drag and drop files between Mac and Windows applications.

Easy Set-Up
Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started so you are up and going within minutes! If you need Windows, you’ll be prompted to Download and Install Windows 11 OR Choose your existing Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or Boot Camp® installation.

Lightning Fast
Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac. Run the most demanding applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio®, SketchUp® or AutoDesk Revit.

Choose your View
Make Windows invisible while still using its applications in Coherence Mode, or if you’re new to Mac, you can set Windows to occupy your entire screen, so it looks just like it would if you were using a Windows PC.

Other Features:

Up to Date
Optimized for the latest Windows 11 updates and ready for latest macOS Ventura.

Ultimate Flexibility
Works with OS X, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7, Google Chrome™,Linux and Unix, and macOS Server. No more having to choose between PC or Mac.

Touch Bar
Add Windows applications to Touch Bar™ for instant access and customization.

Connect Devices
USB, USB-C, Thunderbolt and FireWire devices connect with Windows. Pair your Bluetooth® devices—including Xbox One controller, stylus pen and printer—to work with both Windows and macOS.

Retina® Display Support
Smart resizing and independent screen resolutions for separate displays.

One-Click Tuning
Select productivity, games, design, software testing, or development, and Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for you.

Instant Access
Launch and access Windows applications right from the Mac Dock.

Save Disk Space
Get the most out of your Mac with automatic Disk Space optimization.

Office 365 Integration
Allows Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents in Safari to open in their native Windows Office app.

Works with Boot Camp
Reuse your existing Boot Camp installation. Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is easy, just follow our installation assistant at startup.

Volume License Key
Unified volume license key, centralized license management, and advanced security features are available in Parallels Desktop Business Edition.

Travel Mode
Extend battery life while away from a power source.

Parallels® Toolbox
Over 30 one-touch tools—clean your drive, take screenshots, download a video, and more—all with just a single click.

Remote Access
Remote access to your Mac from any iOS device, Android device, or browser with Parallels Access®.

How does Parallels Desktop work?

To add Windows, Linux, or another operating system to your Mac, Parallels Desktop creates a virtual machine (VM)—a virtual PC inside your Mac. You can then install Windows on the virtual machine, just as you would install any operating system on a regular computer. Run multiple OSs at the same time, all on your Mac. It’s like two computers in one!

Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard Edition
  • Full support for Apple’s ProMotion display with automatic refresh rate changes and increased Apple M1 Ultra performance, allowing users to assign more RAM and CPU cores and run Windows 11 up to 96% faster on Mac Studio with Apple’s M1 Ultra chip.
  • Enhanced Windows game play experience on a Mac. Users can now connect a game controller to their Mac, switch to Windows, and start playing, in addition to automatically sharing Xbox or DualShock Bluetooth game controllers with Windows and Linux. Enjoy smooth Windows UI and video playback, a higher frame rate, and much more.
  •  Improved compatibility of Intel (x86) applications when running Windows 11 on ARM, specifically when saving and reading files from the Mac disk.
  • Improved USB 3.0 to support live data streaming devices, including Elgato HD60, Startech USB 3.0 Video Capture, and more.
Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition  
Includes all features in Standard Edition, with the following additional functionality:
  • Powerful network conditioner on Apple M1 Macs enables users to set up various network conditions for a virtual machine (VM), such as bandwidth, packet loss, and delay, similar to both Windows and Linux VMs.
  • Isolate VM network from Mac on Apple M1 Mac computers for better security and start a Minikube cluster with Parallels Desktop as a virtualization provider.
  • Ability to use network boot with Linux ARM VMs now available on Mac computers with Apple M1 chips.
  • Easily analyze an application performance on a separate VM using the enhanced Parallels plugin for Visual Studio.
Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
Includes all features of the Standard and Pro Editions, with the following additional functionality:
  • Convenient SSO/SAML authentication enables employees to sign in and activate Parallels Desktop with a corporate account.
  • Allow IT admins to deploy, provision, or transfer a Windows 11 VM across employees’ Mac computers.  
  • Manage your Parallels Customer Experience Program participation centrally in Parallels My Account.
  • Windows Compatibility
  • Seamless Integration
  • Multi-OS Convenience
  • Performance Optimization
  • Coherence Mode
  • Resource Intensive
  • Costly License
  • Occasional Glitches

All in all, Parallels Desktop for Mac is a powerful virtualization software that bridges the gap between different operating systems, allowing Mac users to seamlessly run Windows, Linux, and other OSs alongside macOS. It provides a range of features designed to enhance the user experience, including seamless integration, high performance, easy setup, and advanced resource management.

This app is particularly beneficial for users who require access to applications that are only available on specific platforms or for those who need to test software across various operating systems.

Note: 14 days trial version. SSD (Flash Storage) is recommended for greater performance.

  • Parallels Desktop 19.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Parallels Desktop 19.1
- For virtual machines on Mac computers with Apple silicon
- Adds the ability to suspend and resume a virtual machine (macOS Sonoma 14.1 is required as a primary OS);
- Fixes an issue where keyboard input stops working after upgrading a virtual machine from macOS Monterey to macOS Sonoma 14.

Parallels Desktop 19.0
- Optimized for macOS Sonoma 14
- Touch ID-enabled for Windows sign-in
- OpenGL 4.1 Support in Windows
- Designed to run CentOS 9 Stream on a Mac with Apple silicon
- Designed to run Intel-based software in Arm-based Linux
- Vast improvements for macOS virtual machine on Mac computers with Apple silicon

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