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Daniel Leblanc

I am Daniel Leblanc, a skilled editor and writer from Quebec, Canada with a background in Information Technology. From a young age, I was passionate about computers and the internet, which pushed me to international studies where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Technology. After school, I focused on software development in several large companies. Writing as my creative outlet. From writing comments in my coding projects to writing approachable and informative reviews of software tools for general internet public. I just live writing!

Each day I explore the web for the best software solutions in my favorite fields of networking, file transfer utilities, and developer tools, which are not the types of apps that many other tech writers prefer to tackle.

However these apps are crucial for millions of PC/Mac users and software developers all across the world, and my expertise with them can help inform a large audience. I can’t wait to see where this important field of software development will lead us, and my detailed reviews will be there to help anyone boost their daily productivity, find new ways of connecting devices they own, and be informed about the bleeding edge of networking.

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