Full read and write access to NTFS drives in macOS

EaseUS NTFS for Mac

EaseUS NTFS for Mac

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    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

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EaseUS NTFS for Mac is a robust storage management utility tool that allows Mac users to create, write, edit, copy, move, and delete files on Microsoft NTFS volumes. It provides seamless access to writing data to all NTFS-formatted drives, including external drives, without the need for reformatting.

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EaseUS NTFS for macOS was designed from the ground up to offer a reliable, convenient, and fast way to read and write NTFS drives on Mac, enabling users to import and export important documents, videos, photos, and other files without worrying about compatibility or formatting issues. While it features a stylish dashboard for the management of all detected NTFS drives, its features can also be accessed directly from a Status Bar, enabling users of all technical knowledge levels to fully embrace the NTFS drive format into their daily workflows at home, school, and work.

Developers of this app from EaseUS are famous for a wide array of other system management software, such as EaseUS BitWiper, LockMyFile, and EaseUs DriverHandy.

Key Features
  • Seamless NTFS Access – Read and write to NTFS-formatted drives without reformatting.
  • External Drive Support – Access NTFS-formatted drives of all types, including external drives, USB drives, and memory sticks.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Manage NTFS drives either from a stylish dashboard or Status Bar menus.
  • Quick Mount and Unmount – Quickly mount and unmount NTFS drives for efficient file management.
  • Advanced Tools – Create and delete partitions, format drives, and more.
  • Full Windows NTFS compatibility – Easily read, write, and transfer files on external drives used on Windows PCs.
Installation and Setup

To install EaseUS NTFS for Mac, users must first download the software from the official website or secure FileHorse servers. The installation process is straightforward and only requires form users to follow a few simple on-screen instructions to get the app fully deployed.

How to Use

Once fully installed, users can connect an NTFS drive to their Mac, and the software will automatically detect the device. To start manipulating it, a simple click on the “Enable Writable” button will make the NTFS drive fully accessible on a macOS platform, with full access to reading, writing, transferring, and deleting files of all types and sizes. The app can handle an unlimited number of NTFS drive mounts, both with internal and external storage drives.

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Writable” drives can also be quickly reverted to “Read Only” mode, which can help Mac users to better protect data stored on those drives which will no longer be in danger of accidental deletion or overwriting.

User Interface

This system utility provides a stylish user-friendly interface, allowing for quick and convenient access to NTFS drives.

The main dashboard promotes easy management of all detected NTFS drives that are listed on the left side of the app, and the main controls are located on the right. This includes Copy/Write/Delete tools on the top, general drive information listing in the middle, and the used space status showcases as a bar on the very bottom.

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The app also resides in the Status Bar, enabling all the basic tools for mounting and file access without the need to showcase the full dashboard.


What is EaseUS NTFS?
It is a reliable and easy-to-use utility that allows Mac users to read and write to NTFS-formatted drives without reformatting, providing seamless access to NTFS volumes on both internal and external Windows-friendly drives.

Is it safe?
Yes. This is a highly secure app from reputable developers that regularly update this app with new compatibility and stability features.


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Tuxera NTFS for Mac – A comprehensive internal/external NTFS drive compatibility tool for Mac computers.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac – A lightweight storage management tool that enables mounting and unmounting Windows NTSF drives on Macs.


This premium app can be tested for free via a complimentary Trial license.

Unrestricted access to all its tools is available either through a monthly subscription or a purchase of a lifetime premium license.
  • Monthly Plan: $14.95
  • Lifetime License: $49.95
System Requirements

This lightweight app has no specific hardware requirements and can easily be used on any Mac running macOS 10.13+.

  • Comprehensive NTFS drive compatibility.
  • Full support for both internal and external drives of all types.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Quick mount and unmount functionality.
  • Full access to writing, renaming, and deleting files on NTFS drives.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • None.

EaseUS NTFS for Mac is a reliable and user-friendly utility tool that provides Mac users with seamless access to NTFS-formatted drives. It provides a streamlined way to read and write to NTFS volumes without the need for reformatting. Due to its perfect compatibility with all types of NTFS drives, it can dramatically boost the daily productivity of Mac users at home, school, and work.

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