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Microsoft Excel for Mac

Microsoft Excel for Mac

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    Microsoft Excel 16.86 LATEST

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    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

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Microsoft Excel for Mac is a powerful spreadsheet software that allows users to create, view, edit, and share spreadsheets across devices and with others in a collaborative environment. It is widely used by businesses, students, and individuals for data analysis, financial modeling, and budgeting, helping to organize and power projects of all sizes and complexities.

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The software is known all around the world for its advanced features, such as modern formulas, charts, and tables, and its integration with other Microsoft Office tools and third-party services.

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Its tremendous impact on home, education, and business productivity has led to the appearance of numerous competitors, who all failed to snatch any kind of notable share in the spreadsheet editing space. With more than 35 years of experience in developing productivity apps, developers from Microsoft have managed to dramatically expand the functionality of this app, eventually transitioning from the standalone app format to integration in Office suites, and finally becoming a part of Microsoft 365 subscription for Home and Business users.

  • Modern Formulas – Access a wide range of modern formulas to run calculations and analyze data.
  • Charts and Tables – Create complex charts and tables with ease.
  • Office Integration – Full compatibility with other Microsoft Office tools and third-party services.
  • Industry-leading Toolset – Control every aspect of spreadsheet creation and management.
  • Cloud Integration – Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 for easy access to files, a fully featured cloud app, and streamlined real-time multi-user collaboration.
  • Expandable Functionality – Empower the creation of advanced projects with the help of 3rd party addons.
Installation and Setup

To install this app on a Mac, users can download the software from the Mac App Store or our highly secure FileHorse servers. After downloading the installer, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in and complete the installation process. Since the latest version of this software is connected to the cloud, users are required to maintain a signed-in state and periodically be online to verify the integrity of the installation.

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While Windows users receive automatic updates of this app via the Windows Update service, Mac users will get stability updates, new features, and fixes via the background service that is provided by this app.

How to Use

Microsoft Excel offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of tools and features. Users can easily create new spreadsheets, manage tables, work with formulas, and utilize various formatting and editing tools. Spreadsheet documents can also be enhanced with dynamic charts, imported images, macros, automation features, and many other services offered by this powerful app.

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The software also supports cloud documents and collaboration features a dramatic boost of daily productivity.

Datapoints created by this app can easily be shared with other products from the Microsoft 365 app suite, including dynamic charts being shared in real time to Microsoft Word projects, and more.

User Interface

The user interface of this app is designed for optimal user experience, featuring customizable tools, a wide range of tools accessible through the toolbar, and a large array of customization options for managing datasets.

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Mac users can also take full advantage of touch screen and touch bar functionality on MacBook Pro devices, enabling seamless spreadsheet management even when on the go. All documents managed by this app can also be accessed via the cloud-native app, as well as touch-friendly iPhone and iPad apps developed by Microsoft.


What is Microsoft Excel for macOS?
It is spreadsheet software used for data analysis, financial modeling, and budgeting, enabling home, education, and business users to take full control over their datasheet management.

Is it safe?
100% yes. This is a reputable and safe software widely used by both professionals and individuals, with built-in security features, document encryption, and a user authentication system that prevents access to unauthorized users.


Apple Numbers – A spreadsheet software developed by Apple with basic features for data analysis and budgeting.

Google Sheets – A free, cloud-based spreadsheet software with basic features for data analysis and budgeting for all holders of a free Google Account.

LibreOffice Calc for Mac – A free open-source application for managing spreadsheets of all sizes and complexities.


Microsoft Excel is available through Microsoft 365 subscription plans, which offer access to a range of Microsoft applications. Pricing varies based on the subscription categories (Home and Business) as well as a specific plan (Personal, Family, and four tiers of business offerings).

In addition to monthly or yearly subscription offerings, this app can also be purchased via a lifetime home & student license for the Office 2021 suite.

A 30-day free trial of the Microsoft 365 Family is available to all new users.

System Requirements

The Mac version of this app can run on all versions of Mac computer hardware. The oldest supported OS version is macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

  • The world’s most popular spreadsheet manager.
  • Powerful modern formulas and charts.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 productivity apps.
  • Advanced formatting and editing tools.
  • Cloud integration for easy access to files and collaboration.
  • Flexible pricing for subscribers and lifetime license holders.
  • Generous free trial.
  • Subscription-based pricing model.

Microsoft Excel for Mac is a powerful spreadsheet software that offers a wide range of features for data analysis, financial modeling, and budgeting to home users, students, and business teams of all sizes. Its integration with other Microsoft Office tools and third-party services makes it a popular choice for businesses and individuals and is regarded today as the most capable and reliable spreadsheet management application.

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What's new in this version:

Microsoft Excel 16.86
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.85
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.84
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.83
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.82
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.81
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.80
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.79
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.78
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.77
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.76
- Reducing slowness and freezes when multiple workbooks are open: This feature reduces slowness and freezes experienced when working in a workbook due to calculations occurring in other unrelated workbooks also open at the same time and in the same Excel.exe instance. It achieves this by optimizing global automatic recalculation to the workbook being worked in, and its interdependent workbooks also open at the same time.
- Deprecation of PostScript Type 1 fonts: Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts is ending on the Microsoft 365 apps for macOS

Microsoft Excel 16.75
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.74
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.73
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.72
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.71
- Sensitivity Label scoping between files, emails and meetings: Office applications can now filter out sensitivity labels based on the document type. For example, Outlook email will no longer show labels that only apply to Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents.

Microsoft Excel 16.70
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.69
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.68
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.67
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.66.1
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.66
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.65
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.64
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.63
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.62
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.61
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.60
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.59
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.58
- Name Manager has a Better View: Enjoy an improved experience as you add, edit, and delete items in the Name Manager
- Lambda Helper Functions: 7 new functions which make use of lambdas and provide help when authoring lambda solutions

Microsoft Excel 16.57
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.56
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.55
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.54
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.53
- Get in control with new data source settings on Excel for Mac: Use the new Data Source Settings dialog box to manage Power Query data
sources, clear login credentials, and change the file location.
- Filter and Sort Without Disrupting Others: Create your own views while collaborating with others in Excel, so you can filter and sort without disrupting what others see.

Microsoft Excel 16.52
- New Big Sur app icons: Updated the app icons to match the latest macOS release (Big Sur)

Microsoft Excel 16.51
- Chart value labels from cells: Use values from cells as the labels on your chart data

Microsoft Excel 16.50
- Labelling and auto classification: Office can recommend or automatically apply a sensitivity label based on the sensitive content detected.
- AutoSave and coauthoring on sensitive encrypted documents: Don't trade off productivity for security. With Microsoft Information Protection, documents that are encrypted with sensitivity labels can now be AutoSaved and co-authored with others in real time just like unencrypted documents can. Requires tenant opt-in.
- Get a New Look for Your Office Start Screen on Mac: The new refreshed look is designed with our Fluent toolkit to align with Apple's new design language in the Big Sur.
- Show Your Pride: Celebrate Pride with the special theme inspired by the flags of the LGBTQI+ communities.

Microsoft Excel 16.49
- Linked data types: Real data for real life: New linked data types bring you facts and data on hundreds of subjects to help you accomplish your goals right in Excel.
- Government customers: Apply sensitivity labels to your documents and emails: Sensitivity labeling features are now available for customers in the DoD environments.
- Get a Refreshed Look for your Office Start Screen on Mac: A new refreshed look that uses our Fluent toolkit to align with Apple's new design language in Big Sur.

Microsoft Excel 16.45
- Auto-apply or recommend sensitivity labels: Office can recommend or automatically apply a sensitivity label based on the sensitive content detected

Microsoft Excel 16.44
- Watch Your Formulas: Watch cells across multiple sheets and books in a single pane or window.
- Office apps run on Apple Silicon: Support for Apple silicon-based Macs.

Microsoft Excel 16.43.1
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.42
- Jazz up Your Workbooks: Give your spreadsheet more flair with free, high-quality stock images, icons, and stickers. Go to Insert > Pictures > Stock Images to get started.

Microsoft Excel 16.41
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.40
- Filter and Sort Without Disrupting Others: Create your own views while collaborating with others in Excel, so you can filter and sort without disrupting what others see.

Microsoft Excel 16.39
- Chart value labels from cells: Use values from cells as the labels on your chart data.

Microsoft Excel 16.38
- Pull Data From a Photo: Add table data from pictures, from the Insert tab or directly from your iPhone.

Microsoft Excel 16.37
- Find What You're Looking for: Use the search box to find text, commands, help, and more.

Microsoft Excel 16.36
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.44
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.35
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.34
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.33
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.32
- Get to Files in Fewer Clicks: Your recently opened documents are front and center. Open Account settings or Options right from the start page.

Microsoft Excel 16.31
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.29
- Full color sheet tabs: When you choose a tab color for your worksheet, it now fills the entire tab so it's easier to see

Microsoft Excel 16.28
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.27
- Bug fixes

Microsoft Excel 16.26
- Get Their Attention with @Mentions: Use @mentions in comments to let others know when you need their input

Microsoft Excel 16.25
-  Bug fixes