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Google Classroom for Mac

Google Classroom for Mac

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    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

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Google Classroom for Mac is an application that allows students and teachers to connect with each other through their mobile devices and personal computers. It is a free service available to schools and non-profit organizations. You simply need to create a free personal account on Google to use the app. Now if teachers want to create paperless lessons for their students without having to go to class, they can do so through this app. As for the students, they can use the app to snap photographs and share files when necessary.

An All-Inclusive App

Classroom app was designed to allow teachers to create and issue assignments to their students without needing to use paper. Teachers can also grade assignments with the app as well. Students and teachers can easily share their files with one another without ever needing to use paper.

Google Classroom for macOS is like a combination of several other Google apps. Its assignment development and distribution feature use Google Drive; its writing feature uses Google Docs; its communication feature uses Gmail, and its scheduling feature uses Google Calendar.

It is free to use Google Classroom for Mac, just like all the other Google applications. You won’t even see any ads come up either. All the features are available to students and teachers without restrictions.

Teachers will have no problem creating assignments, receiving assignments, and grading assignments. They’ll love the auto-copying feature because it simplifies the process of distributing their assignments to all the students. And when teachers want to host online classes for students, they can send them a private invitation code. Students simply enter the code to gain access to the class.

The progress of the students can be monitored by the teachers. This includes their progress on the lessons, assignments, and other activities. Students can also track their own assignments in the Drive folder of their particular class. Photographs can be taken, and files can be attached to assignments easily.

Many device permissions are needed for the mobile version. But still, the app is user-friendly for students to do their schoolwork online and for teachers to create and distribute schoolwork to their students online.

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