Keyboard-centric applications and windows switcher for macOS

Command-Tab Plus for Mac

Command-Tab Plus for Mac

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Command-Tab Plus for Mac gives you many improvements in working with multiple applications and designed to be an alternative to the native Apple’s App-Switcher. When you work with a lot of programs which are loaded, switching between them makes a problem, because it often takes a long time. Quickly switch between applications, customizable hotkeys and isolate applications in Spaces! Check out now!

Features and Highlights

Quick switch between Applications
Using Command + Number key you can easily switch to an app without tapping a bunch of keys.

Cycle Windows
You can also easily switch between windows of the selected application. Just highlight the app and press E or W (Command-E or Command-W)

Isolated Workspaces
When using Command-Tab Plus for macOS, by default it displays only the icons of the apps running on the current display or space. Thus, it isolates the apps in one space and the apps in other spaces. Of course, you can disable this function in the app settings.

Hide not used Applications
Command-tab Plus hides the icons of inactive (hidden) apps. This function allows you to quickly switch between the apps you are using at the moment, which is handy if you have a lot of apps in the background, but you don’t want them to show up in the switcher.

Customizable Appearance
You can customize an appearance if you need, change border or background colors, icon sizes and more

Shortcut Keys: Command-Tab Replacement
It allows you to configure hot keys so that CommandTab Plus is called instead of the built-in Mac Command Tab Application Switcher

Note: 10 days trial version.

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