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Windscribe for Mac

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Windscribe VPN for Mac is the easiest to use and powerful VPN client for Mac desktop you will ever use. No need to configure anything, just install and forget about it. The program allows you to circumvent censorship, secure public Wifi, access blocked content and share files securely. The application includes best in class Firewall which disables all Internet connectivity outside the VPN tunnel. Unlike the tradition "kill-switch", the Firewall prevents even a single packet from leaking through in case of a disconnect. Traveling to China or other restrictive countries? Use the "Stealth Mode" to bypass government firewalls and access the same unrestricted Internet as you would at home.

Windscribe VPN for macOS is a very powerful online security and privacy solution for your Mac computer. The technology encrypts data sent and received over the internet while protecting your personal information like passwords, emails, instant messages and downloads. Running Windscribe VPN for macOS on your computer gives you the peace of mind where no hacker can intercept your web activities.

Extra Layer of Security
Using the app will give you an additional layer of security. Savvy Internet users and newbies alike are switching to the VPN for Mac, making it one of the fastest growing Internet security companies. Tech sites recommend this app for windows for all sorts of reasons.

Bypass Censorship
The VPN for macOS provides unlimited access to a truly open, free Internet. This strong encryption offers privacy and security, so you can navigate around censorship restrictions and unlock regional content. Firewalls are erected to block users from accessing certain websites in some countries, workplace and even schools. Some websites like Netflix block access to premium content for countries other than the US. With the VPN for macOS, you can bypass this firewalls and restriction quickly and easily. If you find yourself in locations that don't allow you to access your favorite websites, you can use the VPN for Mac to bypass any location-based filter to gain uncensored access to content you want.

Fast and Secure Internet Access
Besides hiding your IP and mixing your traffic with that of other users, the VPN for Mac also encrypt your traffic between secured the VPN servers and your Mac computers to make your personal information inaccessible to third party agents like hackers, ISPs and 3 government agencies. It is continuously optimizing networks to provide unlimited bandwidth and speed so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition even while connected to Wind scribe VPN.

Note: Traffic is limited to 10GB per month and 1 device limit in demo version.

Also Available: Download Windscribe for Windows

  • Windscribe 2.9.9 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Windscribe 2.9.9
- feature to export/import preferences to/from JSON file
- password reveal/hide button for main login
- 'status' command to the CLI
- advanced parameter for specifying specific wireguard server

- anti-censorship measures in WireGuard and OpenVPN
- labels and descriptions in preferences to match the mobile app
- debug log feature to include the installer log
- installer to support keyboard shortcuts (ESC/Enter/etc.)

- WireGuard anti-censorship
- app may become unresponsive when using tray locations menu
- transition to 2FA screen when logging in
- importing/exporting preferences closes the app window if docked
- banned/disabled message not showing during login
- update screen may not be clickable after an alert is shown
- reveal password icon may be slightly cut off at certain scaling
- pressing Login from external config mode causes UI to not display
- returning to login screen does not set focus to username field
- user is forcefully logged out on some server errors
- imported split tunneling settings not reflecting in the GUI until after app restart
- right-click also triggering Static IP link
- various minor UX issues on login screen and preferences
- hard-to-read 10 Gbps location icon
- possible crash during app exit
- advanced parameter file location differs between Guinea Pig vs Beta/Release builds
- misdetection of TCP error during OpenVPN connection
- installer log reordering in merge log
- escaping of the OpenVPN password
- incorrect translation of 'Quit' in French translation
- in-app update to 2.9.2 by reverting change for deduplicating libraries in installer
- ARM installer error that is a regression after LZMA migration
- path reference with wrong case which breaks with case-sensitive APFS

- Removed unnecessary threads running on helper service
- Removed misleading logs indicating errors when it's benign
- Removed unnecessary parameters for server list request API call
- Updated boost, c-ares, and lzma dependencies
- Updated ctrld dependency to 1.3.3

Windscribe 2.8.6
- machine-generated translations for Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese
- language localization to the installer
- minimize and close-to-tray feature
- advanced parameter to control server list (locations) functionality in censored countries

- anti-censorship feature. Feature automatically enabled for first-run users in censored countries
- the appearance of the sign out button
- error message when the connected DNS utility (ctrld) fails to start
- uninstall. Helper and CLI symlink are removed on OS reboot if the app has been uninstalled
- app and installer main icon
- installer to unify it with the Windows installer
- the connection mode description in preferences
- in-app upgrade message to indicate the update will be downloaded before terminating connections
- firewall functionality while using split tunneling
- build instructions in the README

- IP does not change on GUI when using inclusive split tunnel
- (potentially) Air Drop, Handoff, Airplay and other local Mac sharing features are partially functional or blocked with Allow LAN turned on
- MAC spoofing to ensure we do not undo spoofs that did not originate from us
- symlink for windscribe-cli isn't created
- debug log to more clearly indicate that a custom dns is being used
- double-right-clicking on the IP address makes it blurry on the main screen
- top of password dots on login screen are clipped
- UI 'weirdness' on the login screen when secure hotspot or proxy gateway feature is enabled and a SSL-error occurs
- ESC text is misaligned with the close button in preferences
- incorrect padding in 'out of data' screen
- load indicator for bottom-most location is slightly clipped
- clicking the blog link in the About menu doesn't do anything
- pressing Cmd+Q results in the exit prompt showing, but the app exiting immediately anyway
- drop-down menus can be resized or moved
- installer main window can be resized
- misleading error message displayed during first time use of MAC Spoofing feature
- special user account for helper is displayed
- reconnect not triggered when OpenVPN reports a tunnel connectivity failure
- search icon on locations screen may overlap the All icon
- UI issue when the hotspot feature is enabled and a SSL error occurs
- app may not reconnect after Internet is restored when using OpenVPN
- app gets stuck on the logging in screen after accepting the 'ignore SSL errors' prompt
- split tunneling rules not reapplied if firewall state is toggled
- in-app update fails when updating from 2.7
- using the dock menu and clicking "Quit" causes the app to crash
- split tunneling description suggests app supports per-app split tunneling
- some text in preferences not matching with the mobile app
- auto-connect not triggering when reconnecting to the same network
- using the dock menu and clicking "Quit" causes the app to crash
- UI issue where search tab may overlay other tabs
- UI screen transition issues when anti-abuse is triggered
- UI connection state may stick at 'connecting' when disconnecting and connecting to a different location rapidly
- bottom information bar on connect screen is not displayed after upgrade screen is dismissed
- firewall does not disable on failed connection to non-existent location
- opening locations drop down when prompted to save preferred protocol causes errant UI behavior or may crash the app
- UI screen transition issues (UI may freeze) when account is expired or anti-abuse is triggered
- firewall not blocking traffic while disconnected in split inclusive mode
- 'OK' text in installer is not centered underneath the checkmark button for some languages
- wireguard binary contains debug symbols

- app dependencies (cURL/OpenSSL/OpenVPN etc.) to latest available version
- connected DNS utility (ctrld) to v1.3.2

Windscribe 2.7.14
- anti-censorship toggle in preferences
- anti-censorship feature: WireGuard UDP stuffing
- anti-censorship feature: use domain fronting via CDN for API requests
- anti-censorship feature: OpenVPN TCP split-reset, UDP stuffing, Stunnel extra padding
- anti-censorship feature: use extra TLS padding for fallback API requests
- translations for Arabic, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
- an icon on the main screen to indicate anti-censorship mode is enabled
- new in-house Stealth/Wstunnel application
- a small loading spinner to some operations which may take a long time
- feature to remember last locations tab on exit and default to that tab on startup
- support for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and split DNS to the 'Connected DNS' feature
- custom alert screens, replacing the native OS message boxes
- icon on connect screen indicating if connection is auto, manual, or network preferred protocol
- new logout and quit screens

- Improved latency (ping) algorithm to reduce ping frequency, especially during app startup
- Improved installer icons

- DNS failures with firewall enabled on macOS 14 Sonoma
- Stealth/Wstunnel sometimes can't connect
- app may open locations screen to a random tab
- "All protocols failed" prompt doesn't show
- LAN-hosted DNS server cannot be accessed when using a custom OpenVPN config
- OpenVPN not using custom DNS
- spinner animation on the ROBERT page continues after the website has already been opened
- Logout/Quit screen UI bugs
- Manage ROBERT rules link click does nothing
- UI overlap and alignment issues
- loading spinner in Manage Account preference slows down
- access to server IP to be only allowed for Windscribe & system apps
- incorrect error message in the DNS domain screen when a domain name is not valid
- WireGuard may not recover correctly in manual mode
- OpenVPN UDP and TCP may not work with certain commented out Advanced Parameters
- executable signature checking mechanism disabled in the helper and CLI
- app may become non-responsive and eventually crash
- app to appear on the active virtual desktop when user clicks either the menubar icon or dock icon
- firewall disabled on computer startup when firewall mode set to Always On
- validation of the domains entered by the user
- some user interface transitions involving the "SSL error" alert
- split tunnel hostname and IP validation errors are unclear
- firewall's enabled state not restored if it was enabled when the Windscribe firewall was turned on
- window shadow incorrectly sized on logout/exit screens
- login screen height may be truncated
- alert screen may overlap other screens (e.g. news feed, protocol change)
- notifications are missing after marking all as read, leaving the notifications screen, and returning to it
- view/send log functionality to truncate the log if it is too large to view/send
- firewall settings updated repeatedly when pinging locations
- installer built on Apple Silicon crashes on launch
- app update takes a long time if done while connected
- protocol badge not immediately updated on network changes
- app removes user's static IPv6 configuration and does not restore it
- Air Drop, Handoff, Airplay and other local Mac sharing features are partially functional or blocked with Allow LAN turned on
- helper holds installer executable hostage after installing app
- always-on firewall bug causing app to hang on startup

- Removed redundant signature verification method
- Removed incorrect primary IP check when enabling the Allow LAN Traffic preference
- Removed full directory paths from log to obscure user's PII
- Removed timestamp from news feed items
- Updated app to use server-supplied ping (latency) values
- Updated app warnings and error messages
- Updated to OpenVPN 2.6 and OpenSSL 3

Windscribe 2.6.14
- free accounts not pinging pro locations
- upgrade widget not hidden when returning to login screen
- 'out of data' screen isn't vertically centered
- MAC address spoofing toggle state isn't saved
- crash when reconnecting to different servers

Windscribe 2.4.11
- Update 10Gbps badge and location load when best location changes
- Added new flags
- UDP fails to connect on Mac fixed
- Fixed crash on bad server locations list
- Fixed OpenVPN infinite reconnection loop in some cases
- Dynamic Wireguard Interface Allocation Support
- Privilege escalation vulnerability fixed
- Fixed cut off long favorites location names in the tray menu
- Fixed static IPs display issue in tray menu
- Standardized API interaction timers
- Fixed automatic firewall deactivation when account status changes to disabled
- Fixed protocol selection not immediately saved to disk
- Updated app icons in menu bar
- Fixed app crash on Emergency Connect.
- Increased service start wait time to 20 seconds.
- Refactored wireguard connection to avoid blocking engine thread
- Fetch session when app receives focus
- Fixed firewall silently enabling by itself in rare cases
- Misc bug fixes

Windscribe 1.83 build 22
New Features:
- Show Static IP device ID in the UI
- Ability to select DNS server used by the app while disconnected

Bug Fixes:
- Build-a-Plan locations sometimes not showing correctly
- Prevent WindscribeService crash if DNS settings change
- Custom configs can now be connected to while expired
- Bypass anti-abuse check if Build-a-Plan is activated
- Fixed SSL CA bundle issue

Windscribe 1.83 build 18
New Features:
- WebSocket stealth protocol support
- Location list sorting methods: Geography, alphabet, latency
- Build-a-Plan support (future feature)
- Static IP + port forwarding support (future feature)
- Custom OpenVPN config support

Bug Fixes:
- Stuck on login in China
- App prevents graceful Windows shutdown
- App freezes in “Windscribe is shutting down” state
- Bad IKEv2 connection causes client to lock up
- Don’t disable server location on ping test failure

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