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PrivadoVPN for Mac

PrivadoVPN for Mac

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PrivadoVPN for Mac is an easy-to-use VPN tunneling application and service that allows users of all knowledge levels to access fast, anonymized and secure internet browsing on their macOS. By leveraging all advances in the modern virtual private network development and zero-log policy that is enforced by this Switzerland-based service, users of PrivadoVPN can mask their online location, encrypt their private browsing data, and do much more without any penalties to connection speed or the amount of transferred data. What is even better, the FREE tier of use of this VPN service offers a very generous 10GB of free data each month.

PrivadoVPN’s large offering of servers can unlock region-locked content on any continent, anonymize user’s data to prevent online tracking, protect sensitive information such as login info, and completely encrypt all incoming and outcoming data using several leading encryption algorithms (OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5). Even the most demanding online usage scenarios, such as P2P data transfers can easily be routed through this VPN, making it viable to not only home users but also enthusiasts.

PrivadoVPN is distributed online as a lightweight Mac app that is optimized for use on the latest 32-bit and 64-bit versions of macOS. Clients are also available for other desktop OS and mobile devices, enabling users to secure internet traffic on all of their home or business devices.

The macOS app features an easy-to-use UI that enables a quick overview of the current internet connection and few additional options for activating security features such as the innovative “Kill Switch” service that will keep the internet connection active only when it is routed through Privado VPN servers. This eliminates situations where users can unknowingly or accidentally access the web through an unsecured connection. By default, the application will offer users a connection to the closest server, but there is also an option to choose any of the available servers located all across the world.

PrivadoVPN app can be used for FREE with a license tier that allocates each of its users 10GB of free data each month on one device, with access to the 12 most popular global server locations. The premium tier that costs $4.99 per month (when purchased yearly) unlocks unlimited monthly data, hundreds of server locations, support for up to 10 devices, all encryption protocols, and more.

No matter which pricing plan is chosen, all users get access to zero-log service and completely anonymized and encrypted VPN use. All of this makes PrivadoVPN one of the most attractive and fully-featured VPN services currently available on the market.

Note: 30 days trial period and up to 10 GB monthly data in demo/free version.

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