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Download Unity 2019.3.8

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What's new in this version:

- 2D: Handle user exceptions properly from Tilemap.tilemapTileChanged callback
- Asset Pipeline: Fixing sorting problem that was causing indeterminism in Content Update Pipeline.
- Asset Pipeline: Importer that is not allowed to cache results on cache server now can also not cache locally
- Build Pipeline: Fix bug preventing mesh compression on iphone when building with the scriptable build pipeline
- Build Pipeline: Fixes an issue where upon BuildPipeline functions cause a re-execution of the last Async task when called in an Async function
- Editor: Fixed an issue where leaving a game object in a scene with a DontSaveInEditor hideFlags would result in an error on cleanup.
- Editor: Fixed an issue where running a test fixture would also run other fixtures with the same full name (namespace plus classname) in other assemblies.
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the grid color does not change upon updating the grid color from preferences window.
- Editor: Fixed performance regression with custom inspector property fields
- Editor: Fixed Test execution timed out. No activity received from the player in 600 seconds error when player is not supposed to start.
- Editor: Fixed the editor application main thread tick timer throttling causing unwanted spikes and delays.
- Editor: Fixes custom property drawer layouting and height computation
- Editor: Now ITestPlayerBuildModifier.ModifyOptions is called as expected when running tests on a device.
- Editor: Orphaned Unity processes will now be cleaned up
- Editor: Running a playmode tests with "Maximize on Play" will now correctly show the result of the tests in the test runner window.
- Editor: Running tests with the same full name, with a domain reload in-between, will no longer fail to initialize the fixture of the second class.
- Graphics: Fix crash when cleaning up intermediate renderers.
- Graphics: Fix issue where game UI would not be visible in preview camera.
- Graphics: Fix material.mainTextureOffset by adding [MainTexture] shader property attribute.
- Graphics: Fix sporadic crash when using GraphicsJobs with Vulkan
- Graphics: Fixed issue with DX11 blit operations crashing when shader recompilation is triggered
- Graphics: Shaders matrix properties and colors are incorrect with SG + Hybrid v1
- Graphics: This function goal is to access the texture target. Avoid rebinding the texture and polute state if the texture target is unknown.
- IL2CPP: Fixes issue where the editor installer did not ensure we had a minimum of .Net 4.7.2 installed which we now require
- IMGUI: PR fixes the size of the rect used to render Warning icon in the Import package window
- Licenses: Backport fix for the issue when Editor cannot talk to the Licensing Client, if the username has Unicode/UTF-8 characters into Unity 2019.3.
- Particles: Fixed crash when using disable stop action, with pause-and-catchup cull mode, and system is culled when it ends.
- Particles: Fixed FPS mode when using sprites.
- Physics: Ensure that a child Kinematic Rigidbody2D driven by a parent Rigidbody2D stays in-sync with the parent pose.
- Physics: Ensure we don't report OnCollision/OnTrigger Exit for 2D colliders when they are disabled/inactive when the "Physics2D.callbacksOnDisable" is off.
- Physics: Fix a crash in "PhysicsContacts2D::PreSolve" during 2D collision when hundreds of contacts are involved. This also lifts the limit of Collider2D/Collider2D contact count from 64 to an unlimited amount.
- Physics: Fix rare console warning of "RigidBody2D has an invalid movement state index during removal".
- Player: Fixed "Default Is Native Resolution" setting change being ignored in the Standalone player after changing default fullscreen mode to fullscreen from windowed when not changing any other setting.
- Prefabs: Fixed issue where the Hierarchy window Create ([+]) dropdown menu item "Create Empty Child" would, in Prefab Mode, place the created child under the Prefab root rather than under the selected object.
- Scripting: Renaming a type used by SerializeReference and renaming back to its original name will preserve the instance data.
- Serialization: Ensure to fix errors about read size mismatching write size when entering Play mode in case there is an empty collection of a type containing a Serialized Reference object
- Serialization: Fix for field marked as [SerializeReference] and having a static types of System.Object that were not being serialized.
- Shaders: Fix Metal compute shaders stripping unused constant buffer vars, therefore messing up the data layout.
- Shaders: Fixed shaders not always compiling properly on include changes
- Shaders: Fixing missing local keywords, if shaders in asset bundle do not contains serialized shader snippets.
- Shaders: Fixing missing shader keyword error.
- Timeline: Updated default Timeline package version to 1.2.14
- Version Control: Fixed Checkout inspector button not shown in some cases (1185127)
- Video: Unity hangs on quit after failing to load large number of Video Clips from URL at once
- WebGL: The main loop is never scheduled when build starts in background
- Windows: CorsorLockMode.Confined now locks to window client area instead of the whole window rect on Windows Standalone player
- Windows: Fixed Windows Standalone player executable name not matching Product Name player setting when using keyboard shortcut to Build & Run.
- XR: Fixed a case where the camera does not respect near/far clipping plane settings

API Changes:
- 2D: Added: Add GridPaintingState.brushes to allow users to get a collection of all available Grid Brushes
- 2D: Added: Add GridPaintingState.paletteChanged to allow users to add callbacks when the active palette has changed
- 2D: Added: Add GridPaintingState.palettes to allow users to get a collection of all available Palettes

- 2D: Make Tilemap.tilemapTileChanged and Tilemap.SyncTile public
- Graphics: Changed default scripting backend of the Universal RP template to il2cpp

- Graphics: Updated embedded graphics packages to version 7.3.0

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