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Download Unity 2019.3.6

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What's new in this version:

- AI: Fixed path-finding bug in which floating point errors would cause agents to take potentially large, spurious detours
- Android: On screen keyboard is closed when focusing different InputField
- Animation: Fix for Go to Previous keyframe button/shortcut does not work in the Animation Window
- Asset Import: BumpMap check window does not flag textures as possible NormalMap when they are not used in the Material
- Asset Pipeline: Fixes AssetBundle Recompression not verifying the CRC of bundle contents when requested
- Audio: Fix applying lowpass filter custom cutoff curve from scripts
- Audio: Fix hang after failing to load audio assets from asset bundles
- Audio: Fix SpatialBlend application when AudioSource and Rigidbody are attached to the same game object
- Audio: Fixed an issue where audio sources failed to play when there are more than 250 sources playing or previously playing sources in
- Audio: Fixed an issue where the audio clip UI prevented the compression quality slider to be set to to certain values
- Audio: Fixed errors during project import when the project contains around 10000 audio assets
- Audio: Fixed incorrect mix levels in audio mixer with adjacent effects that both use wet-mixing
- DX12: Fix memory leaks caused by RayTracingAccelerationStructures when Mesh objects that were used to build the acceleration structure are deleted
- Editor: Fix the search location of the CA store for CentOS
- Editor: Fixed crash when setting invalid Game resolution in the Editor
- Editor: Fixed Humanoid Configuration editor not drawing bone scene handles when Gizmos are disabled
- Editor: Fixed New InputSystem not handling absolute mouse positions including those sent over RDP
- Editor: Fixed the issue foldout icon under the Mesh renderer preset editor
- Editor: Fixing console search when closing and reopening the console window
- Editor: Fixing console search when going in a maximized playmode
- Graphics: Add back immediate present mode to Stadia
- Graphics: Fix crash on VFXTextureGenerator::ComputeSignalCurve
- Graphics: Fix issue where motion vector texture would contain incorrect values for object that stopped moving
- Graphics: Fix issue where skinned mesh renderers with custom bone weights and that contained unreferenced vertices would crash when optimizing the mesh and reordering the vertices
- Graphics: Fixed AsyncGPUReadback on Vulkan
- Graphics: Fixed global texture properties to handle multisampling textures properly
- Graphics: Fixed Metal editor text corruption issue that happened on some hardware but not all
- Graphics: Fixes incorrect gamma decoding at import of LDR textures that target a HDR graphics format in a gamma colorspace project
- Graphics: Fixes two issues related to counterbuffers in Vulkan - If one only uses the counter the buffer is now correctly bound; Updating the data on the buffer does not invalidate the counter
- Graphics: Metal: Disable Graphics Jobs support for Nvidia GPUs
- IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of the InitMessage icall
- IL2CPP: Use the proper timeout unit for calls to Socket.Select
- iOS: Fixes an issue that stopped emojis appearing on textfields with no limit
- macOS: IME works in both editor and player in the proper location
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the package version would not get updated when the version was changed in the package.json file
- Particles: - Fixed Mesh that contains blend shapes sometimes not being marked as read/write enabled when it is used by a ParticleSystems ShapeModule
- Fixed crash when assigning a Mesh with blend shapes to a ParticleSystems ShapeModule through a script in a Player build. A warning will now be thrown to report that the Mesh must be read/write enabled
- Particles: Fixed Sub Emitter fields having too much vertical separation and the Object Field selector button being too large
- Physics: Rigidbody2D MovePosition/MoveRotation now result in the correct target position/rotation when using manual simulation with time-step that isn't Time.fixedDeltaTime
- Playables: Fixed out of order evaluation of Control Tracks in Timeline when using multiple nested timelines
- Profiler: Profiler: Fixed -profiler-maxusedmemory cmdline parameter for standalone players
- Profiler: Increased maximum memory that can be used by profiler to 128MB
- Scripting: Fixed editor freeze/crash when interacting with Native Audio Plugin SDK's Audio Mixers
- Shaders: Fixed Editor crash when calling ShaderUtil.ClearCachedData() while still async compiling shader variants
- Timeline: Fix issues related to recursive control tracks
- Timeline: Fixed adjacent recording clips highlighting the wrong clip
- Timeline: Fixed avatar mask reassignment not causing immediate re-evaluation
- Timeline: Fixed issue where changes to a Signal Receiver component in a prefab were reverted
- Timeline: Fixed issue where using the HideInMenu attribute in combination with a class inheriting from Marker would not hide the marker from the Timeline context menus
- Timeline: Fixed Performance issue where Control Tracks would resimulate during the tail of a non-looping particle clip
- Timeline: Fixed SignalReceiver.ChangeSignalAtIndex incorrectly throwing exception when multiple entries are set to null
- Timeline: Fixed timescale drawing to only draw visible lines which avoids a hang with very large clips
- UI: IME properly works and is in the correct location
- UI Elements: Fixed bug making docked EditorWindow hard to resize if their content near the borders react to MouseDownEvent
- UnityLinker: Prevent engine code stripping from removing the legacy input system module when any input magic methods are defined on MonoBehaviours
- Video: [Mac] Video-heavy project does not get successfully imported when launching the project in batchmode
- Windows: Fix race condition in plugin loading code when P/Invoking into libraries from multiple threads at once
- Windows: Fix VSync breaking when changing it from OnApplicationFocus handler
- Windows: Fixes incorrect parsing of Application name from command-line arguments
- Windows: GPU Performance Markers are no longer absent in the Nvidia NSight range profiler view when launching the Unity editor, using DX12, from Nsight
- XR: Fix crash when you connect to a Hololens 2 using the HolographicRemoting scripting api and then enable Windows Mixed Reality

API Changes:
- Particles: Added: Added NativeArray overloads to SetParticles and GetParticles
- XR: Added: Exposed XRSDK znear, zfar, srgb to script.

- XR: Temporarily disabling runtime MSAA level changes if running with Vulkan and XR Management

- 2D: Update 2D Template to include 2D verified packages

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