A survival horror game REMAKE of the 2005 original Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 for Mac

Resident Evil 4 for Mac

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Resident Evil 4 for Mac is a classic horror video game that has been REMADE for modern audiences in 2023. The game is part of the Resident Evil franchise, which centers around zombie outbreaks and other catastrophic events caused by biological weapons and viral outbreaks.

Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023 is a single-player, third-person shooter that follows the story of Leon S. Kennedy, a special agent who is tasked with rescuing the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley, from a remote region in Spain.


Resident Evil 4 is a third-person shooter game for macOS that blends puzzles into its gameplay. The remake eliminates gameplay annoyances like quick-time events and introduces new features that improve the game's overall experience. The game's storyline remains relatively unchanged from the original RE 4, but there are some additions to the game that make it more engaging.

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One notable improvement in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is the emphasis on using the knife as a weapon. Players can now use it to parry attacks and survive when their health bar is low. Additionally, the game removes quick-time events, which were unpopular with some players, and replaces them with side quests that players can complete. These quests are scattered throughout the map, and players can explore to find them.

The game's visuals and lighting have been upgraded, and enemy graphics have been improved, making them scarier than before. Leon can now move while aiming his weapons, and new weapons have been added to the arsenal. Players can now personalize the infamous attache case with trinkets and colors. Ashley, Leon's companion, can unlock doors and perform other tasks. Players can also now move stealthily and sneak around enemies.

The enhanced audio design is another aspect worth noting in the Resident Evil 4 (2023) game. The improved sound effects and ambient noises make every footstep, scream, and growl of monstrous enemies even more terrifying. The eerie soundtrack adds another layer of tension and fear, enhancing the game's atmosphere.

The game also introduces new modes, such as limited resources or increased enemy difficulty, which provide additional replayability for both new and experienced players. The online leaderboards allow players to compare their scores and achievements with friends and the global community.

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The character development and interactions between Leon and Ashley have been expanded upon, with new dialogue and cutscenes that provide more insight into their personalities and backgrounds. The developers have also paid great attention to detail, adding subtle elements that enhance the overall experience. There are numerous Easter eggs hidden throughout the game, encouraging exploration and adding an extra level of excitement for players who enjoy discovering secrets within the game world.

In summary, the Resident Evil 4 Remake for Mac offers a well-rounded experience that caters to both old fans and newcomers alike. With improved audio design, new game modes, deeper character development, and meticulous attention to detail, this remake breathes new life into a beloved classic while staying true to its roots.

The Mercenaries mode, a long-standing challenge mode in the Resident Evil series, will be available as FREE DLC, and it tasks players with defeating numerous enemies within a time limit. It will be unlocked after completing the main game and is set to release on 7th April.

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Minimum System Requirements

Requires macOS 13.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.

Additional Notes
: Estimated performance (when set to Prioritize Performance): 1080p/45fps. ・Framerate might drop in graphics-intensive scenes. ・AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 required to support ray tracing.


English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.

  • Side quests are now scattered throughout the entire map
  • Enhanced and more terrifying visuals
  • Leon has a more adaptable fighting style
  • Ashley has expanded capabilities and can complete additional tasks
  • Quick-time event (QTE) segments have been eliminated
  • Several bosses from the original version have been omitted from the game
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