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Sorare for Mac

Sorare for Mac

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Sorare is a global fantasy football and Baseball simulation video game that allows fans of soccer from all around the world to play with their favorite teams and players, collect officially license digital cards, compete against other players, and even earn weekly prizes. With support from the gaming giant Ubisoft and licenses that cover over 100 of the most famous football clubs, Sorare for Mac represents one of the best fantasy football and baseball platforms on the market.

The gameplay of Sorare is based on the acquisition, upgrading, and tactical use of Sorare Cards, the officially licensed digital collection items of a footballer that are all marked with a unique blockchain identifier, enabling users to acquire truly unique digital cards that is distinguishable from any other.  This gives all cards an in-game value, and there are even plans to include these cards in other third-party products.


Footbal - Showcase your football fandom as you set 5 player lineups in the world`s best NFT free-to-play game.

Major League Baseball MLB - Experience basebal like never before. Construct 7 player lineups in the only officially licensed F2P NFT game.

NBA - NBA NFT game is coming to Sorare.

Players are encouraged to create their own team and enter into some of the numerous included gameplay modes such as Rookie League (that is focused on free Common Cards and is perfect for novices and players who want to win more rare cards through successful tactical play), Tournaments and Global Fantasy Football/MLB league that promotes online ranked games played with the teams of five players (cards).
  • Collect & Trade
  • Scout & Open Marketplace
  • Build & Manage your Squad
  • Earn weekly prizes
The success of each match depends not only on the power level of the card (that is determined by the effectiveness of the players in the real-world matches) but also on tactics and luck. The game awards players with XP and new Cards, with several options for upgrading cards and creating optimized decks. The cards are separated into several rarity levels such as Common, Rare, Super Rare, and highly sought after Unique.

Sorare game for macOS is hosted online and therefore does not have an offline client. The game can be accessed from any modern browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) and requires a constant internet connection for play.

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