An advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D home design software for Mac

Planner 5D for Mac

Planner 5D for Mac

  -  Freeware
With Planner 5D for Mac, you can easily create stunning 2D and 3D views of your dream home on your macOS computer, laptop, or tablet. Be your own interior designer as you design floor plans, select furniture, and view your project from various angles and elevation levels. Arrange, edit and apply custom surfaces and materials. Start with one room and expand to an entire home!

Enhance your 3D virtual home design process by creating realistic HD pictures of your design.

Planner 5D for macOS allows you to transform your 3D project into a collection of HD pictures. The rendering enhances the original 3D image to display rich colors, realistic shadows, and lighting features. Easily create a vivid HD picture of your home design with Planner 5D for Mac!

It allows you to design and render on your computer or tablet without an internet connection. Download the program and begin your home design process. Easily save projects, pick up where you left off, create realistic HD snapshots, and export final products.

Explore this virtual home design program in your own native language. The list is always expanding. Easy-to-use on Mac with all features available. Easily save your projects and access them at any point.

Explore projects created by other users and see the impressive homes Planner 5D Desktop allows you to design. Find inspiration in the unique designs and upload your own favorite projects.

Ideal for
  • Those looking to redesign or refurbish their home, apartment, or flat
  • Parents wanting to redesign a master bedroom, kids room, bathroom, or closet space
  • Business owners looking to design an office, kitchen, cafe, or dining room
  • People looking to design a garden, yard, or garage for their summer home
  • Anybody looking to do an interior or exterior DIY project
Features and Highlights
  • Immersive 2D & 3D design
  • “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows
  • Create “Snapshots” directly from your device, online or offline
  • Browse a 3000+ item catalog to personalize and decorate your projects with
  • Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement
  • Save and share your projects
  • Offline capability
  • Completely Ad-free
  • Multi-language
If you are looking for Planner 5D an alternative, we recommend you to download  SketchUp Make for Mac.

Also Available: Download Planner 5D for Windows