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OpenToonz for Mac

OpenToonz for Mac

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OpenToonz for Mac is a highly advanced open-source modeling and animation suite that is completely focused on 2D animation and enabling 2D artists to take full advantage of their drawing and animation skills. Originally developed as a proprietary modeling and animation suite Digital Video S.p.A. in Italy, this application gained worldwide recognition when it was accepted and customized in the offices of Studio Ghibli, a famous Japanese animation film studio based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan.

In March of 2016, open-source of this entire application was released to the public, enabling talented 2D artists and animators to embrace the same tools that Studio Ghibli used in the creation of many of their popular feature films.

The core features of the Open Toonz app for Mac are its powerful tools for vector and bitmap drawing, advanced algorithms for scanning and cleanup of scanned images, automatic vectorization, indexed color palettes, a wide array of effects and compositing tools, frame-by-frame and motion tweening animation tools, support for bones, IK support and mesh deformation for advanced animation techniques, support for motion tracking and automatic synchronization of 2D animation with video footage, a full complement of particle filter effects and much more. The app has full control for touch-based drawing accessories, and its drawing tools can even be used on touch-equipped laptops and tablets.

The user interface of OpenToonz for macOS does not move away from the traditional style found in many other drawing and animation suites, enabling both novices and seasoned professionals to easily learn how to control its vast toolset. The app features the traditional large focus on drawing/animation canvas, a complex array of tools on the right, and a large timeline control area on the bottom.

This entire feature set is available from a very small application that can be installed on your Mac desktop or Macbook in mere seconds by simply following the on-screen instructions from the automated installer app. The minimum system requirements of this app are Intel Core i series processor, 4 GB or more RAM macOS 10.14, or a later version.

Also Available: Download OpenToonz for Windows

What's new in this version:

- Improved Audio Recording

- Enabled to Cleanup Without Line Processing

Flipbook / Viewers:
- (new) Zoom in/out and fit floating panel geometry commands
- Enhanced Flipbook playback
- (new) 30bit display feature

Xsheet / Timeline:
- (new) "Implicit hold" move by Shift+dragging cells
- (new) Cell Mark feature
- Allowed changing parent of column from XSheet (Tahoma2D port)
- (new) Xsheet Minimum Layout
- (new) Xsheet zoom control
- Enhanced Note level column

Xsheet (Export):
- (new) Export Xsheet to PDF
- (new) TVPaint JSON export

Image Levels / Rendering / FFMPEG:
- Enabled to set Raster level frame number format
- Enabled to use PNG for new Raster level
- (new) Multi-Thread FFMPEG option
- Enhanced FFMPEG GIF export
- (new) OpenEXR I/O

Palettes / Style Editor:
- (new) Raster Lock Alpha tool setting
- (new) Hex editbox in Style Editor
- (new) Hex color names editor
- Enabled to paste style's color into a color field

File Browser:
- Enabled To view palette files from the File Browser

Effects / Schematic:
- (new) Conical Transform option for Fractal Noise Fx Iwa
- (new) "Image Size" option for the Input Size parameter for Tile Fx Iwa
- Allowed Renaming Pass Through Nodes (Tahoma2D port)

(new) Shader Fx: HSL Blend GPU
- (new) Fx Global Controls parameter
- Redesigned Pass Through Fx Node
- (new) Bokeh Advanced Iwa Fx
- (new) Compass Gadget for Radial and Spin Blur Fxs
- (new) Linear color space option for all Layer Blending Ino fxs

File I/O:
- (new) File Path Processing Using Regular Expression

Camera Capture / Stop Motion:
- (new) Camera calibration for the Camera Capture feature
- Enabled inputting frame with suffix in Camera Capture
- Enhanced Stop motion feature