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CudaText for Mac

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CudaText for Mac

  -  5.53 MB  -  Open Source
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    CudaText LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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    UVViewSoft / External Link

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CudaText for Mac is a cross-platform free text editor, written in Lazarus. It is extensible by Python add-ons (plugins, linters, code tree parsers, external tools).

Features and Highlights
  • Syntax highlight for many languages: C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML etc. 200+ syntax lexers exist.
  • Code tree (tree structure of functions/classes/etc in source).
  • Code folding.
  • Multi-carets and multi-selections.
  • Find/Replace with reg. ex.
  • Configs in JSON format. Including lexer-specific configs.
  • Tabbed UI.
  • Split each tab.
  • Split view for 2/3/4/6 files.
  • Simple auto-completion (fixed list) for some lexers.
  • Command palette (ST3 style).
  • Minimap.
  • Micromap.
  • Show unprinted whitespace.
  • Support for many encodings.
  • Customizable hotkeys.
  • Binary/Hex viewer for files of unlimited size.
  • Smart auto-completion for HTML, CSS.
  • HTML tags completion with Tab-key (Snippets plugin).
  • HTML color codes (#rgb, #rrggbb) underline.
  • Show pictures inside editor area (jpeg/png/gif/bmp/ico).
  • Show tooltip when mouse moves over picture tag, entity, color value.
Powerful features implemented as plugins
  • Addons manager
  • Find in files
  • Snippets
  • External tools
  • Project manager
  • Session manager
  • Macro manager
  • Spell checker
  • FTP panel
  • Linters support (CudaLint)
  • Brackets highlight, go to pair bracket
  • Highlight all occurences
  • Color picker
  • Insert date/time
  • Formatters for HTML/ CSS/ JS/ XML/ SQL
  • Tabs list in sidebar
  • Create backup files
  • Menu configurator
  • and more...
Also Available: Download CudaText for Windows

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    CudaText Screenshot 1

What's new in this version:

- add: optimized installation of 100 addons from .zip's, when file-open dialog multi-selection is used
- change: deleted deprecated API: FOLDING_GET_LIST*, all related plugins were updated - update them from Addons Manager

- bug when after installation of plugin without app restart, Command Palette items become 'shifted' by N elements; it required lot of code rework - so report any regressions
- bug in finder_proc() API
- bug in timer_proc(TIMER_DELETE, ...) API

- updated TRegExpr engine to 1.182; it now supports K
- option "auto_fold_comments" now makes ranges not only for 'comments' but also for 'strings', ie any multi-line string literals
- new option "find_hotkey_more" can change Find dialog hotkey of "..." button
- tree-helpers in Pascal: after edition, unfold previously unfolded code-tree node for caret

- Find dialog: changed hotkey of "..." button from Ctrl+Alt+dot to Ctrl+Alt+D because Ctrl+Alt+dot is used in Slovak keyboard layout

- could not load broken UTF-8 text at all, but app must be able to auto-reload it in encoding cp1252
- picture viewer: statusbar wasn't updated on Ctrl+MouseWheel

built-in tree-helpers:
- add: tree-helper for Markdown supports _proper_ folding, considers header levels
- add: tree-helper for MediaWiki supports _proper_ folding
- add: tree-helper for reStructuredText supports _proper_ folding
- add: tree-helper for 'Ini files ^' supports folding
- add: new tree-helper for WikidPad, so you must remove Python tree-helper
- add: new tree-helper for Textile, so you must remove Python tree-helper

- add: reduced flickering in paired (splitted) editor, on editing big files with lexer
- add: lexer Python: support f-strings with inner quotes from Python 3.12
- change: disabled automatic unfolding of blocks above the editing line, in Python; it was irritating sometimes (and bad if unfolding block height is bigger than screen height); it reverts fix from 1.167.5 2022/07

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