A massive action-adventure survival video game with 80+ unique dinosaurs!

ARK: Survival Evolved for Mac

ARK: Survival Evolved for Mac

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ARK: Survival Evolved for Mac is a massively multiplayer action-adventure RPG developed by Studio Wildcard and with cooperation with several other studios. The game provides gamers with the visually stunning rendition of the prehistoric tropical island where they have to learn how to survive in a world where dangers do not come only from natural elements, but also large roaming dinosaurs and other wildlife. As with many other “survival” games, players start with almost nothing and are quickly required to learn how to survive by hunting, harvesting resources, crafting, growing their food, build shelters, research ever more advanced technologies, and even kill, catch, tame and breed dinosaurs.

The game can be played from either first-person or third-person perspective, with numerous systems for advancements, ability to carry tools, defense gear, and weapons, ride animals (which of course include dinosaurs of all types and sizes). In addition to the singleplayer mode, one of the most popular ways to play ARK Survival Evolved for macOS is in a large-scale PvE online mode where all players on a server can form a thriving and evolving tribe that can organize their cities, tame dinosaurs and build structures.

Originally developed as a crowdfunded project that landed on Mac platform during 2017, ARK: Survival Evolved has managed to evolve into a thriving project that has not only expanded to other platforms but has also received a wide variety of upgrades and content addons that include four DLC expansions and recently introduced Season Pass. Today, the game features more than 100 wild dinosaurs, an incredible variety of systems for advancing your character and tribe status, extensive RPG crafting systems, a hardcore mechanic that tries to emulate real-life (physical exhaustion, sleep, ability to loot and steal almost everything you can carry and much more), focus on the exploration of wild environments, world and item persistence, robust mod support, and even evolving support for latest rendering techniques that make this game one of the most beautiful in the segment of MMO games.

ARK: Survival Evolved can be played today on a wide variety of modern gaming Mac configurations that can handle the powerful and highly versatile Unreal Engine 4, that powers the visuals and gameplay elements of this large game.

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