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Adobe Dimension for Mac

Adobe Dimension for Mac

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Adobe Dimension for Mac is a 3D rendering and design software applications from Adobe Inc. Built to support the latest technologies for realistic rendering, composition, and project sharing, Adobe Dimension provides users of Adobe Creative Cloud to gain access to the powerful application for rendering realistic 3D visuals. However, this is not a 3D modeling app.

This app is part of Adobe Creative Cloud (20+ Apps and Services). It’s FREE for first 7 days, Try Now!

It was created from the ground up to provide extensive support for 3D model importing (models that were created in other third party software applications and saved into a compatible format that Dimension can recognize), customizing those models with either realistic materials or stamping on them creations made from Photoshop or Illustrator, and then provide users with industry-leading tools for composition, arrangement and visual customization, before final rendering into a photorealistic 2D image.

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This focus on model importing, arrangement and rendering of highly realistic photo imagery enables users of Adobe Dimension for macOS to quickly see how their Photoshop or Illustrator creation will look in real life on real looking objects. For example, the app can import and place logos and stickers placed on a wine bottle, or test the look of the new wallpaper or furniture materials that were created in Adobe Substance. The app features a simple to use and highly intuitive user interface that promotes iteration, collaboration, and fast rendering of final images, and can be used to very quickly bring concepts to life. The interface supports dragging and dropping, easy setup of light sources (with adjustable size, shape, color, and position), importing of background photos that can serve as your realistic backdrops to few 3D objects placed on them, realistic shadow rendering that follows the features of your imported background photos, and more.

Better yet, once made, your compositions of 3D objects can be used again and again, with tweaked materials and imported 2D art taken from your new projects. The app even supports bookmarking of objects, lighting sources, and camera positions, so you can return to them and re-render them whenever you change some of the textures or materials from within the scene (such as a new wine bottle sticker created in Adobe Illustrator). Additionally, users can also prepare their creations to be ready for 360-degree viewing on the web, or even accessible inside an AR environment utilizing tech provided by Adobe Aero.

Originally presented to the public in early 2017 under the codename Project Felix, and released to the public in late 2017 as Adobe Dimension, this app has managed to grow tremendously into a fully-featured photorealistic visualization tool that can bring your 2D creations to life, featured on life-like objects and ready to be presented to your clients, teammates and project deployment.

Today, It can be tested via a FREE trial or accessed in full as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Note: 7 days trial version.

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