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    Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Mac

    September, 10th 2020 - 1.6 MB - Freeware

    Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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    Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller for Mac

    January, 12th 2021 - 1.6 MB - Freeware

    How to uninstall Adobe Flash Player on your Mac computer

  • Download

    Any Data Recovery for Mac

    September, 5th 2020 - 8.6 MB - Demo

    Restore files from hard drive and external storage devices for Mac!

  • Download

    AnyRecover for Mac

    November, 30th 2020 - 32.5 MB - Trial

    The Only Data Recovery Mac Program That You Will Ever Need!

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    AnyToISO for Mac

    March, 24th 2020 - 10.3 MB - Demo

    Open/Extract/Convert to ISO, Extract ISO, Make ISO for Mac

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    AppCleaner for Mac

    October, 21st 2020 - 2.83 MB - Freeware

    A small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps

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    AppDelete for Mac

    October, 10th 2020 - 5.42 MB - Demo

    Delete your unwanted apps for Mac and eliminate associated files

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    AVG Cleaner for Mac

    October, 4th 2020 - 16.1 MB - Freeware

    Easily clean up hidden clutter with AVG Cleaner for Mac

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    AxCrypt for Mac

    July, 28th 2020 - 15.9 MB - Trial

    The leading open source file encryption software for Mac

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    BatChmod for Mac

    September, 20th 2020 - 4.14 MB - Freeware

    Manipulate files and folders privileges, file ownership and permissions for Mac

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    BetterTouchTool for Mac

    January, 19th 2021 - 31.5 MB - Trial

    Lets you define tons of gestures for your Macbooks Trackpad and MagicMouse

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    Big Sur Cache Cleaner for Mac

    December, 18th 2020 - 140 MB - Demo

    System maintenance, optimization, tuning and cleaning software for Mac

  • Download

    CCleaner for Mac

    October, 7th 2020 - 2.9 MB - Demo

    Freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool

  • Download

    CINEBENCH for Mac

    November, 12th 2020 - 279 MB - Freeware

    Cross-platform test suite that evaluates your computer`s hardware capabilities

  • Download

    CleanApp for Mac

    August, 29th 2020 - 60.05 MB - Demo

    Designed to remove applications along with all associated files from your Mac

  • Download

    CleanMyDrive for Mac

    June, 12th 2020 - 27.6 MB - Freeware

    A lightweight and freeware drive manager for Mac

  • Download

    CleanMyMac X

    December, 23rd 2020 - 62.3 MB - Demo

    All-in-one Mac cleaner that scans every inch of your system and removes junk

  • Download

    Clover Configurator for Mac

    November, 25th 2020 - 5.42 MB - Freeware

    Effortlessly modify the parameters of your Clover EFI configuration file

  • Download

    Cocktail for Mac

    January, 6th 2021 - 2.77 MB - Trial

    Lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac

  • Download

    Combo Cleaner for Mac

    August, 15th 2020 - 4.8 MB - Freeware

    Amazing Free Antivirus and System Optimizer for your Mac