An easy to use yet very powerful FTP client software for macOS

Yummy FTP Pro for Mac

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Download Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.5

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What's new in this version:

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.5
- Fixed truncation of some localised labels
- Fixed tilde / home folder support for Shared user
- Fixed WebDAV crash
- Fixed WebDAV transfers with large file sizes

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.4
- WebDAV support improvements to reliability and compatibility
- Added preference option to use path bar or menu navigation
- Added preference option to control home path abbreviation
- Filters window no longer accepts empty input
- New Connection window automatically shows by default again
- Local Mac volumes can now be saved as Favorites
- Import favorites fix for reserved characters in Bookmark names
- Localization fixes

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.3
- Added zip without Mac meta data option for FTP Alias
- Generated FTP Aliases now launch as background apps
- User selected Show/Hide status bar state now remembered
- Status bar height was too small in split browser view
- App Nap no longer causes issues for idle connections
- Fixed a crash when deleting scheduled sync
- Fixed double dock icon in Mac OS X 10.8
- Fixed difficulty in sizing list view columns

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.2
- Fixed an issue with multiple notifications for multi-file transfers
- Fixed some alerts not self-dismissing

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.1
- Restored all 11 localisations
- Notifications displayed by the OS could have been truncated
- New Connection window could appear unnecessarily at startup
- Bookmarks window had visual glitches in macOS 10.10
- Fixed excessive CPU during scrolling in column view
- Fixed rare spurious error message for remote edits
- Fixed auto-hide scrollbars for mouse wheel events
- Fixed a potential crash when reconfiguring a live connection

Yummy FTP Pro 2.0

FTP Browser:
- Retina-focused UI overhaul with streamlined local/remote file browser design
- New navigation path bar, drag'n drop-enabled with integrated favorites, history
- Spring-loaded folders in file browsers
- Drag'n-drop reordering of queued transfer tasks
- Added Open WebURL & Open In Terminal toolbar buttons
- New toolbar icons

- New secure in-app updates using industry standard Sparkle
- New transcript view to view the selected session's server interaction
- New log viewer to easily inspect every detail of every action
- New interactive & informative notifications + a complete history lookup
- New standalone FTP Aliases work without any Yummy app installed

- Remote editing now uses FSEvents to trigger uploads
- Added support for TextMate 2 as a remote editor
- CyberDuck favorite importer
- FileZilla favourite importer
- Better responsiveness for column view drag & drop
- More compact Filters UI
- Modal windows replaced with sheets where possible
- About window shows demo days left
- Faster animations

- Unsorted Bookmarks and recents on APFS systems
- Unable to select some apps as remote editors per-file type
- Connections could become stale regardless of the keep alive setting
- Memory leaks in SFTP
- Remote edit saving on main connection is blocked by alert display
- MD5 checksum verification could fail in some circumstances
- Logging could fail to correctly log a deleted local item
- Log file could get corrupted
- SSL peer id for session reuse could fail in some circumstances
- Quicklook icons could fail to update during directory updates
- SFTP listing sizes could be incorrect on some servers
- Movie/audio preview playback on retina systems
- WebDAV failure to connect if initial path is empty
- Long emails and multiple recipients no longer cause a crash
- FTP Alias zip-before-upload will no longer re-zip existing zips
- Dock icon update glitches on retina systems
- File verification failures were no logged

Yummy FTP Pro 1.11.14
- Fix for remote edit saves via existing connection
- Fix for incorrect alert window text autosizing due to system font changes
- Fix for unnecessary discrete graphics usage on MacBook Pro
- Fix for CyberDuck Bookmarks import

Yummy FTP Pro 1.11.13
- Improved remote editing responsiveness
- Improved support for App Nap
- TextMate 2 now works again as a remote editor
- Dock menu now includes Show All Bookmarks option
- Fixed SSL session re-use when Force TLS was was enabled
- Fixed inability to select Other in Bookmark Sync options
- Fixed logging not recording failed file verification
- Fixed app logic after being launched by an FTP Alias
- Fixed incorrect file verification results
- Fixed unwanted display messages from certain FTP servers
- Fixed SFTP listing display with localised data
- Fixed inability to edit FTP Aliases
- Fixed selection issue when using SSH-delete

Yummy FTP Pro 1.11.12
- SSH keyfile authentication now prompts for passphrase entry on failure
- File verification after resume now only uses MD5 when configured so
- Improved compatibility with PureFTPd server
- Fixed loss of connection during large transfers
- Fixed potential random crash

Yummy FTP Pro 1.11.11
- Added Portuguese localization
- Added option to clear browsed folder history from the navigation menu
- Added ability to undo setting Yummy as the default FTP handler
- Bookmark notes can now be edited directly in the Bookmarks window
- Improved handling when skipping remaining errors
- Improved handling for idle browser connections
- Handle FTP servers that do not support the basic FTP commands
- Handle FTP servers that try to display out-of-spec user messages
- Fixed system font usage in macOS Sierra for listings and edit boxes
- Fixed startup hang when trying to find un-installed user-defined editor
- Fixed invisible items transfer preference setting being ignored
- Fixed email notification with in macOS Sierra
- Fixed exclusions with servers that send inconsistent full path formats
- Fixed missing Bookmark names in connection failure emails
- Fixed a crash when renaming an open Bookmark
- Fixed premature in-line edit trigger when using marquee selection
- Fixed the Action toolbar menu losing options
- Fixed the restored window size of full screen windows
- Localization fixes

Yummy FTP Pro 1.11.10
- Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12
- Local+remote symlinks now correctly display the target's mod date
- Newer versions of are now supported as a Diff tool
- Non-startup drive home folders now support ~ abbreviation correctly
- Better handling of busy SFTP servers on multi-connection transfers
- Fixed a potential crash while updating Mac and Bookmarks listings
- Maintaining downloaded file mod dates also now sets creation date
- Fixed unnecessary Mac and Bookmarks listing updates
- Failed logins now allow display a login dialog to re-try with
- Failed Mac home folder resolution can now be retried
- The 'Start at' option is now always enabled for new schedules
- Temporary yumftp files are no longer incorrectly reported for syncing
- Mac favorites menu was missing favorite full paths in its help tags
- Fixed inability to register the app with a non-English name
- Localization fixes

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