Snagit screen capture allows you to grab an image or video

Snagit for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Snagit 2022.1.0
- Light/Dark color theme preference is now integrated throughout the app
- Allow changing the pixel resolution of a capture
- Scrolling capture and URL capture are now supported in Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge
- Video recording toolbar can be moved before recording starts
- Informational tooltips can be turned off
- Improved CPU usage when using Smart Move

- Library filters for day, month, or year that a capture was taken
- Library filter for website captured
- support for iCloud as a library autosave location
- a Color Adjustment effect for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma
- a Trim effect for image capture

- a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .xliff file could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to DDV_UA for reporting this issue.
- a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .snagtheme file could result in destruction of user preferences. Thanks to DDV_UA for reporting this issue.
- a security issue where opening maliciously crafted snagx/snagproj files could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to Renwa Hiwa (@ RenwaX23) for reporting this issue.
- an issue where DMs didn't appear as sharing options for Slack
- font weights like SemiBold being lost on save
- drag and drop from Library exporting as snagx instead of the desired format
- Save As removing the original file in some cases
- crash during video recording if there was no microphone
- crash loading lots of captures at once
- recent capture tray not scrolling to the selected item
- Snagit not launching if it was open by another user with fast user switching
- Export Frame as PNG grabbing the wrong frame
- Step shadows rotating incorrectly
- webcam position being forgotten from one capture to the next
- transparent and erased areas appearing as the background color
- crash reverting to original while editing text
- text being printed blurry
- webcam always being on in the Capture Widget
- video edits being lost when renaming a video
- stamps appearing upside down in Favorites
- Share to Camtasia not working on macOS Monterey. Requires Camtasia 2021.0.11 or later

Snagit 2022.0.3
- Added up/down arrow adjustment to effects text field in SnagitHelper
- Added grab text success and failure feedback in no UI case
- Made all sharing outputs visible (though appropriately disabled) for image and video for improved discovery
- Increase possible CPU core usage
- Update canvas in real time when adjusting canvas color

- crash when converting snagproj to snagx
- Snagit Editor opening without tool panels
- favorites not appearing after re-importing a theme
- theme editor showing incorrect font
- multi selected text only applying changes to first part
- text having duplicate shadows
- tall step text spilling out when rotated
- step tool allowing transparent text
- all-in-one capture always triggering webcam light on M1
- PiP shapes getting distorted when adjusting them
- video HUD not appearing
- revert to original in crop tool offsetting the background
- tags added in the editor not showing in the library
- tag rename not appearing when scrolled
- tray and title bar not updating after file move
- grab text showing wrong alert on failure
- Pictures library missing folder icon on Monterey
- Box plugin description
- inconsistent screen recording permissions status
- two instances of Snagit Editor running at same time
- two instances of Snagit Helper running at same time
- capture permissions dialog can be opened multiple times
- Removed Get Info option for library multi-select because didn't work
- capture presets have different sized hotkey fields

Snagit 2022.0.2
- the Panopto sharing destination
- new webcam PiP shapes: Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Square, Rounded Square
- Grab text capture now works without needing to open the editor

- a crash rendering drop zones
- a crash opening store templates
- a crash on startup
- a crash on using a very long tag name
- a crash saving text with unexpected horizontal alignment on M1 macs
- an issue with snagx files saved as snagproj not loading correctly in 2021
- an issue where Save As was not respecting the scale retina checkbox
- template controls not disappearing after flatten all
- flattening all on a template resetting all steps to 1
- Snagit 2022 launching slower than Snagit 2021
- editor opening with missing toolbars
- a delay when deleting tags
- images not loading correctly after scaling / resizing
- failures importing a theme for the first time
- sharing to PowerPoint not respecting current slide settings

Snagit 2022.0.1
- Put in place a fix that reduces the CPU usage of SnagitHelper
- Webcam is now on by default when starting a video capture the first time it’s used
- Fixed an issue where the capture dimensions weren’t adjustable with the keyboard on macOS Monterrey
- Fixed an issue where the single key hotkeys weren’t working during an All-in-One capture
- Can now point a Step tool object down and have text stay oriented vertically
- Text will now re-orient and stay up after rotating a Callout or Text object
- Added a warning about file size for users with large Libraries when choosing a Library location
- Fixed an issue where the Favorite button for Quick Styles wasn’t showing up
- Dragging an image created from a Template will retain the Steps used in the Template
- The Step tool cursor now shows up better on darker captures
- Undoing Grouping of objects will now keep them in the same place instead of shifting them
- Fullscreen captures will now work much better with the Capture Info Effect
- Adjusted some dialogs so that text is not truncated in certain languages
- Blur corner radius controls will now appear after changing the shape
- Using the Fill tool with transparency will now behave as expected on the Canvas
- No longer removing capture from the Tray after saving
- Improved the detection of OneDrive when selecting a Library location
- The Revert to Original option is now available again for new captures
- Added radio buttons to the Library location selection window to be more clear about what is selected
- Fixed a crash that would occur when capturing or opening a Multi-region capture
- Fixed an issue where Snagit would use the incorrect time when naming captures in some situations
- Other crash fixes, bug fixes, and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.4.4
- Put in place a fix that reduced CPU usage in SnagitHelper

- an issue where delayed capture was not working in OneClick
- a crash that could occur on the screen recording permissions view
- FTP custom code not matching the filename
- the video duration being incorrect on Monterey in some cases
- Other crash fixes, bug fixes, and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.4.3
- Recording video with System Audio is now supported for macOS 12 Monterey
- Other recording bug fixes on Monterey
- Fixes issue where screen recording permission would not stay (you may need to grant permissions again before this works correctly)
- Fixes FTP custom code not renaming the file on the FTP server
- Fixes tags view getting cut off on the bottom
- Other crash fixes, bug fixes, and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.4.2
- Reduced the system resources used by Snagit Capture
- Improved the usability of the Crop tool by expanding the clickable area for the controls
- Batch Export will again respect the selected file type
- Fixed an issue where Capture Info text could disappear when switching between captures
- Webcam resize handles will no longer appear during recordings
- Text opacity should now display properly
- Batch export will no longer overwrite files
- Fixed a rendering artifact that could happen when using some arrow heads
- Resolved a crash that could occur when canceling out of the rename dialog
- When restarting a video capture, the PIP location will now be remembered
- Polygon Blur shapes will retain their shape when being duplicated
- Addressed a crash that could occur when using Grab Text on a CMYK image
- Fixed a couple issues with Invert Selection
- Redo buttons during All-in-One Capture will now remember your selected capture type
- Objects with transparent Fills will no longer lose their shadows when saved out to an image
- Callouts will now re-draw properly on the Canvas when flipped
- Fixed an issue that could occur where multi-selecting some arrow objects wasn’t possible
- Fixed several issues with retrieving and displaying software keys after logging in to unlock Snagit for the first time
- Other crash fixes, bug fixes, and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.4.1
- Rename captures via the tray context menu
- Spotlight backgrounds can now be blurred
- Added proxy support for licensing server
- Improved performance when loading captures with lots of objects
- Improved formatting of grab text
- Other crash fixes, bug fixes, and performance improvements

- Spotlight objects disappearing when you clicked off of them
- issues with screen recording permissions on macOS 11.4
- hotkeys not working with video and all-in-one capture
- batch export changing the drag and paste format
- crash when pasting images that had effects applied
- text alignment being incorrect on M1 macs
- issue where “Open Screenshots in Snagit” popup could appear multiple times

Snagit 2021.4.0
- Authentication improvements. Users who share to TechSmith web services such as Screencast or Knowmia will be required to sign in again via an updated experience
- Having a Capture Info Effect selected in Snagit Capture will no longer create large capture delays, memory usage, and repeating options in Editor
- Fixed an issue where there could be black bars when recording video with Picture-in-Picture webcam
- Added an option to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio when recording video with Picture-in-Picture webcam
- Fixed an issue where there could be a white flash in selection area when starting to record a video with full screen webcam
- You are now able to log in to the Twitter sharing destination. It uses your default browser to log in instead of an embedded browser window
- Fixed an issue where Snagit could crash when signing in multiple times to the Google Drive sharing destination
- Resizing an image create with a Template will now properly resize the contents of the drop zones
- Fixed an issue where dragging the recording region could hide the recording controls
- Enabling or disabling audio devices on your system is again be reflected in Snagit without restarting the application
- Fixed an issue where sharing to multiple destinations from Snagit Capture could be broken in certain situations
- Improved the communication with licensing servers when using a proxy
- No longer hiding the hot key field when using a preset that can be toggled (e.g., interval capture)
- Resolves an unquoted search path vulnerability
- Other bug fixes, crash fixes, memory leaks, and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.3.0
- Snagit Mac is now a Universal app that fully supports Apple Silicon
- Refreshed look to the UI while capturing
- Can now take an image capture if you accidentally started a video capture instead of an image capture
- Authentication improvements. Users who share to TechSmith web services such as Screencast or Knowmia will be required to sign in again via an updated experience.
- Made scrolling in the Library much faster and thumbnails should appear more quickly
- Fixed several Templates that had an incorrect callout style
- The Copy All button now animates to give better feedback that an image has been copied
- The notification when saving Simplify color palettes is back again
- Better Canvas Snapping when working with Callout tails
- Can now share to applications that support all file types through the Application sharing type
- Canvas border no longer flickers when scrolling a large document
- Fixed an issue where dragging a video from the Tray to Finder wouldn’t work on certain system setups
- Snagit should no longer lock up when capturing after denying Safari permissions
- Can again save a GIF file after making changes
- Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to create a PNG from the last frame of a video
- Panoramic captures should no longer get narrower as you scroll down or to the side
- Fixed an issue where Snagit could hang when attempting to quit the application
- The corner radius control of a Callout should now move when you drag it
- Fixed an issue where using the Cut Out tool could cause an image to become washed out
- Resolves a local Dylib hijacking vulnerability. Thanks to Csaba Fitzl (@theevilbit) of Offensive Security for reporting
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.2.0
- Video Recording now has a Picture-in-Picture option for your webcam
- Resize and move it to any corner of your recording area
- Can be used in presets
- Magnify tool works a lot better with snapping to other objects on the Canvas
- Performance improvement in the Library when scrolling, exporting, and working with a lot of captures
- When saving to PDF, image’s put in drop zones of Templates will no longer appear as black boxes
- The zoom and scroll position of a capture’s Canvas should now be remembered between launches
- Can again update the text properties of Callouts and Text objects without having to explicitly select the text
- Setting the video recording frame rate should stick to the correct value again
- Time delay should reset properly again when resetting all settings in Capture
- The Capture Info Effect now accurately reflects any captures on Big Sur
- Added deployment option to disable/hide check for updates
- Polygon and Polygon selection work much better when deleting a point
- Flatten All will no longer scroll images when zoomed in
- Fixed an issue where the Properties could get out of sync
- Restarting video no longer disables webcam
- Batch Export no longer adds a zero to the end of a filename if a single item is exported
- Fixed several crashes that could occur when using Batch Export
- Can now get accurate colors while using the eyedropper for the canvas background color on Big Sur
- The “Open system screenshots and videos in Snagit” preference will not take effect without restarting Snagit
- Undo and redo work better after flattening
- Improved the stability of Panoramic capturing when processing large captures
- Fixed several of the top reported crashes
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.1.1
- New app icon shape for macOS 11 Big Sur
- Fixed a crash when adding or editing colors in a Theme
- Added guides for standard sizes when capturing an image
- Fixed some issues related to Magnify tool drawing
- Added a way to update outdated Template files that were previously downloaded from the Snagit Asset Store
- Fixed an issue that would result in images not having thumbnails
- Fixed a crash on launch in certain situations
- Updated the icons for the Effects
- Made text less blurry when zoomed in on the canvas in Editor
- Snagit no longer selections the wrong capture after rearranging captures in the Tray
- Fixed some issues with customizing the toolbar in macOS 11 Big Sur
- Fixed an issue where video quick control buttons didn’t work in macOS 11 Big Sur
- Fixed a crash that could occur when adding sharing icons to the toolbar and switching to the Library
- Switching documents with the Simplify tool selected should behave normally again
- Images created from Templates should fit on a single page when the size of the image has not changed
- Added some missing text when running Snagit in French
- Removed Stamp categories from the list when there weren’t any Stamps available
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.1.0
Features and functionality:
- Template Settings include a new option to automatically scale images placed in template drop zones
- Users can now scale or rotate an image as a Capture preset
- Snagit displays handles to resize template sections more clearly
- Snagit automatically opens the color picker when the user adds a color to a Theme
- Users can create a new image with specific settings, which sync with Advanced Preferences
- The Magnify tool offers increased maximum zoom levels
- If the user has moved files in the file system, Snagit’s Share History no longer displays the Open button
- Users can now import Themes through the File > Import menu
- Users can now export unsaved edits through the File > Export menu

Bug fixes and performance improvements:
- Fixed a crash that occurred when users made edits immediately after saving
- Improved the System Audio install experience for users who upgrade from an older version of Snagit
- Fixed some display issues for the Drag to Swap control for templates
- Fixed an issue when users printed single page Templates
- Fixed other small bugs in some Templates
- Fixed an issue with the Undo command after users flipped images
- Fixed an issue with the Undo command for the Magnify tool
- Fixed several issues with the Magnify tool preview
- Fixed an issue so that users can drag a URL to the Snagit icon in the menu bar to capture a website
- Fixed the display of long video durations in the Library
- Clarified wording when the user edits Tags in the Library
- Fixed some issues when users import Themes created in Snagit for Windows
- Fixed an issue where an original drawn shape disappeared if the user deleted a copy of it
- Fixed a crash for some users when Snagit updated thumbnails in the Tray
- Fixed an issue with Snap to Object for some images
- Fixed excessively truncated text in the microphone selection
- Fixed the default frame rate setting for video capture
- Fixed Capture so that Window preferences persist for users who update from an older version of Snagit
- Fixed a crash in the Create Video from Images process
- Fixed an issue with Stamps in Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese versions
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.0.2
- MacOS 11 Big Sur Support
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021.0.1
- Added new Magnify Quick Styles
- Can now directly open Themes from the Asset Store
- Transparent Fill and Eraser are working again
- Expanding and shrinking Template sections now stretches and contracts background elements
- Grab Text and Edit text are now supported in Spanish and Portuguese
- Adjusted the width of the Snagit Capture preset hotkey controls
- When reverting to you original capture, Cut Out tool uses are also now reverted
- Removed an unnecessary warning when downloading Templates from the Snagit Asset Store
- When re-ordering Template steps in the Image from Template workflow, Snagit is no longer hiding the caption input boxes
- Fixed a drawing issue when Edge, Border, and Shadow effects were used together
- Can now Flip an image in Editor horizontally and vertically
- Fixed an issue that could make the Properties panel look out of order when using the Simplify tool with an image with no colors
- Resizing an image in a drop zone will no longer scroll Editor unnecessarily
- No longer displaying certain control points for locked objects (e.g., corner control points for rounded rectangles)
- Template section resizing works better with Undo and zooming
- Adjusted a few Template layouts
- Revert to Original no longer breaks being able to swap content between Template steps
- Plenty of localization fixes for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese
- Fixed a crash on startup that could impact certain computers
- The Simplify tool onboarding window should now only show once
- Empty template drop zones will no longer appear when saving out or copying your image
- Better support for proxy servers during license activation
- Fixed a crash when drawing certain callouts in a specific order
- Fixed some layout issues in Callout and Text tool objects
- Stamps look much better when in images dragged to drop zones
- The Highlight tool now respects the backgound color (much better on darker backgrounds)
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2021
Templates 2.0:
- Create Images from Templates with more flexibility
- Add and remove sections from your guides with ease
- Swap steps to rearrange their order

Themes 2.0:
- Improved theme creation for you and your organization
- Select and share theme fonts with others in your organization
- Turn shadows on and off for all tools in a theme

Simplify Tool 2.0:
- Create Color Palettes to stay consistent across all your projects
- Improved Auto-Simplify process for increased accuracy
- Added Draw/Move mode

Magnify Tool Improvements:
- Show both original and magnified image areas with offset magnification

New Languages:
- Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese

Performance Improvements:
- Faster Canvas response when working with a lot of drawing objects
- Ability to handle very large images
- Smoother crosshair action when capturing
- Reduced memory gain

Additional Changes:
- Additional hotkeys added to the Library
- Other various bug fixes

Snagit 2020.2.1
- macOS Big Sur improvements
- Adjusted window spacing and layout
- Zooming fixed to be working smoothly
- Can now adjust the maximum frame rate of recorded videos
- Fixed an issue where Polygon shaped Blur objects would disappear
- The Download More button in the Template picker works again
- Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in to Snagit
- Fixed a crash that could occur is rare cases when opening certain files
- Changing the autosave directory no longer takes a long time
- Fixed an issue when pasting text from the Reminders app would cause a callout to become transparent
- When selecting a fixed region for a preset, the settings popup will now come back, Snagit Editor will hide, and the cursor should move smoothly for a better experience
- Can now print from Library context menu
- Dragging a step tool quick style to the canvas now works correctly
- Entered hex values for colors should now be consistent regardless of colorspace
- Changed the name of some Templates from “Urban” to “Industrial”
- Thumbnail rendering much faster with very high pixel density images
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.2.0
- Added Fixed Region capture settings. Now you can set Snagit or a preset to capture a specific size and area of your screen
- Added Batch Export from the Library. You are now able to export multiple files from the Library and add Effects, rotate, scale, and rename them all at once
- Added an option to Paste and Match Style when pasting text within Snagit to help you keep the styles you’ve chosen consistent
- Added the ability to share to chosen Applications
- Several bug fixes in the Translate Callouts workflow
- Changed the name of the “Urban” themes and templates to “Industrial”
- Trial window can be moved around without glitching out
- When dragging and saving JPG files, Snagit will now use the “jpg” extension in all cases
- Fixed OCR failing with erased sections
- Fix transparency option not being available on the Simplify tool
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.5
- Fixed a crash when opening Snagit Capture in the upcoming macOS 11 Big Sur release
- Fixed an issue where some users cannot record their webcam
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.4
- Now able to share images, videos, and GIFs to the new TechSmith Knowmia! (Formerly TechSmith Relay)
- Can now choose to have Snagit follow the System Theme in order to switch between Light and Dark theme
- Fixed a crash that can occur when turning off Effects
- Fixed a crash that could occur when rearranging Share Destinations in Snagit Preferences
- Fixed a crash that could occur in some situations when typing in a key
- Slightly improved the launch time for Snagit
- Freeing up more memory after closing large images in Snagit
- Now able to reset Quick Styles to defaults on a per tool basis
- Can now drag the video controls around when previewing a video in Snagit Editor
- The lock button on an object in Editor is now clickable when that object is rotated
- The Selection tool works much better when selecting or adjusting parts of a selection outside of the image area
- Made the Print option consistent with those in Print Preview
- Fixed an issue where some users would see “Snagit was previously denied access to record your screen” unnecessarily
- Improved the accuracy of the time stamp on the video scrub bar
- More reliably working with TechSmith Capture and Fuse
- Adding line break before and after sharing an image the Microsoft Word
- Fixed various bugs when selecting items to Translate
- Fixed an issue where a video could be lost when recorded with Grab or QuickTime and imported into Snagit
- No longer losing Retina-quality when copying and pasting from a previously pasted image in Editor
- When attempting to run Snagit from a mounted DMG, Snagit offers to move itself to the Applications folder
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.3
- Fixed a few crashes on the launch of Snagit for certain users
- Fixed Helper using 100% CPU after scrolling captures
- Fixed the Slack sharing destination showing incorrect channels in some cases
- Fixed an issue where the microphone appeared to still be in use after a recording had finished
- Add toolbar button for “Revert to Original”
- Add toolbar button for “Reveal in Finder”
- Fixed webcam flickering when toggled
- Fixed sign in failing in some cases
- Stamps no longer look pixelated when enlarged
- Library: Command+a now selects all captures
- Library: Command+up now scrolls to the top of the library
- Library: Command+down now scrolls to the bottom of the library
- Library: Control+click on a capture will now open the context menu
- Webcam capture will no longer cause a crash
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.2
- Significant performance improvements when selecting a region during capture
- Images can now be pasted directly into Template drop zones
- The Fill tool now supports transparency
- Multiple captures can now be shared all at once to some of Snagit’s sharing destinations
- Supports sharing to latest versions of Camtasia
- Fixed orange lines appearing on panoramic captures
- Fixed a couple crashes when pausing or ending video recordings
- Fixed Library thumbnails looking washed out on Catalina
- Copy to clipboard now includes effects from capture profiles
- FTP port can be customized
- Other performance improvements and bug fixes

Snagit 2020.1.1
- Fixed a crash when hovering over options in the Create menu on macOS 10.15.2
- Fixed a crash when opening some videos in Editor
- Fixed a crash that would happen occasionally when Snagit generated thumbnails for captures
- Fixed a crash when attempting to resize an image
- Panoramic captures will no longer include the orange selection lines in the final image
- Fixed an issue where some users could not start a video recording
- The “Scale down retina images” preference should now be working again
- Fixed an issue where CPU usage increased in Editor after opening
- Fixed an issue where some users could not start a video recording

Snagit 2020.1.0
- Added Opacity Effect
- You can now change the default username that is added to Templates
- Templates downloaded from the asset store can now be deleted
- Floating images can be dropped into drop zones
- Fixed editor exiting fullscreen mode while editing the canvas
- Fixed a crash when selecting objects on the canvas
- Clearer export of Templates to PDF
- The "Keep a duplicate editable capture when saving" preference is working again
- Scaling an image down will now properly scale Callouts
- All Templates that are installed with Snagit now have their names correctly appearing in French and German

- Fixed a crash when capturing extremely large Panoramic captures

- Share captures to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

Additional Changes:
- Fixed issue where superstamps would fail to install

Snagit 2020.0.0
Create Images from Templates:
- Create clean and professional images from pre-made layouts right within Snagit to convey technical information at a glance. These - templates offer significant time savings when creating documentation, tutorials, and job aids.

Create Video from Images:
- Transform screenshots into a video. In addition to standard Snagit video, you can now talk and draw over a series of screenshots to make a quick “how-to” video or animated GIF. This is another way you can create content right within Snagit to effectively - communicate.

Callouts with Arrow tails:
- This new callout type allows you to point at exactly what you want to draw attention to in your image while still being able to add - additional information with text.
- If you don’t see these in the callout tool, you can add your own by selecting the shape from the callout dropdown.

Share to Slack and Box:
- Snagit makes it even easier to share content at work. Now you can share Snagit content directly to Slack and Box.

Additional Changes:
- Changing properties with multiple text objects selected works as expected
- Increased maximum font size
- Smoother rendering when using the Crop tool
- Performance improvements
- Other bug fixes and localization updates

Snagit 2019.1.6
- Fix text boxes always expanding to the right
- Fix Quick Styles not being visible from Favorites tool
- Added an option to not save a duplicate copy on Save As
- Various crash fixes

- System audio is now supported on macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Improved video recovery in some crash scenarios
- Other performance improvements and bug fixes

Snagit 2019.1.5
- Significant performance improvements when generating Auto-Simplify
- Fixed text orientation to type in the expected direction
- Fixed cut off outlines of text boxes
- Fixed order of custom stamps
- Images are correctly scaled when saving to PDF files
- Fixed issues when saving Retina images

- Fixed Library view to not scroll images at startup
- Improved performance when deleting multiple library items

- Significant performance improvements when processing scrolling captures

- Fixed and improved crashes during share to
- Improved fit of images shared to PowerPoint slides

- Other performance improvements and bug fixes

Snagit 2019.1.4
- Resolved broken undo/redo after editing text
- Resolved duplicate fields when editing text
- Improved Blur tool intensity up to 200
- Increased text size option to more than 300 points
- Fixed excessive padding in some callouts

- Restored enter key as global shortcut during All-In-One image capture
- Resolved processing dialog display issue after some captures

- Sharing to Camtasia 2019 is now enabled
- Other performance improvements and bug fixes

Snagit 2019.1.3

- Reduced frequency of keychain prompts
- Added ability to resize images by inches/cm

- Fixed shortened text in Capture Info effect
- Improved performance of Cut Out tool
- Added pixel size of Cut Out tool selection
- Fixed stamp tool crash

- Fixed panoramic scrolling capture in Firefox
- Improved performance when selecting different capture type tabs
- Fixed mirror of webcam images

- Fixed category shown for the first time in Library
- Other Bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2019.1.2

- Added ability to create keyboard shortcuts for share destinations from Snagit Editor
- Improved visibility of drawing blur objects
- Improved Cut Out tool performance

Snagit Editor:
- Fixed scrolling issue when editing search terms for Stamps
- Fixed single line polygons changing shape on copy/paste
- Fixed issues related to Zoom to Fit
- Fixed polygons entering drawing mode when dragged onto another capture
- Fixed crash when trying to favorite effects
- Added support for Apple Wide Color Images
- Improved performance of launching Snagit Editor
- Videos are now copied when using New from Clipboard

Capture Info Effect:
- allow adding custom text
- allow changing font size and color
- allow changing background color
- allow toggling existing settings on and off

Capture Window:
- Fixed crash when stopping a video recording
- Fixed an occasional crash when loading the Library
- Fixed Grab Text grabbing invisible characters
- Fixed region selection crosshairs in recordings after resolution change
- Fixed cancelling current video recording after Mac OS Grab capture

- Fixed crash when switching to empty custom stamps
- Fixed edited search terms to show correct stamps

- Fixed arrow keys not working correctly in the Library sidebar

- Fixed video import from Google Drive in Snagit Editor
- Fixed copy/paste from Google Docs not working
- Improved sharing to Microsoft® Office applications

- Fixed how transparent Simplify objects render if Auto-Simplify is disabled

Snagit 2019.1.1
- Fixes screen freezing during capture on macOS Mojave
- Grab Video - automatically import system video captures
- Added a new option to leave the original file when doing system Grab captures
- Added an option to hide the quick edit toolbar
- Clicking the Capture Copied notification now foregrounds Snagit Editor
- Various Combine Images fixes
- Other bug fixes and improvements

Snagit for Mac 2018.2.3

- Improved Camera & Microphone permission support when running Snagit for the first time on macOS 10.14 Mojave
- Prevent enabling or installing the TechSmith System Audio Component on the 2017 iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro
- Microphone audio during video recording no longer fails to record on macOS 10.14 Mojave
- Fixed an issue disabling webcam in the Snagit menubar icon after a recording completed
- Fixed an issue preventing users from choosing the microphone from the Snagit menubar icon
- Fixed a crash with Region Selection with multiple windows open

- Short URL Service will be deprecated on March 30, 2019. All existing links will continue to work, but all Google Drive shares from Snagit will now be the longer Google Drive link format.

- Callouts have been fixed to render pasted text correctly
- Floating images now snap flush with other objects

Snagit for Mac 2018.2.2
- Fixed issues related to capturing Safari and Chrome in the upcoming macOS 10.14 Mojave release
- If you’re experiencing scrolling capture problems in Chrome, please enable View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events
- Other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 2018.2.1
Snagit Editor:
- Fixed crash when authenticating with Dropbox for the first time
- Resolved edited marker showing on incorrect capture
- Resolved fullscreen video recording buttons staying on screen after video recording on 10.13
- Resolved captures being imported out of order
- Resolved clicking a video timeline does not jump the playhead
- Resolved unable to reset effect styles when clicking on an item
- "Make Plain Text" now visible in dark theme
- Other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 2018.2.0
New Features:
- Added French language
- Added polygon option to Selection tool
- Added cursor view to Eraser tool to show area that will be erased
- Added new shapes to Blur tool properties and the ability to rotate blur objects on the canvas
- Added “Make Plain Text” button to Grab Text window
- Added file conversion for unsupported CMYK files

Snagit Editor:
- Improved Quick Styles icons in Eraser tool
- Improved vertical and horizontal flipping for Step tool
- Resolved background fill offset by 1 pixel when using autofill after selection
- Resolved blurs that were not snapping to the edge of the canvas
- Resolved Snagit Editor not copying/pasting image from Google Docs
- Resolved bug where Step tool text was displayed off-center

Canvas Snapping:
- Added better spacing for objects while snapping
- Improved snap guidelines
- Added Hotkey to temporarily turn snapping on/off

Video Recordings:
- Resolved bug to show when microphone audio is detected during recording
- Resolved bug where recording might not complete when using a webcam
- Webcam light no longer flashes when you stop recording

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:
- Improved handling of multi-selected objects
- Improved ability to use arrow keys to move canvas objects
- Resolved bug where Quick Look continues to display in Snagit Editor
- Resolved Snagit Editor crash after clicking on color picker
- Resolved Snagit Editor crash after quickly using Grab Text multiple times

Snagit for Mac 2018.1.2
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

- Fixed right click to delete a tag
- Fixed transparent swatch not appearing on some tools
- Fixed an issue where the capture date was not reflecting the correct day the capture was originally taken
- Fixed a cursor update issue for the Option/Alt key press when drawing Shapes
- Fixed an issue with images dragged from the web to the Editor
- Fixed an issue with randomaly generated Quick Styles
- Repeat Last Capture is no longer broken with Panoramic capture
- Recent fonts are saved when the Editor is closed
- Fixed broken thumbnails in the Library

Snagit for Mac 2018.1.1

- Reduced memory usage by Capture Helper (menubar icon)
- Added ability to access UI when recording your webcam while in full-screen mode

- Fixed Fill tool so previously filled areas in visible image remain after restarting Snagit
- Removed artifacts left after moving objects on the canvas when zoomed in greater than 100%

- Added ability to drag and drop files into Library from other image applications like Photo
- Enabled File > Print when viewing images in Library

- Improved security when sharing to
- Fixed image exports from Library so file data (TIFF) matches file extension (PNG)

- Added ability for custom polygon shapes to be imported/exported with themes
- Fixed polygon shapes so they can be copied and pasted without changing shape
- Fixed issue where transparent color was not available after moving shapes, callouts, or text using Move tool
- Added T arrows as a quick style when creating a new theme
- Rotated callouts no longer have a black background except for square callouts that still have an outline
- Advanced properties for callouts are now visible when the callout is selected on the canvas
- Fixed memory leaks related to callouts

- Improved the messaging when saving to an inaccessible folder location
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 2018.1.0
New features:
Added Polygon to Shape Tool:
- Allows you to create your own multi-sided shapes quickly with our polygon option

Pasting Text onto the Canvas:
- Creates a new text box on the canvas when copying and pasting text from another location

Additional changes:
- Added ability for autofill to work with spreadsheet grids
- Manual selections now show the size of the selection area
- Improved speed of autofill on large images

- Use the new T-style arrow head to show measurements in the Arrow tool

Snagit Editor:
- Can now choose "Don't show this again" option in the missing captures alert
- Adding or removing outline color in tool properties will now add or remove line width in properties
- Reduced Capture Helper CPU usage when idle
- Escape key allows users to exit the editor when in full-screen mode
- Fixed an issue where arrow keys could not be used to move Smart Move objects
- Added option to suppress notification of “missing fonts in themes” that was showing on every launch of Snagit
- Customize toolbar menu is no longer misaligned on 4k displays
- [macOS 10.13.x - High Sierra] Added View-only support for HEIF images

- Fixed auto-suggestions for tagging in the Library
- Fixed an issue where users could only remove one tag at a time on captures in the library

- Fixed an issue where users were unable to embed images into Microsoft Outlook when using Share > Outlook output
- Captures shared to Microsoft PowerPoint will now be added to the current slide, if possible
- Videos can be shared to Microsoft Office Applications
- Turned the FTP tag examples into clickable buttons
- FTP custom code corrected to work with German characters

- Get Started with Snagit button now shows correctly after entering a software key
- [macOS 10.12.6 - Sierra] Entering a Software Key no longer causing Snagit to unexpectedly quit

Snagit for Mac 2018.0.2
- Added a tooltip for modified Recent Tray items
- Fixed a crash in the library if a trailing backslash existed on a tag
- Fixed intermittent errors when loading Snagit projects, in the library
- Snagit/OS Grab integration: fixed a crash when using the system grab integration
- Grab Text: Now allows text in the about dialog to be copied
- Grab Text: Improved progress transitions
- Magic Wand: Improved scaling when resizing filled canvas objects
- Canvas Snapping: Improved keyboard support when moving objects along a straight line
- Improved support for macOS High Sierra [10.13.2]
- Localization improvements for German

Snagit for Mac 2018.0.1
- Fixed an issue causing an error when trying to use presets from Snagit Mac v4
- Fixed issue where importing images into library caused Snagit Editor to become unstable
- Fixed crash when saving a video that has edits
- Improved sharing to and from Google Drive
- Improved messaging when reusing capture shortcuts that were already in use
- Improved sharing to Microsoft Office products
- Improved Retina support for shared captures
- Improvements to Grab Text recognition
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 2018.0.0
Smart Move:
- Quickly move text or move objects around in images that you have captured. Keep your image content up to date when UIs and the underlying technology changes
- Communicate changes, suggestions, or give feedback by swiftly editing your captures

Text Replace:
- Do more than just move text around in your capture and choose to edit it directly

Grab Text:
- Choose to capture text on your screen or find and copy text after capture from the whole image or select an area in the image to get specific text

Snapping on the Canvas:
- Drag objects around in Snagit Editor and they will snap to align with other objects or the canvas itself

Additional Changes:
- Added In-app messages for onboarding (keep a look out for banners in Snagit Editor for helpful tips)
- When using the native capture tool, Grab, choose to save images to Snagit for editing or file conversion
- Added pixelated blur
- Added option to cancel some share destinations during share
- Added MOV video file support
- Resolved several bugs and added other workflow improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.7
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.6
- Improved support for macOS High Sierra
- Processes all captures to maintain color spaces in preparation for High Sierra
- Fixed an issue where using arrow keys to adjust selection would not work properly
- Fixed an issue where Outputs were missing and could not be re-added
- Fixed the Firefox add-on for in web-browser Scrolling Captures
- Fixed a save issue which prevented Snagit from saving a document or replace existing
- Improved the reliability of Undo/Redo
- Various video editing improvements
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.5
- Added messaging about not sharing to YouTube if you don't have a YouTube channel set
- Fixed crash when cancelling during sign-in to YouTube
- Fixed crash when cancelling or closing Snagit while trying to sign-in to Google Drive
- Fixed issue where the last file location wasn't being remembered for Batch Export, Import Stamps and Save options
- Upgraded the Dropbox API which will require user sign in again
- Fixed issue where pasting images to MS Office documents from Outputs failed
- Improved reliability and responsiveness when sharing to
- Fixed issue causing Snagit not to appear in the Applications folder
- Fixed issue that would cause longer MP4 files not to playback in QuickTime Player
- Fixed issues where cropping couldn't be undone or cancelled
- Fixed issue where Finder didn't open after clicking on File Notifications
- Fixed issue preventing captures saved outside of Library from being shared
- Fixed issue requiring mouse movement to display Close button in Image Tray
- Made opening Outputs in Preferences faster
- Fixed crash that could occur during undo after resizing a text box
- Made web URLs in the Get Info view clickable

Snagit for Mac 4.1.4
- Changes to the trial process
- Re-enable sharing to multiple YouTube accounts
- Improvements to the sign in workflow
- Fix for some auto-filled selections not being saved
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.3
New Feature:
- Logging into Snagit and the outputs for Google Drive, YouTube, Screencast, and Relay will now send you to your default browser instead of a sheet in Snagit

- Can now filter by “Untagged” in the Library
- Can now align a single selected object on the canvas
- Double clicking on video play head will collapse your selection
- Can now share a portion of your video without cutting

- Fixed some crashes related to Magic Wand and auto filling selections
- Printing a capture with Capture Info turned on will now have the correct information
- Fixed a crash on start up
- Temporarily removed the ability to import and share to OneDrive for Business
- Improved the energy usage of SnagitHelper
- Improved the interaction working with Custom Stamps
- Improved performance when using QuickLook on Snagit captures
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.2
New Feature:
- Repeat Last Capture: Capture the same part of your screen with the same settings

- Added more FTP custom code variables
- Duplicate in the recents tray now behaves like finder
- Highlighter now has an opacity slider
- Mac pen tool now has anti-alias and vector toggles
- Added a Transparent color option for Text outline
- Added a Hotkey for toggling webcam during recording

- Fixed an issue preventing images coming from Google docs into Snagit
- Various fixes to Theme naming and management
- Various fixes to auto-fill background selections
- Improved performance with loading the library view
- Improved performance at the start of captures
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.1
- Fixed a "Copy All" truncation in the German user interface
- Fixed a crash when drawing a text object
- Fixed an issue with YouTube Shares not appearing in Share History
- Fixed an issue where player controls would disappear when you open and then close the recent tray
- Added support for more FTP custom code variables
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.1.0
- Panoramic capture now in the All-in-one workflow
- Performance enhancements

Shared Styles / Themes:
- Switch between sets of quick styles and colors in the color picker. Define multiple sets of quick styles per tool and share those sets with other users within an organization

Background Auto-Fill:
- Updated selection tool to automatically fill the backgrounds after moving or deleting content from your captures. This allows you to easily change around or remove objects from screenshots without having to recapture

Magic Wand:
- Select a point and adjust the tolerance to select like colors. This works with Background Auto-fill

Translation Workflow:
- Extract text from callouts and text markup within Snagit and get the text translated by exchanging an XLIFF file

Capture Info:
- Take any capture and automatically add on the application name, version number, when it was captured and on what OS

Snagit for Mac 4.0.7
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.0.6
- Snagit no longer crashes during a 64-bit PowerPoint recording
- Snagit no longer crashes deleting a preset shape in Quick Styles
- Sharing via the TechSmith Relay output, is now uploading properly
- Undo all now properly works with Effects, after an application restart
- #mac Tweets now load properly in the “Current news" section of onboarding
- Improved support for macOS 10.12
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.0.5
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit for Mac 4.0.4
- FTP output has a copy URL to clipboard option
- Improved support for upcoming macOS release
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements
- Choose how you'd like to start a capture in the Snagit menu under Preferences.: OneClick-tab, Capture Window or Capture Window & OneClick tab

Snagit for Mac 4.0.3
- Fixed a crash when users attempted to remove a Quick style from the export view.
- Fixed an issue where the preferences window would reopen after every capture.
- Fixed an issue with the Magnify tool where sometimes it would not capture.
- Fixed an issue where certain JPEG's were not being opened.
- Fixed an issue where duplicate Stamps folder caused the Snagit editor to become unresponsive.
- Snagit Library now creates a separate .plist file for storing capture tagging and application data.
- "Always keep Snagit running in the background" checkbox is now respected, by ensuring launch at login is registered properly following an upgrade.
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Snagit for Mac 4.0.2
New Features:
- New Snagit Editor
- New Snagit Capture Window
- New Stamps and Callouts
- Video Capture with Webcam
- Animated GIF
- Panoramic Image Capture

Snagit for Mac 4.0.2
- Improve performance when dealing with images with 10 or more items on the canvas
- Eliminate crashes with large images - improved performance
- Multi-edit images can be edited with acceptable performance
- Outlined text
- New callout shapes
- New and updated stamps
- Better handling of full screen video
- Supports image capture on high resolution monitors
- Higher frame rates
- Easier video editing

New design for capture:
- Updated ability to start a capture from within the editor
- New on-the-fly capture interface

Panoramic Capture:
- Capture tall, wide or infinitely scrolling content using this innovative scrolling capture method
- New, streamlined capture preset creation and use

Effects side panel with property drop downs:
- Quick Effects are customizable – add, delete, reorder

- New crop tool
- New text tool
- Color picker
- Auto-resizing canvas
- New magnify tool

- Remove Flags
- Make tray collapsible

- Launch a capture from within Editor
- Light and dark theme editor and capture window
- New Share History
- Ability to add share destinations to the toolbar

- Ability to record webcam video while preserving Snagit’s real-time encoding
- Toggle between webcam and screen video during recording
- All built-in webcams and standard USB webcams will be supported

Animated GIF:
- Create a GIF from a video recording
- Presets and custom GIF settings available
- Define default settings for "High Motion Video" and "Screen Video"
- Option to loop GIF
- Option to "Fade to Black" on GIF start and end
- Option to "Dither" GIF colors
- Options to scale the GIF size in pixels or as a percentage of the MP4 size
- Make GIF from a selection of a video
- Saving and sharing via outputs to any destination that supports animated GIF

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