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SmartSVN for Mac

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  • Latest Version

    SmartSVN 14.4.0 LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.11 or later

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    SmartSVN GmbH / External Link

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With SmartSVN for Mac, you can work with tags and branches as conveniently as if they were native Subversion features. Once you have defined the project repository locations for the trunk, the tags, and branches, you won't have to deal with hard-to-remember URLs anymore: Just use tags and branches the way you're used to from other version control systems.

In the project directory view, you can instantly see which directories contain local modifications (red arrows) and which directories have been changed in the repository (green arrows, SmartSVN Professional).

In combination with the Remote State of the files (SmartSVN Professional), you can detect and avoid potential conflicts before they actually occur. SmartSVN for macOS even shows files and directories which have been added to the repository and aren't locally available yet.

In addition and as an alternative to the standalone project view, It comes with the Finder integration. This includes all major commands, and you can run the commands directly from within your favorite file manager. SVN file states are shown as icon overlays.

With the app, there's no need to edit common Subversion properties, e.g. external definitions, in plain text. Instead, you can comfortably select the repository locations using a repository browser. Of course, the Smart SVN app also makes suggestions for relative external URLs, which were introduced in SVN 1.5.

The Transaction view in the app main window automatically fetches information about new revisions from the repository. It will keep you up-to-date on any commits that took place within your project - automatically, clearly, and even from other branches if you wish. Smart SVN Pro also can watch for changes of other repository locations, e.g. for libraries used by the project.

SmartSVN Professional for Mac (optionally) suggests adding new or removing missing files, and is capable of detecting moved and renamed files.

You can pick a commit message from a list of open issues fetched from a JIRA issue tracker and optionally mark the selected JIRA issue as resolved if the commit succeeds. This relieves you from having to access JIRA through your web browser after you have fixed a bug or implemented a new feature.

With the Annotate you quickly can see when a certain line had been added to a text file (and who did it). Different coloring options also allow getting a quick impression of what parts of a file are old or new.

It provides a tidy presentation of the outputs of the commands you've run, which gives you a good overview of what's happened locally, e.g., which files have been reverted or what has been changed by an update. Possible problems (e.g. conflicts) are highlighted. Depending on the command, convenient context actions such as Show Changes may be available.

Features and Highlights
  • Much better overview over all relevant data than any Explorer- or IDE-integration can provide
  • No need to install separate applications (e.g. command-line client, file compare tools), because it's all-inclusive
  • No need to learn command-line options, just point and click instead of type
  • Select tags and branches instead of the type their long, error-prone URLs
  • Save time because the program automatically adds new or removes obsolete files
  • Save time because the app detects moved or renamed files
  • Save time (and therefore money) in teaching new users because of SmartSVN's intuitive and self-explanatory user interface
  • You can choose your IDE independent of its Subversion support
  • Use one tool on all your different platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris)
Note: It starts with free evaluation mode for the Professional edition for 30 days and, if not registered, will continue with the free Foundation edition.

Also Available: Download SmartSVN for Windows

What's new in this version:

- File Compare, Conflict Solver; Shift-tab: fix possible internal error
- Files table (macOS): file icon is drawn too far left
- Refresh (file monitoring): fix for Windows directory mounts (requires LLP to be set)

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