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Raccoon for Mac

Raccoon for Mac

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    Raccoon 4.24.0 LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

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    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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    Onyxbits / External Link

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Raccoon for Mac is a mobile app download manager that allows users of all knowledge levels to download Android app installation packages (APKs) without the need for an internet browser. In stark contrast to many other online services that offer access to Android APK files that are hosted on separate locations across the web, this application bypasses them all and enables app download only from the official Google Play Store servers.

Equipped with a simple but very effective user interface and smartly designed toolset, users of Racoon for macOS are able to download desired Android APK installations without ever needing to visit the Google Play store with their browser. They can perform App searches directly from within the app and get detailed search result listings, app information, and download links.

Each found application is showcased with a wealth of additional info, including its Permissions, Size, Publishing date, Price, Installation, User Rating, and App Icon. The searches can be done either by the exact name of the app or by typing general keyword terms (like “free image editors”) that will result in a large amount of found apps.

In addition to the search functionality, users can switch to the adjacent “Downloads” tab where they can monitor all the installation files they have transferred to their local storage. By building your local library of Android apps, you get the ability to install them on your devices even when you don’t have access to the internet or you want to save battery life by eliminating the presence of the internet connection on your device. This is especially useful for professional technicians who everyday handle dozens of phones whose systems need to be fixed or optimized for use by clients or customers.

Enthusiasts can also build their own app libraries that feature all versions of the needed software, thus creating an offline archive for rolling back bad updates from their capital apps.

By using Raccoon for macOS, you can safely and quickly browse app libraries on Play Store, without the ad bots tracking your every move and creating unique advertisements that follow you across the entire web just because you have downloaded 10 Pet health apps. With this app, browsing and downloading Android APK files is anonymized and sanitized from external trackers. Additionally, width this app you can bypass regional restrictions.
Raccoon for Mac is 100% free and is optimized for all modern versions of macOS. The app features no hidden or timed restrictions that can be unlocked by premium licenses.

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What's new in this version:

- Added –gp-renew-gsfid commandline parameter