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    Reflector for Mac

    August, 12th 2020 - 65.3 MB - Trial

    Reflector allows you to AirPlay mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Mac

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    Remote Desktop Manager for Mac

    December, 18th 2020 - 117 MB - Trial

    An application used to manage all your remote connections!

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    Remotix for Mac

    September, 3rd 2020 - 13.5 MB - Trial

    Easily access all your computers with fast and secure RDP & VNC client

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    Renamer for Mac

    March, 16th 2020 - 11.4 MB - Trial

    You need to rename many files? You need Renamer for Mac!

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    Renamerox for Mac

    August, 21st 2020 - 12.88 MB - Demo

    The Simple Way To Rename, Copy And Move 100s or 1000s of your files

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    Resilio Sync for Mac

    July, 21st 2020 - 21.03 MB - Trial

    No Cloud. No uploading to third party servers. Just fast, simple file syncing

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    RetroShare for Mac

    November, 21st 2020 - 27.9 MB - Open Source

    RetroShare creates encrypted connections to your friends

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    Screens for Mac

    January, 6th 2021 - 31.97 MB - Trial

    Screens is now the best VNC client and screen sharing app for Mac

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    SecureCRT for Mac

    February, 19th 2021 - 39 MB - Trial

    Provides rock-solid terminal emulation for computing professionals!

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    SHAREit for Mac

    August, 24th 2020 - 7 MB - Freeware

    SHAREit for Mac is free file sharing app that works across multiple OS

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    SnapDownloader for Mac

    February, 16th 2021 - 98.1 MB - Trial

    You can easily download your favorite videos from Internet!

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    Sonarr for Mac

    August, 3rd 2020 - 12.5 MB - Open Source

    Monitor your favorite series and download a new episode!

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    SoulseekQt for Mac

    February, 17th 2021 - 14.8 MB - Freeware

    Simple and easy-to-use file sharing software for Mac

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    SSH Tunnel Manager for Mac

    September, 17th 2020 - 3.1 MB - Freeware

    Connect through firewalls/VPN via SSH tunnel for Mac

  • Download

    Synergy for Mac

    July, 18th 2020 - 16.22 MB - Demo

    Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers!

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    TCPBlock for Mac

    October, 23rd 2020 - 1.1 MB - Freeware

    A lightweight and fast application firewall for macOS

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    TeamViewer for Mac

    February, 23rd 2021 - 85.2 MB - Freeware

    The All-In-One Software for Remote and Online Meetings

  • Download

    TeamViewer Host for Mac

    February, 23rd 2021 - 72.5 MB - Freeware

    Gives other Mac computers access to the machines it is installed on

  • Download

    TeamViewer QuickJoin for Mac

    February, 23rd 2021 - 46.2 MB - Freeware

    Instantly join a meeting hosted online via Teamviewer software

  • Download

    TeamViewer QuickSupport for Mac

    February, 23rd 2021 - 50.2 MB - Freeware

    Allows remote control to any TeamViewer users for Mac