It shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your Computer

PdaNet for Mac

PdaNet for Mac

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PdaNet for Mac is a very useful internet sharing application that can establish a fast and reliable connection to your Android smartphone, detect its currently active internet connection, and share it with the Mac via USB cable, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless connections.

This procedure is also known under the term tethering. And the best thing is, this lightweight utility relies on completely uncapped speeds that can be achieved between your Mac and mobile devices, enabling users to take full advantage of their mobile carrier internet connection.

While this procedure can be achieved with other applications and built-in phone services, PdaNet for macOS manages to surpass them all by taking advantage of its built-in procedures that can override the custom factory settings found in mobile phones that prevent free sharing of carrier internet connections. These special settings can put limits on the phones, requiring additional subscription payments (that can even go to $20 per month or even more!) to carriers to unlock internet sharing to the additional devices.

PdaNet consists of two apps, one for your Android or Chromebook device (which can be installed either via its official Play Store page or via downloadable APK installation file) and a Mac client app that is needed for establishing USB and Wi-Fi connections. To establish USB a successful connection, the Mac app will also install a generic USB driver that will automatically detect and connect to almost any modern Android device. Once both apps are installed, users need to activate sharing on the mobile device and then try to connect to their Macintosh via USB or Wi-Fi.

The home for the app will be in the taskbar area near the system clock, with an icon that will change its look after a successful connection is established. Users can manually connect with their Android device, or even activate a useful feature for an automatic connection whenever a USB device is detected. To make the internet browsing faster and more secure, an option for redirecting all DNS queries to Google DNS can be activated.

While the use of this app is simple and intuitive, many mobile operators frown upon its usage. Some mobile phones that are tied to a specific mobile operator can even be blocked from finding the Pda Net application on the Play Store. In such a case, users are advised to download an official APK file from the official app webpage.

PdaNet for Mac is 100% FREE, but it will forcefully end the internet sharing session after a while. This limitation can be removed by purchasing the full version of the macOS client app.

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What's new in this version:

PdaNet 5.24
- Supports WiFi Direct mode in PdaNet