Pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art

Pixen for Mac

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Download Pixen 5.0.1

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What's new in this version:

Pixen 5.0.1
- Crash fix

Pixen 4.1.7
- Crash fix

Pixen 4.1.5
- Crash fix

Pixen 4.1.4
- Crash fix

Pixen 4.1.3
- Compatibility fixes

Pixen 4.1.2
- Compatibility fixes

Pixen 4.1.1
- Compatibility fixes

Pixen 4.1
- Added a new Dark appearance that can be unlocked via in-app purchase (and also help support the project)
- Some tools are now up to 10x faster when working with larger images
- Fixed an issue where the Text tool would stop working on animation documents

Pixen 4.0.11
- Pixen is now also available for iPad
- Palettes are now saved in a new, more future-proof file format
- GIMP palettes can now be imported

Pixen 4.0.10
- Fixes a bug where older animation documents would not load
- Fixes a bug where the Magic Wand tool would select incorrect pixels

Pixen 4.0.9
- Certain color palettes now load faster and are more accurate

Pixen 4.0.8
- The Text and Move tools are now more reliable

Pixen 4.0.6
- The background color of the Preview window can now be changed
- The color is persisted per-document
- Fixed an issue where exported animated GIFs would not loop

Pixen 4.0.5
- Improved animated GIF imports

Pixen 4.0.4
- Various stability improvements when using the Text tool and importing files

Pixen 4.0.3
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Pixen 4.0.2
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Pixen 4.0.1
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Pixen 4.0
- The Background picker has been re-designed
- A "Share" command has been added to the File menu and can be used to quickly share images as PNGs and animations as animated GIFs
- A new Brightness tool has been added for lightening and darkening pixels underneath the cursor
- A new Text tool has been added
- Pressure-sensitive drawing is now supported on Force Touch trackpads
- Blend modes can be set for layers by right-clicking them in the Layers pane
- Pixen Image (PXI) and Pixen Animation (PXA) file formats are now more space-efficient
- Note: PXI and PXA files saved in Pixen 4 cannot be edited in previous releases of Pixen
- Animation documents now show a unified color palette or a per-canvas color palette
- A "New Layer from Image" command has been added to the Layers menu (you can also drag-and-drop an image into the Layers list)
- A "Flatten Image" command has been added to the Layers menu
- A "Stroke Selection" command has been added to the Edit menu for quick framing/outlining
- Opacity percentages in the Layers list can now be double-clicked and edited
- Patterns can be exported from the Pattern Editor by right-clicking a pattern and selecting the new "Export..." command
- The left [ and right ] square bracket keys can now be used to change the line thickness, tolerance, or border width of the respective tools
- Pixen can now open and save files in the LEGO MINDSTORMS Graphics Format (RGF)
- A new Posterize filter has been added that snaps each pixel value to the closest color in a palette
- Images can now be reduced to their top N primary colors using the Reduce to Primary Colors filter
- The padding, frame spacing, row spacing, and maximum number of frames per row can now be customized in the Export Sprite Sheet window
- Images can now be exported at multiple resolutions/file types using the revamped "Export" command under the File menu
- The most recent file name and types used for export are now saved in PXI/PXA files
- Images can now be exported as SVGs
- Pixen now directly integrates with iCloud Drive
- Document colors can now be sorted by frequency or hue
- A preference for choosing the top or bottom left as the origin has been added
- A preference for changing the preferred drawing cursor has been added
- The color of the Alignment Crosshair can now be changed in the Preferences window
- Patterns can now be shared with system sharing services from the context menu in the Pattern Editor
- New filters for changing the hue, exposure, saturation, contrast, and brightness of a layer or selection have been added
- A new Remove Alpha Components filter has been added
- The new "Convert Pixen Image" Automator action can be used to convert batches of images from the PXI format to other image formats
- Palette panels can now be shown with the "Show New Palette Panel" command in the "Palette" menu

Pixen 3.8.1
- Bug fixes

Pixen 3.8
- Tile Mode is back!
-- Click the Gear icon in the Preview panel to enable Tile Mode
-- Use the panel's Zoom button to size the panel to wrap the preview
- Added an option in Grid Settings for displaying an isometric grid
- The Pixen Color Picker now includes an 8-bit color palette
- The new Animation Settings sheet (found under the Animation menu) can be used to set whether animated GIFs should loop
- Refreshed the Export Sprite Sheet window's UI
- Updated the Discover Pixen tutorial
- Improved the color accuracy of exported animated GIFs
- Animated GIFs with frames of different sizes can now be exported
- The last-used tool is now selected on launch
- The keyboard shortcuts for the Invert Selection, Resize Canvas, Scale Image, Zoom to Fit, Zoom to 100%, Delete Layer, Merge Down menu items have changed to better match other editors
- Fixed a rare crash that would occur in the Export Sprite Sheet window
- Up-scaled animation frames are no longer anti-aliased in the film strip
- Improved the accuracy of the Frequent Colors palette
- Importing backgrounds is now more reliable
- Minor UI and stability improvements

Pixen 3.7
- Refreshed interface for OS X Yosemite
- Animated PNGs can now be imported as animations
- Added two filters: "Invert Colors" and "1 bit"

Pixen 3.6
- Advanced custom backgrounds support
- Color palette with "smart" swapping capabilities
- Grid customization
- Tiled editing mode
- Alignment crosshair
- Full alpha support
- Advanced layer functionality
- A plethora of tools
- 100% Cocoa with a beautiful Aqua interface
- A design geared towards modern pixel art

Pixen 3.5.19
- Stability improvements

Pixen 3.5.18
- Performance improvements

Pixen 3.5.17
- Use multi-touch pinch gestures to zoom the canvas in and out
- Scale factors can now be decimal numbers in the Scale Canvas sheet

Pixen 3.5.16
- Changes to colors in the frequency palette now update continuously
- Improved color accuracy

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