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Pixelmator Pro for Mac

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Pixelmator Pro for Mac is a powerful image editor that brings professional tools to everyone. It is designed to be easy to use while still providing a wide range of features for editing and retouching photos, creating graphic designs, painting, drawing vector graphics, and adding stunning effects. The software builds on the original Pixelmator image editor and includes significant improvements to existing tools and incredible new ones. Every aspect of the image editing experience has been refined and improved with the latest Mac technologies.


One of the highlights of the program is its elegant single-window interface, which makes all the powerful image editing tools accessible to everyone. The interface is exceptionally refined, intuitive, and logical, allowing users to spend more time being creative and less time keeping track of their palettes. From beginners to image editing pros, everyone can use Pixelmator Pro for macOS.

The software includes an extensive collection of tools, including a brand new painting engine that supports realistic, dual-texture brushes, and an extensive collection of color adjustments with full support for editing RAW images, SVG support, a nondestructive editing workflow, a new light appearance, and more. Pixelmator Pro's editing engine is written from the ground up on Metal, Apple’s unique hardware-accelerated graphics API. It is built to take full advantage of the latest Mac graphics technologies, making it incredibly fast and responsive.

One of the most impressive features of the app is its image editing engine, which is seriously sophisticated and incredibly powerful. It is designed exclusively to take advantage of the full power of Mac computers, using advanced Mac graphics technologies like Metal and Core Image. The software also includes machine learning-enhanced editing features powered by Core ML, making it not just blistering fast, but whip smart too.

Pixelmator Pro is highly rated worldwide, with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 32,000 five-star ratings. It has received a Mac App of the Year award and proudly sports an Editors’ Choice badge on the Mac App Store.

In summary, the app is an exceptional image editor that brings professional tools to everyone. Its refined, intuitive, and logical interface, extensive collection of powerful tools, and incredible performance make it the only image editor users will need. With machine learning-enhanced editing features and full support for RAW images, Pixelmator Pro is a powerful tool that helps users turn good-looking photos into spectacular ones.

Main Features
  • Video Editing: it allows you to add and edit video layers using familiar image editing tools.
  • New File Formats: It supports popular video formats such as MP4 and QuickTime Movie, as well as animated GIFs.
  • Video Templates: It offers a variety of beautiful templates to quickly create cinematic movie covers and social media posts.
  • Motion Support Improvements: It includes many improvements to Motion file support, including video layers and non-destructive color adjustments and effects.
  • Machine Learning-Powered Features: Pixelmator Pro uses machine learning to automatically name your layers and suggest tools based on the content of your image.
  • Intelligent Scaling: It features intelligent scaling that allows you to scale layers and objects with minimal quality loss.
  • Non-Destructive Editing: it allows you to make changes to your image without overwriting the original file.
  • Full iCloud Drive and Handoff Support: You can access and edit your images on any device and switch seamlessly between Pixelmator for Mac and Pixelmator for iOS.
  • Fast and Fluid Image Editing: it takes advantage of macOS technologies like Core Image, OpenCL, OpenGL, and Grand Central Dispatch, giving you the speed you need to keep pace with your creativity.
  • Advanced Color Adjustments: It offers advanced color adjustments including a color balance tool, a curves tool, and a hue and saturation tool.
  • Pixel-Perfect Selection Tools: it offers powerful selection tools, including a smart lasso tool, magnetic selection tool, and a quick selection tool.
  • Extensive Library of Effects: It includes more than 160 breathtaking effects, arranged into eight groups, that you can combine for unique artistic creations.
These are just some of the many features that make Pixelmator Pro a powerful and versatile image editing application for both professionals and enthusiasts.

How to Use
  • Open Pixelmator Pro: Open the app on your Mac.
  • Create a new document: To create a new document, click on the "File" menu and select "New." You can then choose the size, resolution, and color profile of your new document.
  • Import an image: To import an image into Pixelmator Pro, click on the "File" menu and select "Open." You can then browse your computer and select the image you want to edit.
  • Edit your image: Once you have your image imported, you can begin to edit it. it offers a wide range of tools to help you enhance your images, including retouching tools, color adjustment tools, and selection tools. You can use these tools to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of your image, as well as remove blemishes and unwanted objects.
  • Save your image: When you are finished editing your image, you can save it by clicking on the "File" menu and selecting "Export." You can then choose the file format, quality, and location for your saved image.

What is Pixelmator Pro?
Pixelmator Pro is a powerful image editing app for Mac that offers a wide range of features and tools for professional-level image editing.

Can I try Pixelmator Pro before purchasing it?
Yes, it offers a free trial version (for 7 days) that you can download and try out before deciding whether to purchase the full version.

What file formats does Pixelmator Pro support?
It supports a wide range of popular image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and more.

Does Pixelmator Pro support layers?
Yes, it supports layers, allowing you to work on individual elements of an image separately and combine them in a final composition.

Does Pixelmator Pro offer non-destructive editing?
Yes, it offers non-destructive editing, which means that you can make changes to an image without permanently altering the original file.

Can I use Pixelmator Pro to edit video?
Yes, it offers support for video layers, allowing you to edit video files along with images in your projects.

Can I use Pixelmator Pro to create graphics for my website or social media accounts?
Yes, it offers a range of tools and templates for creating graphics, including social media posts, banners, and other web graphics.

Does Pixelmator Pro offer support for third-party plugins?
Yes, it supports third-party plugins, allowing you to add even more functionality and tools to the app.

How do I get help if I have questions or issues with Pixelmator Pro?
It offers a comprehensive online help center that includes tutorials, FAQs, and user guides. You can also contact Pixelmator Pro support directly if you need further assistance.

What's New in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro 3.2 introduces a host of innovative features that make creating designs easier than ever. With full support for video layers, it enables users to edit videos using the familiar image editing tools. Users can now work with popular video formats such as MP4, QuickTime Movie, and animated GIFs, in addition to images. Moreover, the update includes stunning new video and social media templates that help users create cinematic movie covers and social media posts effortlessly.

In addition, Pixelmator Pro 3.2 introduces several improvements to Motion document support, making it even more robust. The improvements include nondestructive color adjustments and effects, video layers, and more. These updates make it easier for users to create professional-looking designs with ease.

With these new features, Pixelmator Pro 3.2 is an even more powerful image editor that offers a wide range of editing options for both images and videos. It's no wonder that Pixelmator Pro has a high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 32,000 five-star ratings, and it's an Editors' Choice on the Mac App Store. The update is sure to delight both amateur and professional users alike.

System Requirements
  • macOS High Sierra or later
  • 64-bit processor (M1 chip supported)
  • 8GB of RAM or more (16GB recommended)
  • 2GB of available storage space for installation
  • Metal-compatible graphics card
  • macOS-compatible display with 1280x800 resolution or higher
  • macOS-compatible pointing device (such as a trackpad or mouse)

In conclusion, Pixelmator Pro is a powerful and versatile image and video editing tool that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for creative professionals, photographers, and anyone who wants to edit their images and videos with ease. With its intuitive and modern interface, advanced image processing engine, and support for the latest macOS technologies, the app provides an excellent user experience that is both efficient and enjoyable.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, it has something to offer, from its easy-to-use tools for basic photo editing to its advanced features for complex image compositions and video editing. With regular updates and new features, it continues to evolve and grow, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive image and video editing tool on the macOS platform.

Note: This trial lets you use the full app with no restrictions for 7 days.

  • Pixelmator Pro 3.5.11 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.11
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.9
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.9 now lets you transform video layers without constraining proportions and fixes an issue where certain PDF files would open in black and white instead of color

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 brings improved support for vector PDFs — including those created using Apple apps like Safari, Keynote, or Pages — now letting you edit text elements as regular text layers. The update also adds the ability to create freely customizable strokes around text layers and introduces a new Bento Grid template collection.

Text Editing in PDFs:
- You can now import and edit text elements in vector PDFs as regular text layers
- Replace, format, and style the imported text using your favorite Pixelmator Pro tools
- Thanks to the advanced recovery of embedded text data in PDFs, original text content, fonts, and text formatting are retained
- Even if a document contains fonts that are not installed on your Mac, you can still import them as editable text layers and replace missing fonts with other available ones

Extended Support for Apple PDFs:
- Enjoy editing text layers in PDFs created using Keynote, Safari, or Pages and unlock exciting new editing workflows
- PDFs created from web pages using SF Pro font will retain their appearance and original typeface if this Apple system font is installed

Customizable Text Strokes:
- You can now fully customize strokes around text layers, giving you more creative freedom for styling typography elements in your designs
- In the Style tool settings, add strokes on the inside, center, or outside of text layers, choose from various stroke end styles and corners, and even create dashed strokes
- Combine multiple strokes of various styles and rearrange them whenever you want, all while keeping your text editable

Bento Grid Templates:
- Showcase your products or new app features with 12 customizable bento grid templates, perfect for web, social media, and more
- Match your product style or a specific theme with a range of alternative color palettes

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.7
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.7 now offers full support for the new Photomator Files browser on Mac. This lets users share their photos to Pixelmator Pro for further editing using the "Edit with Pixelmator Pro" feature, and easily save them back to Photomator. The update also improves support for Adobe Illustrator files and brings faster performance for compositions with multiple adjustments layers on Mac devices with Apple silicon.

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.6
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.6 improves support for Photoshop PDF, AI, and Illustrator EPS files, includes updates to better handle Pixelmator Classic files and older Pixelmator Pro documents, and adds HDR improvements
- From now on, when you open a Photoshop PDF file, you will be able to see all the layers that were used to create it
- PDFs can now be opened with annotations, such as text, shapes, or signatures added using Markup in Preview
- Added various improvements to better support AI and Illustrator EPS files
- Improved PSD file optimization for Final Cut Pro to support Gradient Fill and Color Fill effects layers
- Added a few more improvements to better support older Pixelmator Pro documents with RAW layers
- Exporting images to HDR JPEG format will now better preserve image colors
- In PDFs, Pixelmator Pro would not open text layers that have been created using Archicad. Fixed.
- In Pixelmator Classic documents with layers that have strokes, the butt endcap style would always be used. Fixed.
- When adjusting fonts, certain font attributes would not be available in the Typography settings. Fixed.

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.5
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.5 fixes an issue with Pixelmator Pro actions in the Shortcuts app, improves RAW support, and includes a few other improvements and fixes
- PSD files opened in Pixelmator Pro will now keep their keyword metadata
- Certain Pixelmator Pro actions were not working correctly in the Shortcuts app
- RAW layers in Pixelmator Pro documents created using older app versions would be too dark
- RAW photos taken with Sony A7 Mark IV cameras would not have automatic lens correction applied
- Some compressed Fujifilm RAF photos would be displayed darker than the uncompressed ones

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.4
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.4 improves the handling of HDR images, including fixes for HDR content loading, applying color adjustments, working in Shortcuts, and adds a few other fixes
- The Black & White color adjustment will now work even better with HDR images
- Improved the look of the HDR button in the toolbar to more clearly indicate when HDR is turned on and off
- Added a checkbox in Shortcuts to turn HDR on and off when converting images to Pixelmator Pro document format using the Convert Images/Video action
- When applying Auto Enhance to HDR images, it would sometimes make them too bright
- Images opened from Shared Albums in the Photos library would appear black in Pixelmator Pro
- Opening PSD files would sometimes make Pixelmator Pro quit unexpectedly
- Pixelmator Pro would sometimes quit unexpectedly when running AppleScript workflows that apply color adjustments

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.3
- Pixelmator Pro fixes an issue where the histogram and ML Enhance features would not work correctly with RAW photos on Mac computers equipped with Intel chips, and adds a few other smaller improvements and fixes

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.2
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.2 adds support for two new file formats — Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Illustrator EPS — and introduces a Holiday templates collection with all-new holiday templates. The update also brings performance improvements, making switching between tools or opening documents faster and smoother.

Support for AI and Illustrator EPS Files:
- With support for AI file format, you can now open documents created using Adobe Illustrator and other compatible apps
- Open AI documents with original layers, shapes, text, and layer groups
- Thanks to full metadata support, AI documents keep their original layer names, color tags, and hidden layers which are often lost in other apps that open only embedded PDF previews in AI files. And, you can even open AI documents saved without PDF previews.
- Support for Illustrator EPS also lets you open designs in this very popular Adobe Illustrator file format, which is no longer natively supported on macOS 14
- Batch-convert AI and Illustrator EPS to other file formats with support for the Convert Image/Video action in Shortcuts

Holiday Templates:
- Get festive with 14 new holiday-themed templates for social media posts, stories, posters, and more — now in a special Holiday templates collection
- Bring your holiday cards and social media posts to life with beautiful, animated template designs
- Discover new holiday template designs showcasing beautiful festive shapes. All the new shapes can be found in the Holiday Shapes collection.

Other Improvements and Fixes:
- You can now enjoy a faster and smoother performance when switching between tools or opening documents
- Templates and mockups featuring videos or animated content will now be marked with a special badge
- When exporting or sharing images, JPEG files would use the .jpeg file extension instead of .jpg. Fixed.

Pixelmator Pro 3.5.1
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5.1 adds a gorgeous new collection of App Store templates dedicated to showcasing your apps in the App Store, brings new device mockups including Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and more. The update also improves the handling of HDR images with transparency.

App Store Templates and New Mockups:
- The all-new App Store templates collection in Pixelmator Pro makes it easy for app creators to quickly and beautifully showcase their apps in the App Store
- With over 30 designer-created templates, you can now create screenshots of your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and cross-platform apps using popular design layouts
- All templates have been created following the best design practices and fully meet all the App Store requirements, so you can be sure your app screenshots will look perfect when you upload them to the App Store.
- The templates are fully customizable, so you can change texts, colors, add device shadows, and more to fit your app's style or brand identity
- Effortlessly copy custom designs between different template layouts to create varied but stylistically consistent app screenshots
- Added new device mockups for Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as iPad Pro device mockups in landscape orientation

Other Improvements and Fixes:
- Improved Pixelmator Pro stability when working with HDR videos and images
- After applying Super Resolution to an HDR image with transparency, artifacts would sometimes appear around image edges. Fixed.

Pixelmator Pro 3.5
- Pixelmator Pro 3.5 brings full HDR support, letting you open, edit, and export images and videos with high dynamic range, adds support for macOS Sonoma, and includes a few smaller improvements and fixes.

Full HDR Support:
- You can now take advantage of the full support for HDR content in Pixelmator Pro and enjoy better contrast and true-to-life colors in your images and videos
- Open and edit images and videos in a wide range of different HDR file formats
- Enjoy full support for HDR layers and edit them just like any other layers, using all your favorite tools and features in Pixelmator Pro
- Share your edited designs using HDR image and video formats

Supported HDR File Formats:
- Open ISO HDR formats like HEIC, AVIF, JPEG XL, PNG, and TIFF
- Work with popular video formats like MP4 and MOV, and video compression types such as HEVC and Apple ProRes that support HDR
- Unlock the full dynamic range in photos and videos taken with iPhone
- Seamlessly open and edit HDR images created using the Smart HDR feature in Photomator, as well as specialized HDR formats like OpenEXR, Radiance HDR, and 32-bit TIFFs from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
- Effortlessly work with RAW or Apple ProRAW photos in HDR
- To work with HDR content in Pixelmator Pro, your device must be running macOS Sonoma and be equipped with a compatible display. For the absolute best HDR editing experience, use Pro Display XDR or the latest MacBook Pro model with a Liquid Retina XDR display.

Seamless HDR Editing:
- Use HDR content in multi-layered compositions and work with HDR layers just like any other layers
- Work with selections or create new documents from the Clipboard keeping all the HDR data
- Keep all the HDR data intact, even when you merge layers or convert RAW images into pixels
- Choose to always load HDR content or open images in SDR in Pixelmator Pro settings.
- Enjoy HDR support everywhere in Pixelmator Pro, including thumbnails in the Layers sidebar, color adjustment presets, effect presets, the Zoom tool, and more

HDR Content Sharing and Export:
- Export your designs to a wide range of HDR image formats including HDR JPEG, HDR HEIC, HDR AVIF, and HDR PNG
- For publishing HDR images on the web or sharing in Messages, use the one-of-a-kind HDR Still Image Video format
- Share moving compositions to HDR video formats like MP4 and MOV with HEVC or Apple ProRes video compression
- Export HDR images for editing in other apps using specialized HDR formats like OpenEXR

Streamlined macOS Integration:
- Edit images in HDR using the Pixelmator Pro extension in Photos
- Make the most of HDR support with Shortcuts and AppleScript and apply edits to multiple HDR images at once
- View HDR previews of your saved Pixelmator Pro documents in Quick Look

Other Improvements and Fixes:
- Pixelmator Pro is now fully compatible with macOS Sonoma, taking advantage of the latest macOS capabilities
- Enjoy faster and smoother performance and better compatibility with many file formats, including Motion projects
- When saving new documents, Pixelmator Pro would sometimes suggest an incorrect save location. Fixed.

Pixelmator Pro 3.4.3
- Pixelmator Pro 3.4.2 adds an all-new Basic templates collection, brings improvements to the Denoise tool, and adds a few smaller improvements and fixes
- Create custom designs even faster with 26 new templates featuring layouts that are commonly used in social media, web, and print
- Easily customize templates and enjoy smart features like automatic outlines around subjects in YouTube thumbnails
- Remove even more types of noise from images with a 2x smarter noise analysis algorithm
- Import layered PDFs with added support for Separation color space
- Open layered PDFs that contain image layers with 1-bit color depth
- Import PDFs faster and smoother thanks to significant improvements to the import stability
- Choosing the Select and Mask option when working with text layers would make Pixelmator Pro quit unexpectedly

Pixelmator Pro 3.4.2
- Pixelmator Pro 3.4.2 adds an all-new Basic templates collection, brings improvements to the Denoise tool, and adds a few smaller improvements and fixes
- Create custom designs even faster with 26 new templates featuring layouts that are commonly used in social media, web, and print
- Easily customize templates and enjoy smart features like automatic outlines around subjects in YouTube thumbnails
- Remove even more types of noise from images with a 2x smarter noise analysis algorithm
- Import layered PDFs with added support for Separation color space
- Open layered PDFs that contain image layers with 1-bit color depth
- Import PDFs faster and smoother thanks to significant improvements to the import stability
- Choosing the Select and Mask option when working with text layers would make Pixelmator Pro quit unexpectedly

Pixelmator Pro 3.4.1
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.4
- Pixelmator Pro 3.4 Camelot introduces a completely revamped PDF engine that now lets you select and open individual pages from multi-page PDF documents, work with vector PDFs, edit PDFs created using Safari, Keynote, and other iWork apps, and more.

Open Selected PDF Pages:
- Enjoy advanced PDF editing thanks to a completely redesigned, and now even more powerful PDF engine
- Use the simple new PDF import dialog to browse pages in multi-page PDFs and select the one you want to edit
- Easily set the resolution and size of the PDF page you're importing
- Choose to import vector PDFs with shape and image elements as layers, or import them with all layers merged
- Note that this feature works on macOS 12 and later

Edit PDF Layers:
- Pixelmator Pro now supports vector PDFs, letting you easily edit, rearrange, and delete individual elements, like images and shapes, in PDF documents
- Open PDFs with images, shapes, paths, masks, and even more complex layer properties like blend modes and opacity
- Change the size of vector PDFs without losing quality thanks to resolution-independent scaling
- Create new vector PDFs and export them with all layers intact to share with others or use in other apps

Work with Apple PDFs:
- Seamlessly open PDF documents created using Safari, Keynote, Pages, and other iWork apps with layers
- Enjoy incredible precision when importing Apple PDFs. The documents will look exactly how they did in the original app.
- Edit individual vector elements, images, and masks in Apple PDFs using all your favorite Pixelmator Pro tools

Convert to PDF with Shortcuts:
- Convert multiple Pixelmator Pro documents or other files to PDF using the updated Convert Image/Video action in the Shortcuts app
- Convert files to vector PDFs or choose to merge all layers using the new Preserve Layers setting
- Seamlessly use the Convert Image/Video with native macOS actions like Make PDF or Split PDF into Pages

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.13
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.12
- Pixelmator Pro will now open 20% faster compared to previous versions
- Improved the compatibility of exported PDFs with certain websites, such as
- Added new clarity and texture properties to AppleScript, allowing you to change the clarity and texture of a layer
- Added improvements to ensure Pixelmator Pro runs faster and smoother
- Fixed: Left bracket [ and right bracket ] keyboard shortcuts would not work correctly on some keyboard layouts

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.10
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.9
- Pixelmator Pro 3.3.9 introduces significant improvements to the Denoise tool, which now lets users adjust the amount of noise they want to remove from their images. The update also brings support for compressed Fujifilm camera RAWs, including RAW photos from the brand-new X-S20 model.

Denoise Improvements:
- Enjoy an updated Denoise tool, bringing quality improvements for artifact-free noise removal
- Use the new Denoise Intensity slider to adjust the amount of noise in an image. Lower the intensity to preserve more details, or increase it to make the image smoother.
- You can also adjust the intensity of noise reduction in an image by entering a specific value
- The Denoise action in AppleScript and Shortcuts now has the option for adjusting intensity

RAW Support Improvements:
- You can now open and edit compressed RAWs from Fujifilm cameras, including the highly-requested X-T4, X-T5 models, and more
- Compressed and uncompressed RAWs from the brand-new Fujifilm X-S20 model are now also supported on macOS 13
- Thanks to the extended RAW support, thumbnails of compressed Fujifilm RAWs will now be visible when browsing photos in the Pixelmator Pro photo browser
- View the lens model, aperture, and other camera metadata of the compressed Fujifilm RAWs in the Pixelmator Pro Info pane, or right in the Color Adjustments pane when adjusting colors
- Open and edit compressed Fujifilm RAWs in Photos using the Pixelmator Pro extension
- Compressed Fujifilm RAWs are now also fully supported in Photomator, letting you work seamlessly in Photomator and Pixelmator Pro
- Pixelmator Pro will now show an alert when attempting to open RAW photos from unsupported camera models

Other Improvements:
- The Crop tool has been improved with a much more precise Straighten slider that lets you straighten images in 0.01-degree increments
- Clicking the icons at each end of the Straighten slider will now rotate the image at a 0.1-degree angle, or 1-degree angle when Shift-clicking
- The Decontaminate Colors feature has been improved to better preserve details when decontaminating colors at object edges
- Enjoy much-improved support for PDF export

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.7
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.6
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.5
- Added optimizations to improve Pixelmator Pro compatibility with Photomator

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.4
- Added optimizations to improve Pixelmator Pro compatibility with Photomator

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.3
- Change log not available for this version

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.2
- Pixelmator Pro 3.3.2 adds a stunning new Book Club collection of fully customizable design templates
- Enjoy 17 gorgeous new templates for creating posters, cards, social media posts, stories, and more
- Quickly replace placeholders with your own images or videos using the Replace Layer button
- When replacing placeholder content, instantly enjoy great results with AI-powered template editing features such as Remove Background, Auto Fill, and Super Resolution
- Choose from designer-created, built-in color palettes to quickly change the look of your design

Pixelmator Pro 3.3.1
- Pixelmator Pro 3.3 Mosaic brings an all-new Remove Color adjustment for quickly removing color from images and even videos, powerful Clarity, Selective Clarity, and Texture adjustments for intelligently enhancing fine details in images, new stroke styles and more options for customizing strokes, new ways to save edits using sidecar files, and a whole lot more.

Remove Color:
- Powered by a state-of-the-art Texture-Aware Algorithm, the Remove Color adjustment lets you remove solid colors or entire color ranges from images and videos with remarkable quality and ease
- Simply pick a color you want to remove using the color picker and watch it instantly disappear
- Adjust how much of the selected color is removed using Color Range, Luminance Range, and Intensity sliders
- When removing background color in videos, use the Remove Color adjustment together with the Replace Color adjustment to get ultra-high-quality results

Texture-Aware Color Adjustments:
- Enjoy texture-aware Shadows, Highlights, Exposure, and Brightness adjustments and two new adjustments — Clarity and Texture — in the renewed Basic color adjustments group
- Recover much more detail from underexposed or overexposed photos with updated Shadows and Highlights adjustments
- Increase Clarity to subtly enhance image texture and colors, making the image look sharper and clearer overall, or reduce clarity to make the image look smoother
- Enhance Texture to subtly add contrast to images, making fine detail pop, or reduce texture to smooth out the image
- Adjust fine detail exclusively in the shadows, midtones, and highlights with the new Selective Clarity adjustment

Stroke Styles:
- Create beautiful custom outlines around images and shapes with the all-new stroke customization options and a collection of built-in stroke styles
- In the Stroke style settings, find the new Stroke Options pop-up menu with options for creating and saving custom stroke styles
- Use the new options to change stroke alignment, apply different stroke cap styles including Butt, Round, or Square, select a square, round or beveled style for stroke corners, create dashed lines, and more.
- Find a collection of popular stroke endpoint styles, including open and closed arrowheads, diamond, square, and more.
- Scale endpoints together or individually using endpoint scaling options
- In the new Stroke Styles pop-up menu, find 7 built-in stroke presets to immediately use in your designs
- To save your own custom designs as presets, click the Add button at the top right corner of the Stroke Styles menu

Sidecar Files Support:
- Thanks to the new sidecar feature, you can now open and edit images in their original file format, and then save them back to the same file format while preserving all nondestructive edits and layers
- Sidecar files are stored in iCloud or the Pictures folder on your Mac, separately from the original image
- You can also save any new document to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, and HEIC and preserve the edits
- Easily save images opened from Photos back to the Photos library with layers and edits by choosing File > Modify Original in Photos
- Continue editing the modified images in Photos using the Pixelmator Pro extension
- Find, manage, and delete sidecar files in the Manage Files menu
- Turn automatic document saving and macOS Versions on and off by selecting or deselecting Use Auto Save and Versions
- Find the new Editing options in Pixelmator Pro Settings

Other Improvements:
- Fill layers with custom patterns and adjust their scale, angle, and opacity, using the new Pattern fill style
- Search and access all Pixelmator Pro tutorials straight from the Help menu
- Applying LUTs, color adjustments, effects, and auto color adjustments to videos using Shortcuts is now supported

Pixelmator Pro 3.2.3
- Pixelmator Pro 3.2.3 introduces the powerful, machine learning-powered Deband feature, which lets you magically remove color posterization and compression artifacts from your images, adds new gorgeous holiday templates for creating holiday cards, posters, social media posts, stories, and more.
- Magically improve the quality of your images by removing color banding and compression artifacts using the new, machine learning-powered Deband feature.
- Find Deband in the Format menu at the top of your screen or by using the Control-Shift-B keyboard shortcut.
- Get the best debanding results in images with 16-bit color depth. When an image has 8-bit-per-channel depth, choose Image > Color Depth > 16 Bits/Channel to convert it, then apply Deband.
- Automatically remove color banding from your images using AppleScript support for Deband.
- Create beautiful holiday cards, posters, social media posts, and stories using the all-new holiday templates.
- Create social media posts and stories about your best moments of the year with beautiful year-in-review templates.
- Quickly customize your holiday templates by replacing placeholder content and choosing from different built-in color palettes and alternative elements designed for each template individually.
- The machine learning-powered ML Denoise, ML Super Resolution, and ML Match Colors have been renamed to Denoise, Super Resolution, and Match Colors.
- Fixed: In some cases, SVG files downloaded from the internet, wouldn't open.
- Fixed: When opening videos with a non-square pixel aspect ratio, they'd appear stretched.