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Photopea for Mac

Photopea for Mac

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Photopea for Mac is a free web-based advanced image editor that supports both raster and vector graphics. It is a popular alternative to Adobe Photoshop and other similar image editing software, offering a range of features for various tasks, from resizing images to designing webpages and creating illustrations. It even includes full support for layer management and a large selection of advanced filters, making it suitable not only for use by individuals, but also students, educators, businesses, and collaborative teams.

Built from the ground up to support most of the intensive tools available in similar premium graphics editing apps, this streamlined tool can handle all modern project file formats, including PSD, XD, and PDF, as well as all popular image formats (RAW, JPG, BMP, PNG, GOF, SVG, and others). Its versatility, ease of use, and free access make it one of the most versatile graphic editing tools found today.

This app runs completely on the cloud, empowering users to completely move the processing responsibilities of graphics editing projects of all types and sizes from their local hardware to the powerful cloud platform, making it a safe, reliable, and streamlined user experience.

  • Graphics editing for everyone! – Access a large range of tools and features like in other image editors.
  • Advanced Features – Take full control over larger projects with a wide array of professional tools.
  • Multiple File Formats – Import and manage various image formats, including PSD, PDF, Sketch, XD, JPG, PNG, GIF, and many others.
  • Templates – Boost daily productivity with a large collection of professionally made templates.
  • Flawless Cross-platform Compatibility – Run this graphics editor on any device with a web browser, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Cloud Storage Support – Load projects and images from a large selection of cloud storage solutions, including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
Installation and Setup

Since this is a cloud-powered app, it does not feature a standalone client that can be installed on local Mac hardware. To get it up and running not only on any Mac but on any modern device with an internet browser, simply load the official web page and pick one of the available options for loading content into the graphics editor.

However, users can pick an option to install a web app shortcut to their desktop surface. By clicking on the “Install Photopea” button, they will gain access to a standalone version of webapp, run in a separate window that lacks the general web browser tools.

How to Use

Once up and running, this app has a similar look, toolset, and capabilities like any other modern premium graphics editing tool, including popular apps such as Photoshop or GIMP. The tool is capable of managing everything from simple edits to the creation of brand-new graphics with a large selection of built-in drawings, object manipulation, and full-screen Filter effects.

After many years on the market, this tool has gained the reputation of an excellent graphics design and digital publishing service that can be used by both novices and enthusiasts, with only some highly advanced tools preventing it from becoming a fully featured replacement for Photoshop.

User Interface

The main dashboard promotes a similar layout found in many other software solutions of this type, with a central canvas for image manipulation, a large toolbar of most used tools on the left, customization options for selected tools, objects, and layers on the right, and a large selection of dropdown menus on the top.

All in all, its user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, promoting a streamlined workspace that is like other image editors. This approach enables users to easily move between graphic editing apps, carrying their knowledge of tools and general layout without the need to re-learn many things.


What is Photopea for macOS?
It is a web-based advanced image editor with an impressively large toolset that supports both raster and vector graphics.

Is it safe?
Yes! This web app is considered very safe to use, as it does not store users' files in any database and does not track or store user information.

Does it support image layers?
Yes, this is a fully-featured graphics editor where each individual on-screen element can be managed individually.

What are the main limitations of the free version?
Free users can access all the tools and services offered by this app (including 5GB of complimentary cloud storage), but minor areas of the UI are covered with ads.

What is the full list of supported image formats?
Containers - PSD, AI, INDD, XCF, Sketch, XD, FIG, KRI, CLIP, PXD, PXZ, CDR, UFO, Fireworks PNG, AFPHOTO, SVG, EPS, PDF, PDN, WMF, EMF.
Raw - DNG, NEF, CR2, CR3, ARW, RW2, RAF, ORF, GPR, 3FR, FFF.


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This is free online photo editing software, partly developed in an open-source environment.

The optional Premium subscription version of the app removes built-in ads, boosts the functionality of the Undo/History tool, and enables premium email support.

System Requirements

This cloud app can run on any modern device with a web browser.

  • Large toolset for both basic and advanced graphic editing.
  • Streamlined UI is reminiscent of that found in Photoshop.
  • Support for all popular image file formats.
  • Accessible from any web browser.
  • Free for use!
  • Affordable optional premium plan.
  • Not as feature-rich as some other premium image editing software.
  • Not accessible without an internet connection.

Photopea for Mac is a highly capable web-based tool that allows users of all ages and graphic design knowledge levels to quickly access highly capable editors directly inside the tab of their internet browser. It offers a comprehensive toolset for realizing graphic design projects of all types and sizes and is especially effective for users who don’t want to purchase expensive premium options that don’t fit into their budgets.

Also Available: Download Photopea for Windows