3D medical image processing Mac tool with DICOM/PACS support

OsiriX Lite for Mac

OsiriX Lite for Mac

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OsiriX Lite for Mac is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images (".dcm" / ".DCM" extension) produced by medical equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, ...) and confocal microscopy (LSM and BioRAD-PIC format). It can also read many other file formats: TIFF (8,16, 32 bits), JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG and Quicktime. It is fully compliant with the DICOM standard for image communication and image file formats. OsiriX Lite is able to receive images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from any PACS or medical imaging modality (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider, STORE SCU - Service Class User, and Query/Retrieve).

It has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multimodality and multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET-CT). The 3D Viewer offers all modern rendering modes: Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP). All these modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series (for example: PET-CT).

With high performance and an intuitive interactive user interface, the app is the most widely used DICOM viewer in the world. It is the result of more than 10 years of research and development in digital imaging. It fully supports the DICOM standard for easy integration in your workflow environment and an open platform for development of processing tools. It offers advanced post-processing techniques in 2D and 3D, an exclusive innovative technique for 3D and 4D navigation and complete integration with any PACS. OsiriX Lite for macOS supports 64-bit computing and multithreading for the best performances on the most modern processors. OsiriX MD, the commercial version, is certified for medical use (FDA cleared and CE II labeled).

Features and Highlights

2D Viewer
It includes an intuitive interface to display the images. It supports high quality interpolation for best rendering, with Retina screens support. You can easily add Key Images and Region Of Interests (ROIs) on the images, including lines, polygons, 3D ball, and save them in the database. You can apply convolutions filter on images, such as bone or lung filters. OsiriX MD supports 4D images, such as cardiac or perfusion acquisitions and parametric images, such as PET-CT images. You can define ‘Hanging Protocols’ with multiple screens support.

3D Post-Processing
Osiri X Lite offers all the modern post-processing techniques, such as MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction), 3D Rendering (MIP, Volume Rendering and Surface Rendering). OsiriX MD supports curved planar reconstruction (3D-MPR) to follow organs such as aorta or bronchi. You can export 3D reconstructions images as movies, and archive them on your PACS.

All Image Formats Support
OsiriX MD supports DICOM files and also several different types of non-DICOM images, such as LSM files, BioRadPIC, TIFF, ANALYZE, PNG, JPEG, PDF, Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, and more.

Medical Images Support
It reads and displays all types of DICOM files, produced by medical imaging modalities, including images produced by scanners, MRI, ultrasounds, or standard X-rays. It can read and display all the DICOM fields associated to the images, such as radiation dose, image position, referring physician, OsiriX can export DICOM files to CD/DVD or USB sticks, including a stand-alone cross-platform viewer to display the images.

DICOM Network Support
It can communicate with other equipments, including PACS server, through the DICOM Network protocol. It supports all the compression algorithms and transfers syntaxes. The program can receive or send DICOM files, through the DICOM Network protocol. OsiriX MD can directly print images on DICOM printers.

Expansion & Scientific Research
It supports a complete dynamic plugins architecture to extend the existing functions. These plugins can directly access the images pixels as 32-bit float for manipulation. These plugins can create and manage windows, use the entire Cocoa framework, including OpenGL views. An OsiriX MD plugin is faster than IDL, and easier than ImageJ.

Note: Limited functionality in demo/free version.

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What's new in this version:

macOS Big Sur:
- OsiriX is fully optimized for macOS Big Sur. Safely install Apple’s latest Operating System version and enjoy all its new features.

Apple Silicon:
- OsiriX is compiled for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors, including the M1 processor, for better performances

Cinematic Rendering:
- A new 3D Cinematic Rendering mode is now available for Macs with Intel processors (required)

- Better performances on WADO-RS. Store-SCU: validate Patient ID coherency before sending

- Manually change the diameter or the volume of a 3D ROI

2D Orthogonal MPR:
- Arrow and Text ROIs are now available on the 2D Orthogonal MPR

Web Portal:
- Added an option to define a default template for users settings. Admin users can now show/hide a series and manage patients exclusion list

- New “Get Info” action that shows all fields in a floating window

2D Viewer:
- A new contextual menu in the thumbnails bar allows to show only specific modalities

And More:
- Many more new features, bugs and reproducible crashes corrected