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MPV Player 0.33.0

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of MPV Player 0.33.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of MPV Player for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- scripting: load scripts from directories
- mac: activate logging when started from the bundle
- ytdl_hook.lua: delay load subtitles
- sub: add an option to filter subtitles by regex
- scripting: add a way to run subprocesses as "scripts"
- command: implement asynchronous commands and support for named arguments
- player: add optional separate video decoding thread
- vo_gpu: d3d11: add support for exclusive fullscreen
- w32_common: Support HiDPI on Windows
- vo_x11: add 10 bit support
- vo_gpu: add BT.2390 tone-mapping
- client API: add software rendering API
- audio: add scaletempo2 filter based on chromium
- auto_profiles: add this script
- stream: Implement slice:// for reading slices of streams
- player: add automatic loading of external cover art files
- vo_sixel: implement terminal video output using sixel

- sws_utils: use zimg by default if available
- build: pick up Lua 5.2 by default (preferred over 5.1)
- build: disable RPI vendor blob auto-detection in favor of open-source stack
- build: make C11 atomics mandatory
- build: make libass non-optional
- player: stricter filename matching for external subtitle auto-loading
- lua: support Unicode paths in script loading and IO library
- vo_direct3d: rip out texture video rendering path and dumb down OSD rendering
- audio: rewrite internal audio handling and AO API
- build: disable GLX by default

- stream_libarchive: disable tar support due to bugs
- Remove remains of Libav compatibility
- stream_smb: remove due to lack of thread safety and the abundance of alternatives, FFmpeg still includes SMB support
- command: remove legacy hook API (has been deprecated for a long time)
- client API: remove deprecated qthelper.hpp header
- removed audio outputs: sndio, rsound, oss
- x11: remove xdg-screensaver invocations that supported dbus based idle inhibit
- client API: deactivate the opengl_cb API
- build system: drop Python 2 compatbility

Options and Commands:
- demux: add option to disable cache "sharing" between back and forward buffers
- player: add ab-loop-count option/property
- ytdl_hook: add a way to use ytdl's default formats
- ytdl_hook: add all_formats option that loads all formats that were found
- demux_mkv: document probe-start-time option and enable it by default
- command: extend osd-overlay command with bounds reporting
- player: a number of new playlist contol commands/properties
- ipc: add --input-ipc-client option
- options: add option to control display-sync factor
- vo_gpu: add better gamut clipping option
- vo_gpu: vulkan: add ability to disable events
- x11: add option to make window appear on a specific workspace
- wayland: expose wayland-app-id as a user option
- player: add --subs-with-matching-audio option
- command: add read-only focused property
- screenshot: option to use software rendering for screenshots
- command: add delete-watch-later-config
- command: new property mouse-pos with current position and hover state

- options: remove deprecation warning for "-foo bar" syntax
- player: make audio hr-seek default
- ad_lavc: disable decoder downmix by default
- command: support save-position-on-quit for "stop" command too
- command: extend subprocess command
- options: do not accept ":" as separator anymore in key/value lists

- demux: deprecate --cache-secs

- wayland: remove wayland-frame-wait-offset option
- input: remove deprecated --input-file option
- vo_vdpau: remove deprecated/inactive --vo-vdpau-deint option
- Fixes and Minor Enhancements:
- options: stop hiding deprecated options from --help output
- lua, js: add mp.get_script_directory() function
- lua: fix security relevant loading order issue with scripts
- player: make screenshot each-frame mode more accurate
- bash completion: complete ao/af/vo/vf options
- zimg: add alpha support
- wayland: make resizing better
- edl: add mechanism for delay loading streams
- stream_file: fix caching-related performance regression on CIFS
- cocoa-cb: fix crashes and issues with UI updates
- sub, demux: improve behavior with negative subtitle delay/muxed subs
- demux: make seek ranges work for static images + audio
- cocoa-cb: support maximize/minimize on startup
- umpv: change from legacy FIFO to socket
- stats: move input speed to cache page, make it a graph
- stats: add fourth page with performance graphs
- command: print edition title to OSD when cycling
- zimg: add support for big endian input and output
- demux_mkv: add png intra support
- build: detect VT_GETMODE on FreeBSD and DragonFly
- win32: use windows 10 native virtual-terminal if available
- vo_gpu: enable frame caching for still frames
- command: add property to return text subtitles in ASS
- vo_gpu: ra_pl: add timers support
- build: allow vo_wlshm on more Wayland platforms (e.g. FreeBSD)
- zimg: add slice threading and use it by default
- command: add a way to access properties of a current track
- vo_gpu: EGL: fix transparency on X11/EGL/Mesa
- vd_lavc: add AV1 to the default allowed hwdec codec list