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Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

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    Movavi Photo Editor 24.1.1 LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Mac OS X 10.10 or later

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Looking for picture editing program for macOS? Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is what you need! Bring out the best in your images with this software! Photos capture the most important stages in lives – be it your best friend’s wedding party, your firstborn’s mischief-making, family get-togethers, or vacation adventures. The digital era has brought us handy programs that can help us perfect pictures taken on the go. Lucky for you, Movavi Photo Editor for Mac takes on the tough job of making your photo-editing experience seamless.

Looking for a quick and easy way to touch up photos in macOS? Photo Editor from Movavi for macOS is great for both first-time and experienced users. The application has everything you need for trouble-free image processing – from basic tools to advanced functions. Image editor deals with all the complicated technical stuff, so all you need to do is press a button for instant enhancements. Use this desktop picture editor to turn your everyday snapshots into lasting memories.

Features and Highlights

Remove Excess Stuff from Your Photos
Tired of your photos getting spoiled by random people or things caught on camera by mistake? Something always seems to get in the way, even after you’ve framed the perfect shot. Especially if your own finger is that annoying intruder! But don’t worry about potentially ruined images – picture-editing software will take care of that little accident, no sweat.

Make the Colors in Your Image Pop
Is cloudy weather making your pictures dull and hazy? Shooting on overcast days can be tricky but you can amp up your outdoor images with Magic Enhance. Enrich the colors and improve the contrast with a single click! Drag the slider until your photos look as natural as possible.

Preserve Your Family’s History
We can’t stop the flow of time – but we can relive the cherished moments captured by photographs. Ever wondered how to fix your grandparents’ antique photos that have seen better days? Movavi is happy to present the recent innovation – photo restoration software that will make black-and-white photo repair a breeze! Get rid of visual noise, erase cracks and stains, and flatten creases with the touch of a button. Rescue vintage prints and bring back precious memories!

Travel Wherever You Want – in Minutes
Dreaming about a holiday getaway while you’re stuck at work? Bring your dreams to life with improved backdrop change tools! Now you can teleport yourself to warmer places in 3 simple steps. Or maybe create festive wallpapers for your computer desktop, or personalize greeting cards for your family and friends to make them feel loved.

Note: The free version of the app has the following restrictions: full use of photo-organizing tools for 3 days and you can save up to 10 images with added watermark.

Also Available: Download Movavi Photo Editor for Windows

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What's new in this version:

Movavi Photo Editor 24.1.1
- Some general improvements

Movavi Photo Editor 24.0.0
- Now you can customize the colors in your photo to fit your style even better with advanced manual color adjustment settings and new presets

Movavi Photo Editor 23.1.1
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 23.1.0
- Easier working with photos thanks to the fully refreshed interface
- New and expanded collection of image backgrounds: see yourself at a long-awaited concert or in a mysterious forest, walk down a busy street, travel through the galaxy, and more
- New text adornments: a search box, hearts and stars, speech bubbles, ribbons, plates, and other backgrounds for every occasion

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.2
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.1
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 23.0.0
- Now you can take advantage of presets – and add your own preset to make it easier to adjust the colors

Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.1
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.6.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.5.0
- Bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.4.0
- New Collage function: choose a collage preset, customize border colors, spacing, and corner rounding
- Improved the Restore tool. Now the photo restoration process is faster, and the quality of edited images is higher
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.3.0
- Reinstated the HDR Lighting slider to adjust the intensity of the effect
- Redesigned the top toolbar
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi Photo Editor 6.2.0
- Added Auto Denoise capability: our smart technology will reduce image noise in a click
- Updated preset proportions for the crop frame
- The Hair Selection Tool in the Change Background tab now works faster
- No restart required: save your photos with no watermark right after you activate the program
- Redesigned the Saving photo window
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.1.0
- AI-powered HDR effect: make your photos super vivid and dynamic in a single click
- Added the Auto Leveling tool: the app will straighten your image automatically
- Now it’s even easier to combine objects in the Text tab
- Minor interface and usability improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi Photo Editor 6.0.0
AI-Powered Photo Enhancement:
- Try the new smart auto-adjustment. Amp up brightness and contrast at the touch of a button

Section Selection:
- Enhance any part of your photo with the selection tool. Add a blur effect, adjust brightness, contrast, and more

- Decorate your photos with stylish frames. Customize the design to meet your needs

Improved Text Editing:
- Use the handy new text entry window to enter a caption. Twist the text into different shapes. Add decorations and adjust color, outline, and position

Auto-Selection Tool for Quick Background Changes:
- Automatically select people in a photo and change the background in 3 clicks

- Mac OS 9 and older versions are no longer supported
- Bug fixes