Remote controlled motion-sensitive alarm for MacBook

iAlertU for Mac

iAlertU for Mac

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iAlertU for Mac is an innovative alarm software specifically created for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. What this alarm does is to use all the available sensors and hardware capabilities of your Mac laptop to transform it into advanced car alarm device or alarm against unauthorized movement of laptop!

In the occasions when iAlertU is active and detects unauthorized movement of the car via its integrated accelerometers, it can snap the picture of the person that is driving the car and then activate script that can send SMS message, e-mail message or even pictures to the owner. In latest versions, users can even remotely control iAlertU for macOS my manually requesting it to send pictures and data back to them.

Simple configuration screen enables user to control every aspect of their motion-based alarm – how sensitive sensors need to be, how to control arming and de-arming process (password, remote connection), what to happen when alarm goes off (email notification, controlling the way webcam is capturing and storing images) and even advanced settings like automatic running of scripts or setting up connection settings for iPhone.  In addition to webcam, the app can also capture images of the desktop surface in regular intervals (including with configuration with multiple displays).

If you want to protect your Mac desktop or laptop against unauthorized intrusions when you are not physically beside them and have ability to track the status of your hardware remotely and get automated updates about their state, then you need to take really closer look at this great freeware security application.

Note: iAlertU may work on other Apple Macs but this has not been tested.

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What's new in this version:

Replaced the obsolete use of for a similar service. This in turn also fixed the sending of push notifications to the iPhone.