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Setapp for Mac

Setapp for Mac

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Setapp is a curated app marketplace that enables Mac and iOS users to streamline the way they interreact with apps and take full control over the app management process on all of their favorite devices. Built from the ground up to provide streamlined and easy-to-use service to Mac users of all knowledge levels, It represents one of the best ways users can download, use and remove apps without any limitations.

Setapp for Mac is a premium service that unlocks access to more than 230 advanced apps from many usage categories, with useful background services such as cross-platform use, free and automatic updates, no ads, expanding catalog of apps for the same base price, and an easy cancelation.

To get Setapp deployed on any modern Mac, users only need to sign up for an account where they can gain access to a 7-day FREE TRIAL or immediately pay $9.99/month (with a 10% discount for a yearly subscription) and set up their account. A separate pricing tear is available for teams and organizations who want to embrace simplified app management on multiple Macs.

Finalizing setup procedure can be done either on a Mac or any iOS device running a mobile version of Setapp. Once fully installed and authenticated, users gain access to the large library of apps that are well suited not only for use by individuals but also for teams of all sizes.

The apps offered by Setapp for macOS are separated into 12 distinct categories (Maintenance, Lifestyle, Productivity, Mac Hacks, Security, Personal Finance, Developer Tools, Task Management, Writing & Blogging, Education, Creativity, and Available on iOS). The service offers a strong search feature and a regular showcase of newly added apps. With Setapp, users can stick to their favorite routines without the need to learn new procedures of app management and daily usage when switching between their iOS and Mac devices.

What you get with Setapp membership

Every Mac and iOS app you need
One cross-platform suite with quality apps for any task

Free updates - No ads
Every app is updated automatically, and annoying ads will never distract you

Ever-growing suite, same price
New apps are always added while your fee remains unchanged

Easy cancellation
Cancel any time and erase every trace of your account for privacy

All available apps are updated automatically, they feature no ads or premium unlocks, and they can all be uninstalled with a single click.

Setapp is a premium service that starts with the initial offering of $9.99 per month on a single Mac computer. Access to iOS apps is unlocked in a $12.49 per month tier, while expansion to 4 Macs is available in the most expensive $15 per month Power User tier. 7-day FREE trial is available to all new users.

Note: Try free for 7 days. Pay only if you like to continue.

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