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Hype for Mac

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  • Latest Version

    Hype 4.1.8 LATEST

  • Review by

    Sophia Jones

  • Operating System

    macOS 10.14 Mojave or later

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  • Author / Product

    Tumult Inc. / External Link

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Hype for Mac lets you create stunning animated and interactive web content. It's used by leading designers to create animations which add a "wow" factor to web pages, infographics, presentations, digital magazines, ads, iBooks, educational content, app prototypes, portfolios, animated GIFs, videos, entire websites, and much more.

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Hype for macOS won the 2011 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award. And its HTML5 output works on all modern web browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required.

Features and Highlights

Animate in a Snap
The tool’s keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Click “Record” and the app watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you’d prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content. It is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on an element's motion path to add bézier control points.

Infinite Possibilities
Tumult Hype for Mac is a “blank slate” type of application for creating content. The tools provided are powerful and encourage experimentation; the possibilities of what you can build are endless.

The Power of HTML5
HTML5 powers the modern web and allows for content to be displayed on everything from desktops to iPhones and iPads. Tumult Hype outputs state of the art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript.

Note: 14 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • Hype 4.1.8 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Hype 4.1.8
- Supports the Python Export Script Enabler to keep export scripts running since Python has been removed from macOS 12.3
- Added JavaScript event notifications for HypeEnterViewport and HypeExitViewport
- Fixed issue where Chrome would warn about navigator.userAgent deprecation
- Fixed a couple typos

Hype 4.1.7
- Monterey: Fixed issue where text could not be edited
- Fixed issue where Additional HTML Attributes may not be applied to iframe
- Fixed in-app documentation typo

Hype 4.1.6
- Worked around Apple macOS 11.3 bug where saving could be significantly slower or potentially not save at all
- Fixed regression where Persistent symbol is not properly placed during scene transitions
- Reduced occurrences of scene having disabled selections and turning mostly gray
- Webp is treated as a grouped resource with retina size options
- Smaller document file sizes
- Fixed issue where switching the system to dark mode does not change the code editor color
- Shaved around 100 bytes from the runtime
- No longer auto-generates HTML DOM IDs with a number as the first character
- Fixed an issue where using a page turn with more than 4 pages may show a partial scene when resizing the window
- Fixed an issue where mouse click/up events fail to work if there are swipe events in scenes with iframes
- Fixed issue where the path to a vector shape might use a nonsensical ID instead of the element DOM ID value
Fixed issue where all_document_arguments_by_export_script key in export script info file would repeat document arguments from the - export script and not show all
- Fixed issue where Vector Shape Morph Path property is labeled as ‘Origin (Motion Path)’ in the properties area
- Gave correct tooltips to the HTML Attribute inspector buttons
- Big Sur: Fixed feedback swoosh sound not playing

Hype 4.1.5
- Fixed regression from 4.1.4 where full screen documents would ping back and forth endlessly
- Export Scripts now can see document arguments from all other export scripts during export
- Export Script document arguments table will remember its column width

Hype 4.1.4
- Line commenting and uncommenting via command-slash in the code editor
- The tab key will indent code when there is a multi-line selection
- Fixed issue where using Sidecar’s ‘Move Window to iPad’ would break selection drawing
- Fixed issue where video export may not start
- Big Sur: Fixed issue where Line Draw vector shape slider was clipped on the left edge
- Added headers to Export Script arguments table so columns can be resized
- Fixed documentation URL for ${resourcesFolderName}
- Fixed a bug where non-RGB colors could not be chosen for the syntax highlighter

Hype 4.1.3
- Fixed issue where elements with 3D rotations, filter effects, or reflections would not display on transparent video exports
- Add view to see collected anonymous usage data in data collection policy window
- Added missing localizations (mostly Interface Pref Pane) for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese
- Apple Silicon: Fixed issue where text alignment control for right and center were swapped
- Big Sur: Fixed issue where clipped image scaling would appear choppy in video exports
- Big Sur: tighten up spacing between icon and text in element list
- Big Sur: fixed issue where disclosure triangles are too close to the outline view border in the element list
- Big Sur: fixed the resources info pane for images having checkboxes being clipped
- Big Sur: fixed issue with video inspector checkboxes getting clipped
- Made the disclosure triangle spacing the same between the keyframe and element list
- Fixed issue where Restore Defaults for the Interface Preferences would show invalid ‘System’ option on 10.13 and below
- Fixed issue where Restore Defaults in Interface Preferences did not reset line spacing
- Fixed a few dialog messages that mentioned Whisk instead of Hype
- Improvements to the trial and license flow
- Update copyright strings for 2021, happily leaving 2020 behind

Hype 4.1.2
- Fixed regression where the update sheet for multiple resources could not be dismissed on macOS 10.10 - 10.12
- Fixed regression where the button state control would not show text in dark theme
- Fixed regression where immutable Head HTML code would not be colored as gray
- Fixed a bug where group expansion state would incorrectly collapse after exiting a symbol
- Big Sur: Fixed an issue where the Scenes toolbar button would not be centered in Standard Edition
- Big Sur: Window toolbar background coloring is now like most other system windows
- Big Sur: Tab bar coloring is improved to match the window color
- Big Sur: Fixed an issue where some toolbar icons would not draw on the 11.1 beta
- Big Sur: Preferences window uses the new macOS preference toolbar style
- Big Sur: Fixed issue where WebView would spam logs
- Big Sur: Fix resources library Capture button having the icon too close to the text

Hype 4.1.1
- For more details and tutorial videos, please see What’s New In Tumult Hype 4.1.
- Apple Silicon support to run natively on “M1” Macs
- macOS 11 Bug Sur compatibility
- New App Icon matching the macOS 11 Big Sur style: Preferences to change source editor colors, line height, tab width, highlighting current line, showing line numbers in the gutter, - preserving indentation, wrapping lines, and showing invisible characters
- Updated syntax highlighting to color keywords added in current language versions
- Custom CSS Font editor no longer has a white cursor on a white background in dark theme on macOS 10.14+
- Better synchronize video elements with video exports
- Improve frame capture synchronization with video export so it does not miss frames
- Fixed an issue with Quick Look previews not being generated
- Increased javascript documentation font weight for legibility
- Fixed a small french localization issue in the Add Layout popover window
- Fixed JavaScript documentation formatting in a couple cases
- Fixed issue where the line number would not show up on the last line
- Fixed issue indenting/outdenting from first character in a line
- Fixed indent/outdent not working with undo
- Fixed issue where undo/redo would not syntax highlight
- Removed errant usage of arguments keyword in runtime
- Fixed an issue where the source editor font could be blank in preferences
- Fixed a layout bug when the browser warning popover window shows up from the top

Hype 4.0.7
- Mac App Store-only release identical to other 4.0.6 versions

Hype 4.0.6
- Previews sent to Polypane will use layouts defined in Hype and reuse the same tab

Hype 4.0.5
- Fixed bug with control element position scrolling the page on iPad with iOS 13
- Fixed an issue where external edits might not get picked up (commonly in Photoshop)
- Fix Scaling a Vector Shape resulting in the wrong size
- Fixed issue where a “None” JavaScript would run the previous JavaScript in the action handler list
- Fixed issue where Text Selection can’t be turned back on after unchecking
- Polypane app preview integration
- Fix Xcode 11.0-11.3 crashing if a project has a .hyperesources folder
- Fixed a bug where Vector Shape dash segment value would not update the scene editor
- Fixed a crash when cancelling video export
- Fix a crash in Custom Behaviors when clicking ‘can restart timeline’ checkbox
- Fixed a common crash when using the source editor
- Fixed potential crash when purchasing
- Fix case where documents on Android would never load if there was only one .ogg audio source set to preload
- Fix macOS 10.15 issue where open/save panels would not show in dark theme
- Fixed issue with parent element click/up actions being called when a child click triggers a scene jump on mobile because touch end is - always called
- Fixed a bug where Persistent Symbols were reset on going back to a scene via page turn
- Fixed issue where physics engine would not start on a scene if previous scene had a timeline action after jumping to new scene
- Browser preview menu will now show multiple copies with the disk location if the name/version is identical
- Workaround cases where the preview web server may not start if the port is in use
- Improve how Sparkle presents the name of Hype
- Fixed the Get Info Window for ‘Hype Document’ showing it as Chinese
- Tumult Store version cleans up serial numbers so white space (commonly introduced from PDFs) is ignored
- Clear button states will now work with multiple selected elements
- “Show Export Scripts Folder In Finder” button in Export prefs is no longer truncated in different localizations
- Better detection of using the Physics API by examining source code to ensure the Full runtime is used
- Favicon.ico files are no longer optimized when exporting
- Removed an erroneous log from checking ‘Always use convex hull’ if debug physics is on
- Improve Mac App Store version auto-detecting if purchases have been made
- Fixed Mac App Store issue where restoring could report that there was nothing to restore even though there was
- Trial purchase button no longer covers window titlebar buttons on on RTL languages
- Fixed issue where Depth attribute would show if All properties was selected
- “Fix” build issue where Hype was able to run on macOS 10.8 and 10.9 despite minimum requirement set to 10.10

Hype 4.0.4
- Change log not available for this version

Hype 4.0.3
- Fixed a bug where video exporting would not show a preview during export
- Support for Blocs app integration with Hype

Hype 4.0.2
- Runtime API for hypeDocument.currentSceneId()
- Scene element is now sent for code-based HypeSceneLoad/HypeSceneUnload events as it is for the javascript functions
- Fixed macOS 10.15 Catalina crash that could stop some documents from opening
- Exports using Motion Paths will again use the thin runtime instead of requiring the full runtime
- Exports use v3’s behavior of selecting the smallest layout to show first to work better with wordpress/embeds
- Fixed issue where swipe handlers could interfere with scrolling on iOS 13 and Android
- Reduce accidental dismissal of the Math Equation Timing Function editor
- Fixed some cases where swap transitions may not work if called via API
- Fixed issue where underlined text could not be removed
- Removed Math Equation from erroneously showing up in the Standard edition of Hype
- Fixed issue where Export Script actions would show up in the Standard edition of Hype
- Clicking on a rotation slider near 0 degrees will use negative numbers instead of jumping to a large angle
- Attempt to fix a crash on quit on macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Additional HTML Attributes table columns are resizable
- Fix bug where popovers would not display when a document window spans two displays
- Fixed bug where text may disappear after editing on macOS 10.12 and below
- Fixed issue where inspector pane title was clipped on macOS 10.10
- Fixed issue where the Done button could not be clicked if the inspector title was at its smaller size
- Mac App Store restore purchases will notify if there’s nothing to restore instead of spin endlessly
- Protect against corrupt z-index values for elements that could result in documents not opening
- Fixed a crash on macOS 10.11 trying to check for upgrade pricing
- Fixed a crash checking for previous versions of the Mac App Store edition of Hype
- Improved cursors showing up correctly
- The Hype application will not show up as an external editor

Hype 4.0.1
- Fixed macOS 10.15 Catalina beta crash on launch
- Fixed issue where double actions could be triggered on Android Chrome
- Fixed issue where text appeared incorrectly selected with common scene editing operations
- Fixed logging error with Custom CSS Fonts that used ${resourcesFolderName}
- Fixed a delay on quit that could occur from video frame loading if multiple documents are open
- Fixed Additional HTML Attributes being applied applied to parent div of iframe
- Fixed issue where color animations may use the wrong color
- Ignore mouse events is now respected for sprite sheets
- Fixed regression where a pause timeline action at the end of a timeline would entirely stop the timeline
- Pencil/Vector mode ends if manually selecting an item in the timeline view
- Fixed issue where Right/control clicks can trigger actions on mouseup
- Fixed issue where converting an Ellipse to a Vector Shape could result in a round rect
- Fixed issue where some files with capitalized extensions could not be added to the scene
- Fixed issue where recording with the playhead preceding keyframes could create an instant timing function
- Open panel now will respect the light/dark theme setting
- Improved Flexible Layout inspector UI with French localization
- Improved purchase and discount flow-

Hype 4.0.0
- Animated Vector Shapes, Polygons, and Vector Pencil Tool
- [PRO] Sprite Sheet/Image Sequence import
- Page Turn transition for smooth scene swiping
- [PRO] Poster/fallback images
- Drop shadows
- Inset Shadows
- Skew transform
- [PRO] Editable additional HTML attributes (like data-*)
- [PRO] External editor support for resources/javascript/head html
- [PRO] JavaScript math equation timing functions
- [PRO] Physics API access
- [PRO] Official CDN support in Advanced Export
- Pan timeline area with spacebar
- Option to use Web Audio API or not
- Close All Tabs keyboard shortcut (command-shift-option-w)
- Deselect All keyboard shortcut (command-shift-a)
- Tab in the element list or scene/layout selector restores focus to scene
- Add 60px padding in timeline view so keyframes at end are easier to work with
- On Prepare For Display (aka DOM loaded) scene action
- Added a “customData” API field initialized to {}
- Hype’s main div now has the “HYPE_document” class name
- Default background, border color, and width can be set when no element is selected
- Square brackets [ ] keyboard shortcut will change border width
- Conversion to HTTPS in any URLs (checking for updates, bug reporting, etc)
- Updated Welcome window to include Hype Universe Newsletter and more modern opt-in for email collection
- New Interface Preference Pane with option to use Mojave theme, accent color, and choose among 3 new guide colors
- Added iPhone X/XS, XR/XS Max, Watch 40, 44, iPad Pro 10.5/11, and 4k preset screen sizes
- “Cover Notches” mobile option (viewport-fit=cover)
- Multiple ID assignment and display name choice for ascending or descending numbers
- Choice for ascending or descending multiple display names
- Migration dialog if old/v3 Export Scripts are found
- New Purchase/Upgrade Flow with Free Viewer Mode
- Hype app binary is notarized
- Added Microsoft Edge and Brave browsers to the Preview menu if installed
- Requires macOS 10.10+ to run
- Holding down the option key while choosing a browser in the preview menu will open the current scene/layout
- Fix issue scaling multiple zero width/height elements
- Fix issue where undo menu would not show correct element type
- Retina images added to the scene are done so at their retina resolution and not absolute pixel size
- Documents with Vector Shapes, Motion Paths, Audio, Page Turn, and Swap transitions will now use the Extended HYPE-*.full.min.js runtime
- Using drag to control an element position will work with Flexible Layout
- Only select topmost parents when duplicating groups
- Inline must also be checked for iPhone autoplay videos
- Export Scripts now have a Hype minimum compatibility version
- Fixed issue where physics bodies in grouped with flexible layout could cause a runtime exception
- “Edit” menu in Resource Library has replace, resync, and Edit In External Editor functionality
- Fixed regression where hitting the spacebar after adjusting Border would not play animations correctly
- Changed hit guideline color to magenta to better distinguish between vector shape path
- Better playhead ownership relationship between parents and child symbols
- Fixed issue where white scene thumbnail generator window could appear
- Fixed crashes importing and pasting symbols
- Fixed runtime exception caused by “None” JavaScript actions
- Fixed issue where Export Script may overwrite iframe files if they have a replacement URL
- Exporting a video containing a video should not appear choppy anymore
- Fixed issue consuming event tap system resources
- Updated matter.js to latest v14.2
- Hype can fully use a drop-in Matter.js replacement
- Physics bodies rotate about their center of mass
- Physics bodies are placed correctly in regards to their transforms and transform origins
- Improved interaction between flexible layout and physics bodies
- Moving static bodies does not give residual velocity that would lead to incorrect collisions
- Fixed bug where Animated GIFs would not export if they had a percent sign in their name
- Changed video autoplay warning/label to reflect current browsers
- Set scene size steppers to go up to 100,000
- Allow HTML Widgets to call for full screen access
- Made flexible width/height pressed state images thicker to more easily identify
- Fixed case where the scene or layouts selector may not properly appear when chosen
- Fixed case where the document layout (like timeline view) may open at the wrong sizes/positions
- Fixed some potential source editor bugs
- Fixed crash when deleting a layout while renaming it
- Fixed case where a blank timing function could appear and stay over other application windows
- Groups with overflow:hidden content won’t use child elements to determine scene editor size for scrolling
- Fixed issue where advanced export layouts could potentially be ordered incorrectly
- Fixed issue where pasting an element may position it incorrectly
- Distribute vertically/horizontally within selection is now in context menu
- Fixed bug where a non-selected animation segment could look partially selected
- Fixed crash caused by deleting the HTML page title
- Fixed issue where timeline actions could not be added if a locked element happened to be selected
- Scene editor scrollbars take precedence in clicks
- Scene editor scrollbars better show correct cursors
- Better job of cleaning up the Hype editor DOM when deleting elements
- Fixed issue where the developer news window would open behind document windows
- Fixed a frequent crash related to scene selector dragging
- Fixed case where Foreground/Backdrop filter segment control could be truncated
- Removed errant RotationAngle from properties list
- Fixed case where copying SVGs from Affinity Designer could lead to Hype wanting to update resources incorrectly
- Element creation keyboard shortcuts (r, u, o, b, etc.) will use those letters alternate keyboard layouts
- Fixed possible crash that could occur when closing a document
- Mojave: fixed common crash closing documents
- Do not allow mac system tabs on Hype document windows
- Fixed issue where OAM Export resulted in blank scene
- Improved keyframe pasting behavior so keyframes do not always go at the end of an animation
- Fix issue where physics animations would stutter
- Add duplicate symbol to context menu and symbol toolbar item
- Make Duplicate Symbol menu now works correctly with with multiple selection
- Fix issue where Make Duplicate Symbol menu showed as active when nothing was selected
- Browser compatibility warning versions have increased (ie from IE 8 to 9)
- Support Edge 17+ backdrop filters
- Browser warning for PSDs images since they no longer show in Safari 12+
- Fixed overzealous and incorrect border style warnings
- Removed rejected promise error in autoplaying video/audio in Safari and Chrome
- Fix issue where Cache Manifest contains runtime and document loader even if these are set to be inlined or use External URL
- Shrink hex colors to 3 characters if possible
- Floating point numbers can use too many significant digits in export
- Fix issue where a page with two hype documents may not run if it needs the full hype.js runtime but thin was loaded by the other document
- When making multiple IDs for elements, allow re-using IDs within the selection
- Fixed exception pausing physics timelines when page visibility changes
- Fixed crash in trying to quit when a sheet is shown on a document
- Fixed crash related to missing Inner HTML
- Fixed issue where the FeedbackReporter for Help > Report an Issue… could become stuck in a state without proper key focus
- Do not ask for AddressBook access when reporting an issue
- Fix issue where Monotype font subsetting causes an exception due to unicode characters and cannot export
- Include .hype document path in export script info json file
- Invalid timeline names sent to the Hype API will now error instead of run the Main Timeline
- Sanitize setElementProperty input to the correct format
- Fixed issue where renaming multiple IDs or Display Names to blank would result in a label
- Fix issue where a custom HTML div loader is not centered on document with flexible layout
- Fix issue where an image filename with a ? symbol holds up preloading forever
- Fix issue where scene name in menus were clipped instead of truncated
- Fix issue where scene and Layout selector tooltips do not change
- Opening an incompatible document will look for newer Hype builds and ask to open with them
- Improved resizability of the color popover window
- Mojave: Fixed issue where elements and symbols toolbar icons didn’t draw correctly when disabled or selected
- Fixed macOS 10.14 Mojave issue where elements in the scene editor may not render
- Dark theme is now a Standard feature
- Made light theme the default for macOS 10.13 and below
- Improve cases where the spacebar may not have been used to play/pause correctly
- Fix issue where Export Script exportShouldInlineHypeJS option did not take into account exportExternalRuntimeURL
- Add link in help menu to @hypeapp twitter page
- Don’t allow the Scene/Layout ‘+’ to have focus to avoid spacebar from creating new scenes accidentally
- Remove error log about first responder when opening a hype document to a source editor view

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