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GraphicConverter for Mac

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  • Latest Version

    GraphicConverter 12.1 LATEST

  • Review by

    Sophia Jones

  • Operating System

    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

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    Lemke Software / External Link

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GraphicConverter for Mac offers you everything you need and would expect for an all-round photo editing software for your Mac with ease of use, an excellent range of functions, stability and reliability. GraphicConverter for Mac is able to open and import approx. 200 different picture formats, i.e. almost every form of the picture file, regardless of the operating system or computer platform on which the file was made. In order to enable you to exchange pictures with other users GraphicConverter currently allows you to save your pictures in approx. 80 different formats. Depending on the format used, Graphic Converter for macOS offers a variety of settings for the import and export of files.

Features and Highlights

Import and export functions
  • Import of approx. 200 & export of approx. 80 graphic formats
  • Catalog generation (web, print, picture)
  • Picture import direct from the camera (also RAW)
  • TWAIN interface for scanners
  • direct support of the photo services Google+, Flickr, Locr
Picture organization & workflow management
  • Graphical file and picture browser
  • Slide show functions
  • Batch conversion
  • Support for AppleScript
  • Face detection
Picture editing
  • Express picture enhancement function
  • Enhancement and creation of pictures for use in the internet
  • Basic functions for editing pictures
  • Advanced functions, effects and filters for picture manipulation
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Color management with ColorSync and ICC profiles
  • 3D image support
  • Extensive Functions for Geodata

  • GraphicConverter 12.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

GraphicConverter 12.1
New features:
- Filter: Watermark
- Browser Actions: Watermark
- Preferences: General: Movie and Animation: autoplay option
- Effects: Animation: Add frames from other Animation at the right or bottom
- View: Zoom: Fit Window to Image
- View: Zoom: Fit Image to Window
- Display of HDR images in the image editor (requires Sonoma or newer and a screen with HDR support)
- Open: Import of JPEGs and HEICs with Apple gainmap directly as HDR (optional)
- Preferences: General: Open: Format: HDR: option for choosing import kind for JPEGs and HEICs with Apple gainmap
- Exif: Set Exif Date to: Exif Creation date
- Exif: Set Exif Date to: Exif Original date
- Batch Action: Paint
- Batch Action: Juggler
- Browser Exif: Camera Model: Edit
- Edit: Select Files: mirrored menu from the browser context menu
- Edit: Select Files: Series… / Series
- View: Sync: Always zoom/position all windows
- Preferences: General: Menu: Abbreviate GraphicConverter 12 with GC
- Preferences: Save: General: show always format options
- Preferences: Browser: Display 1: display of zeros for file and folder count can be disabled
- Menu: File: New: New Image from Image with seamless Tiles
- Menu: View: Show/Hide Footer of image window

Updated features:
- webP alpha support improved
- improved PDF display in the browser
- Exif: Orientation Tag: Rotate upon Exif support PNG in addition
- Exif: Orientation Tag: Set Value improved
- FPX import improved
- thumbnail database improved
- Batch Action: Insert Text: angle
- Preferences Browser: options for thumbnail creation restructured and simplified
- Collage: adding image to freestyle layout will always add the image with frame fitted to image
- Tools: Magic Pen: Shift-Option-Click removes the part from the selection
- localizations
- Faces: Anonymize License Plates: detection improved
- saving of images from Photos after editing in source file format including HDR (requires Sonoma - older systems allow only JPEG)
- Position palette: color display upon pressing option key improved
- Faces menu: Anonymize eyes area improved
- Batch action: Anonymize eyes area improved
- PICT import improved (direct support for import of 1, 8, 15 and 16 bit images because of missing support in Sonoma) - please add the .pict extension to the files for better detection
- Preferences General: Edit: option to enable/disable usage of comma in addition to semicolon for separation of lists
- Browser: display of spatial text for spatial movies
- Edit: Find Duplicates: more choices for automatic deletion
- PDB import: added support for old larger 4 bit grayscale files
- Preferences: Browser: Upon launch: option for restoring all browser windows
- Convert & Modify: Concatenate improved
- Menu: View: Show/Hide Dimensions (in addition to Prefs: General: )
- Menu: Edit: Navigation: Next/Previous Image in Folder shows in brackets used sort order
- Tool: Crosshair: added more line variants
- Batch Action: Smart cut vertical/horizontal - added relative option
- Collage: improved button labels
- Collage: improved drag and drop of multiple images
- Smart Insert and Smart Cut: option keep selection

- scrolling issue of very large images under Sonoma
- possible display issue in the browser with very large folders
- possible memory leak in collage creation
- possible issue during import of TIFFs with float data
- color profile export issue with float data
- possible crash in pixmap information
- possible issue during text editing
- possible vector elements preview issue due wrong color profile

GraphicConverter 12.0.8
New features:
- Browser: Sort into Subfolder: According to QR code (images separated by QR code images)
- Browser: Sort into Subfolder: According to QR code and Exif Date YYYY-MM-DD (images separated by QR code images)
- Browser: GPS: Delete GPS if in Area
- Browser: File System Attributes: Spotlight Comment: Copy FITS Header
- Browser: IPTC/XMP: Caption: Append recognized text in image
- Browser: IPTC/XMP: Caption: Copy recognized text in image
- Browser: Duplicate Folder in context menu in folder tree
- Faces: Anonymize Eye Area
- Browser: Batch Action: Anonymize Eye Area
- Preferences Browser: Display: Reset label filter upon folder change
- Faces: Anonymize License Plates
- Browser: Batch Action: Anonymize License Plates
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Copy recognized text from Image to previous without Texts
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Copy recognized text from Image to following without Texts
- Picture: HDR: Gain Map XMP metadata access

Updated features:
- simplified access to autoreplace.txt file with Actions: Rename: Autoreplace…
- File > Import with Image Capture
- Preferences: Browser: Thumbnails: Option to display label color only as dot
- added workaround for import from iDevice onto Sonoma
- localizations
- compiled with Xcode 15.0.1
- improved Sort in Subfolders menu
- Browser: alphabetical sorting of smart folders
- AppleScript: window command flatten alpha
- Caliper Rule: support for localized number output and option to separate unit with a tab
- Browser: option for display of color mode and profile below thumbnail
- ExifTool updated
- EPS import improved
- Recognize text menu command simplified
- added display recognized text to window footer
- Recognize qr codes menu command simplified
- added display recognized qr codes to window footer
- FaceSDK updated
- Anonymize Faces improved
- PICT import: added support for TIFF codec
- Browser: Sort by has GPS & Exif Date
- JPEGXL import under Sonoma improved
- improved display of file details in file exists dialog
- improved display of file details in find duplicates results dialog
- Import of FPX with metadata improved
- Import of JPG with gainmap as multi picture object added
- Browser: Catalog: Picture - option for frame width

- fixed image window restore issue under Sonoma
- fixed possible issue with k command during slideshow
- fixed possible issue with map pin display after setting gps
- fixed possible clipping issue in the Levels dialog
- fixed refresh issue of the browser map

GraphicConverter 12.0.7
New features:
- XMP/IPTC: XMP Specifics: Delete Camera Raw Settings
- Browser: Metadata Juggler: Delete Camera Raw Settings
- Browser: Batch Actions: Merge all Layers
- Browser: Action: Create alpha channel from names embedded path
- Option for preprocessing all RAWs with Adobe DNG Converter

Updated features:
- Slideshow: pressing p shows the map palette
- Browser: Thumbnails: optional display of megapixel
- webP library updated to version 1.3.2
- GPS: Remove GPS - improved for files with minor errors
- eps/ps can be imported onto Sonoma if Ghostscript is installed
- Face SDK updated to version 8.1
- Slideshow: key k toggles display of metadata

- fixed issue during assigning GPX to FFF files
- fixed display glitch in the First Steps dialog under Sonoma
- fixed display glitch in the Drag and Drop dialog under Sonoma
- fixed display glitch of checkerboard pattern with active rulers under Sonoma
- fixed hang during use of the Collage under Sonoma
- fixed error message upon emebedding xmp metadata into FFF
- fixed possible issue with command line function -batchconvert

GraphicConverter 12.0.6
New features:
- Import of XSIF added

Updated features:
- Effect: Mathematical: Image Calculator - added support for 32 bit per channel images
- Browser: summary tab: support for some Olympus tags
- Browser: Folder tree: return key opens rename folder dialog
- libcharls updated
- ExifTool updated

- fixed possible issue with editing all Exif data
- fixed issue with rulers under Sonoma
- fixed possible TIFF export issue

GraphicConverter 12.0.5
New features:
- Picture: Alpha Channel: Mask Foreground Objects (requires Sonoma or newer)
- Picture: Alpha Channel: Mask People onto different Layers (requires Sonoma or newer)
- Updated features:
- Browser: save search stores "Ignore Top Term" in addition
- switch to the new Xcode 15
- internal optimizations

- fixed possible window restoration issue on Sonoma
- fixed some display issues under Sonoma
- fixed missing undo with Mask People and Mask Objects

GraphicConverter 12.0.4
New features:
- Picture: Rotate: Rotate selection onto new layer and clear area
- Finder Service: Set default XMP set
- General Metadata: FITS: Edit Metadata
- Edit: Selection: Deselect and Enlarge Image if necessary
- Picture: Vector Elements: Create Line Object
- Picture: Vector Elements: Create Ellipse Object
- Picture: Vector Elements: Create Rectangle Object
- Batch Action: Adaptive Threshold
- Exif: Edit Exif: Common Values
- Exif: Edit Exif: Lens Values
- File: Specials: Save ICC color profile as…
- Batch Action: Fit
- File: Browse Preset
- Batch Action: Hot Cold
- File: Save Specials: Save all Slices as Images

Updated features:
- Save and Save as of an open image updates the metadata display in the information panel
- selection of storing sRGB profile only as tag improved in the JPEG and WebP save as options
- menu command which requires a newer macOS are disabled and marked
- option to display ratio below the thumbnail in the browser added
- ratio display in the information window improved
- Preferences Browser: Edit - command 0 to 9 can be disabled
- TIFFs with photometric interpretation linearized RAW get automatically a matching color profile assigned
- support for mirroring non-rectangular selections
- support for rotating non-rectangular selections
- support for gpx with only rtept lines
- Tools: rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle support line dash
- support for alpha channel in unskew function
- Edit: Convert to Profile: added support for black point compensation
- GPS: Reverse Geotagging: allows directly selection of the used method
- Edit IPTC/XMP dialogs: added support for hierarchical keywords
- dynaPDF updated
- Save: Split: option for saving only completely filled parts
- improved progress bar in Apple GPX command
- ExifTool updated
- Sparkle updated
- Batch Action: Change Color Mode: support for 32 bit per channel
- improved wpg import
- Exif: Modify Exif Date: Set Exif Time Zone: displays existing time zone of first selected file

- added workaround for crash upon import of some VueScan DNG variants (caused by the macOS)
- fixed preview issue with some grayscale images in the browser
- fixed quicklook issue with HEIC/JPEG with Exif orientation of 3
- fixed issue with default map zoom
- fixed possible crash upon reading very long metadata
- fixed movie playing delay in slideshow
- preview issue in rename dialog fixed
- fixed possible hang upon launch of convert & modify in list view
- fixed possible concat issue
- fixed detection issue of JPEGs with non standard codec
- fixed memory leak during combining folder into pdf
- fixed batch conversion issue with bitmap.h file format
- fixed position issue of vector elements after add/remove margins

GraphicConverter 12.0.3
- New features:
- Edit: Find Files and Smart Folders: direct access to saved Smart Folder/Searches
- Preferences: General: Appearance: option to launch app in Dark or Light mode independent from system settings
- Exif: Set Exif Date: from File Modification Date
- Batch Action: Super Resolution
- AppleScript: print catalog command
- AppleScript: window zoom factor command
- Import of BRAW (Blackmagic stills)

Updated features:
- QR code creation improved (custom color, error level)
- General Metadata: Metadata: Remove from Movie - support for removal of XMP data
- Browser: improved sorting by date in case of identical dates
- Exif: Set Exif Date: User defined date… - additional options improved
- Exif: Set Exif Date: Filename… - additional options improved
- Exif: Set Exif Date: Seconds since 1970… - additional options improved
- Exif: Set Exif Date: Milliseconds since 1970… - additional options improved
- Exif: Modify Exif Date: Shift Exif Date… - additional options improved
- Edit Find/Replace/Compare: menu item splitted into two menus (one for images and one for files)
- XMP handling in movies (MOV, MP4, M4V) improved
- improved many toolbar icon visibility in dark mode
- improved Exif support in CR3 files
- localizations
- improved print catalog
- moved General Metadata: JPEG: Change Resolution lossless to General Metadata: Metadata Specifics
- General Metadata: Metadata Specifics: Change Resolution lossless supports now many different file formats
- added data styles to print and print catalog
- File Save for WWW: respects settings XMP and Exif for PNG and WebP
- Browser: QuickLook: display of HDR images (HEIC with gainmap, AVIF, EXR) on devices with HDR support
- Browser: Print Catalog: support for preview on Ventura added
- Browser: Crop for Photo Service… support for saving into the source folder (with overwriting)
- improved print folder
- Browser: custom folder icon display: support for display of content onto folder icon
- Browser: improved fetching of metadata
- changed internal date handling to avoid Y2K38 issues
- dynaPDF
- XMP: support for DigitalSourceType
- Resize: Add/Remove Borders (Margins) enhanced

- fixed bug with concat command in convert&modify
- fixed tabbing issue in the browser
- fixed GraphicConverter 12 icon display onto non retina displays
- fixed memory leak in quicklook
- fixed resolution value issue in save for web
- fixed possible color profile issue during concat command in convert&modify
- fixed display issue of center brightness preview
- fixed crash during Set Exif Date: Creation date/Modification date
- fixed possible issue during executing AppleScripts
- fixed possible Exif SubIFD issue
- fixed possible crash during use of color picker onto grayscale images

GraphicConverter 12.0.2
New features:
- Exif: Set Exif Date: Remove Date in IFD1
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Copy Exif Image Description
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Copy Exif Image Description and remove Exif tag
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Append Exif Image Description
- IPTC/XMP: Caption: Append Exif Image Description and remove Exif tag
- Metadata Juggler: Copy Exif Image Description to Caption
- Metadata Juggler: Append Exif Image Description to Caption
- Browser: support for storing rating in movies
- Slideshow: support for storing rating in movies
- Vector elements snap now to nearby points of other vector elements
- Convert & Modify: Create QR codes from txt file
- General Metadata: Metadata: Remove from Movies
- Filesystem Attributes: Filename: Match RAW and JPEG Pairs with different Names

Updated features:
- dynaPDF
- reduced memory usage of multiscale
- improved support for unusual movie metadata tags
- Exif: Set Exif Date: Userdefined Date: option to update date in IFD1
- Auto Color improved
- Mathematical: Normalize - support for grayscale images
- Mathematical: Component Stretching - support for grayscale images
- Exif: Modify Exif Date: Set Time Zone - support for movies

- fixed issue with import of 16 bit grayscale TIFFs with alpha channel
- fixed issue with color picker
- fixed issue with HTML catalog creation of movies
- fixed possible issue with automator actions
- fixed issue with shifting movie date

GraphicConverter 12.0.1
New features:
- Menu: File: Close without saving (is shown by pressing the control key)
- Slideshow: option to record audio comments for an image (option has to be enabled in the prefs)
- Menu: Slideshow: Save and Open State of paused Slideshow
- Menu: General Metadata: Metadata specifics: Copy Date to Keys:CreationDate (only movie)
- Menu: General Metadata: Metadata specifics: Delete Keys:CreationDate (only movie)
- Menu: Edit: Multipage: various options for TIFF and PDF files
- Export of OpenEXR

Updated features:
- PDF export: option for PDF version
- Slideshow: support for selection of multiple background sounds
- metadata support of MP4, MOV and M4V improved (read and write)
- Browser: display of HDR for HEICs and MOVs with HDR content on macOS 11 or newer
- ExifTool updated
- dynaPDF updated
- File: Browse… shows hidden files if this is active for the browser
- Slideshow Prefs: next/previous image with scroll wheel option for inversion of direction
- Browser: Paste GPS supports altitude as third string component
- localizations: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Czech, Russian
- Brush: draw transparent option
- GPX import improved
- Browser: improved display of thumbnails with alpha channel
- Browser: support for playing mp3 and m4a
- Slideshow: optional display of elapsed time improved
- Preferences: Slideshow: reorganized
- Batch Actions: Editor: option to duplicate an action
- View: Virtual Lines: support for mm and inch
- View: Submenu for direct selection of stored virtual lines set
- AVIF export and import: support for 10 and 12 bit per channel and detection of HDR
- import of PICT with RAW codec (on systems which no longer support this codec)
- Browser Summary tab: support for SONY sequence length
- option Copy Exif image description tag to comment (off by default)

- fixed rename issue in drop area
- fixed issue with copy exif date from raws if sidecard jpg with different date exists
- fixed issue with selection of saved juggler item
- fixed issue with Finder Extension
- fixed crash upon import of xmp data with a special malformed data
- fixed selection issue in keyword palette with option check parent keywords
- fixed browser folder alias display issue
- fixed possible crash during dds export
- fixed display issue after change of rating or label in slideshow
- fixed possible crash with corrupt Exif data
- fixed possible frame accuracy issue during MOV to animation conversion
- fixed possible crash during MRC import
- fixed refresh issue in hidden folders
- fixed FITS issue

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