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Capto for Mac

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Capto for Mac

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Capto for Mac is a fully-featured screen recorder and editing application for modern macOS that can allow users of all knowledge levels to easily take full control over the process of recording desktop and app surfaces and transforming that footage into eye-catching presentations for home, work, school, and online projects.

Built from the ground up to be an all-in-one screen recording and video editing solution, Capto is today used by a wide array of education and business organizations from all around the world, including numerous US universities and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, AOL, Vodafone, and others.
  • Screen Recorder
  • Video Recorder
  • Video Editor
  • Screen & Web Capture
  • Image Editor
  • Dual Audio Editor
  • iOS Screen Recording
  • File Management
  • Easy Sharing
Capto is distributed online as an automated installer that can quickly be deployed on any modern Mac, with a standalone and fully optimized Mac version offered as well. Once installed, users can access its powerful dashboard that is packed with all the tools necessary for both quick screengrabs and more ambitious projects. The intuitive interface of the app promotes easy discovery of its powerful tools, with a streamlined way to access screengrab tools, editing functions, and even infuse the projects with annotated images, built-in sharing options, a file organizer, and more.

Like many other similar apps, it provides users with the option to record either the entire desktop surface, specific app regions, or custom region of choice. This recording area can include a cursor, microphone audio feed, and much more. The editing suite features a full set of options aimed at both video and image editing. Videos can easily be trimmed, annotated, volume can be adjusted, and the entire project can be exported in a wide array of popular video formats. Image editing supports all sorts of popular tools, with special attention being placed on annotations and other effects that can make images more informative.

In addition to capture, editing, and export tools, Capto for macOS is also home to a fully-featured media manager. With it, users can save their projects or raw captured into “Smart Collections”, where they can be easily browsed and retrieved at a moment's notice. The app also has a built-in sharing service that can send raw or edited screengrabs on a wide array of social networks, cloud, and hosting services.

Features and Highlights

Fullscreen and Selection Capture | Webpage Capture

You have the choice of taking fullscreen image captures or select portions with Capto’s flexible screenshot options. For saving a webpage with one click, use your own supported browser or use Capto’s easy-to-use browser.

Fullscreen and Region Recording |Timed Recording

Record your entire screen or select portions in full HD at 60 FPS along with clear audio. Capto also has a video capture feature for your iOS device. You may also set up a timed recording that records for a predetermined amount of time.

Video Recording | Tutorial Video Making

Make your tutorial videos more interactive. Record your own video while the screen recording continues in parallel. Get to choose from either the system camera or an external recording device for desired input. Resize the video as per your need and re-position it across the screen to make the tutorial more effective.

Video Editing | Annotations

Capto’s powerful video editing suite gives you all the tools necessary to Cut, Join, Trim or Crop videos. In addition, you can add annotations to make your captured videos much more professional and detailed.

Audio Recording & Editing | Individual Track Control

Record crystal clear audio from either the system or the microphone and get better control over the output. Use the individual track control to adjust the inputs from the system and the mic separately and bring the best out of the audio.

Image Editing | Annotations

It has a fully featured image editor to enhance and create informative images. Highlight, Annotate, correct, or adjust the properties of your captured screenshot and make them stand out.

Smart Collection Folder | File information

It comes with an easy file manager for easy storage and retrieval of screen captures and recordings. Every screenshot and video you take is sorted into smartly labeled folders that can also be customized.

Online Platform Sharing | Server Sharing

Instantly share or upload screenshots and screen recordings to your favorite services like Facebook, Tumblr, Dropbox, Evernote, YouTube and more directly with a single click. It also supports FTP/SFTP.

Capto can be tested for FREE during an initial TRIAL period. Full and unrestricted access to the app is available via a lifetime license purchase. The app is optimized for all modern versions of macOS and is fully localized into Spanish, French, and German.

Note: To continue using Capto after the 7-day trial, buy the premium version from store.

  • Capto 2.0.0 Screenshots

    The images below have been resized. Click on them to view the screenshots in full size.

What's new in this version:

Capto 2.0.0
- 15-Day Free Trial: All of Capto's powerful features can be experienced for free during this trial period
- macOS Sonoma Compatibility: Capto 2.0 is fully compatible with Sonoma OS

Post-Trial Features: After the trial period expires, users can continue to use the following features:
- Capture Options: Full Screen Capture, Area Capture, Window Capture, Web Browser Capture
- Recording Options: Full Screen Record, Area Record (Excluding Camera and Computer Audio options, as well as Hide Desktop option), Camera Record (Capture only the camera feed, not the screen)
- Retained Collections: Capto 2.0 will allow you to retain your created collections and smart collections

Capto 1.2.37
Full Screen Capture with Delay:
- Introducing a new level of control for full screen captures. You can now add a delay before the capture takes place, allowing you to set up your screen exactly how you want it. Perfect for highlighting elements or preparing your screen before capture. This option can be accessed in the Top Bar, Capto Menu Bar, Capto Dock icon, or via a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Command +T).

Top Bar Area Capture Enhancements:
- We've streamlined the area capture process for your convenience. Easily select your preferred shape (Rectangle, Circle, Freehand) and capture an area without the need for additional clicks. Switch shapes effortlessly using the dropdown menu.

- Minor Defect Fixes & Performance Improvements

Capto 1.2.36
- We have fixed some minor defects in the UI

Capto 1.2.35
- Minor defect fixes

Capto 1.2.34
- Minor defect fixes

Capto 1.2.33
- Capto is now compatible with macOS Ventura

Capto 1.2.32
- Change log not available for this version

Capto 1.2.31
- Minor fixes and performance improvements

Capto 1.2.30
- Minor fixes and performance improvements

Capto 1.2.29
- Capto now supports 3 new languages: Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (BR), and Japanese.

Fixes & performance improvements:
- We’ve also gotten rid of bugs related to editing of iOS screen recordings that were recorded along with the Mac screen.

Capto 1.2.28
- The camera/iOS-screen video recorded along with the Mac screen, can now be moved around or resized, free-hand.

Capto 1.2.27
- Fixed a bug that caused the screen captures to fail due to a permission issue on macOS Big Sur 11.4

Capto 1.2.2
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash during screen recording.

Capto 1.2.25
- Fixed minor UI issues
- Record iOS device screen while the screen recording continues in parallel.

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