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Art Text for Mac

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Art Text for Mac

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Art Text for Mac is a vector design app for Microsoft's Windows platform. Quickly create sophisticated title art for Powerpoint presentations, logos, icons, web graphics, and buttons in an intuitive, easy-to-use touch interface.

This app is a must-have for logo and web designers, teachers and students, small business owners, and anyone who has a knack for creativity. Use the results in Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, and other design and DTP apps. Art Text for macOS is graphic design tool specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects. Enjoy!

Features and Highlights

Shape Library and Vector Editor
Take advantage of the library of over 110 fully customizable vector icons and shapes or draw your own using the powerful Vector Editor. Apply effects and fills to each of the shapes and combine them into complex objects thanks to ArtText's layer-based workflow and easy-to-use guides and layout tools.

Shaders, Textures, and Gradients
Art Text comes with a collection of customizable shaders and photo textures that you can use to fill objects. Also apply a radial or linear gradient with up to three colors and apply a shadow, stroke, or glow. Shaders can be quickly customized by changing the color, bevel, light direction, and depth.

Bend and Warp Text
Make your Powerpoint presentations attract more attention by creating stylized headings for your slides. Using 20 different text transformations, you can bring text to life and give it a sense of motion and shape. Wrap text around objects and bend and warp it to your heart's content!

What can I design with Art Text?

Stylized Titles
Make presentations and brochures stand out. Logos

Share and design your corporate identity. App Icons

App Icons
Create an icon for your latest mobile application. Buttons

Design interface elements of apps and websites. Vector Illustrations

Vector Illustrations
Put together complex, icon-like illustrations.

Note: The output is watermarked

  • Art Text 4.3.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Art Text 4.3.1
- Introduced sorting by Newest or Name into the Templates Gallery
- Resolved a problem with export when a Distortion effect was applied
- Fixed some issues with the Shading Material editor

Art Text 4.3.0
- The new Colorize option in Spray Fill allows the creation of portrait designs or photos filled with custom objects
- Introduced the new Photo Colorize templates set
- Extended the Spray Fill library with 100+ new fill objects
- Added Copy/Paste actions for textures and their properties in Colorize and Spray Fill tools
- Solved the problem with animating spotlights in 3D text
- Added the option to copy texture parameters for a 2D text from Texture Fill and Mask tools (use the context menu on a texture by holding the Control key and clicking on a texture)
- Fixed the problem with displaying custom folder textures
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.2.2
- Resolved the problem with small objects resizing
- Improved animation preview performance
- Fixed the problem with occasional app crashing when using custom textures
- Fixed the problem with the texture pan in Distortion effects not being animated
- Resolved memory leak issue when using Spray Fill text effects
- Fixed custom shaders display under the Shading tab in 2D Text Fill
- Some issues with the inner shadow option have been fixed
- Various animation recording improvements

Art Text 4.2.1
- Changed the approach to creating an animation. Now users have to add a keyframe and then make motion or text effects changes
- Introduced animation preview into Templates Gallery for templates that include animation
- Introduced keyframe selection that allows users to edit animation
- The animation export dialog now has animation preview
- Introduced the ability to resize objects from their center by holding the Option key
- The background image now has a new selection with no resize handles. The background resize is possible with the document resize only
- Fixed the problem with video tutorials playback in the Design Gallery dialog for some users on macOS 13 Ventura
- Resolved the problem with Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop of several images from Finder
- Object will have raster/vector properties on copy/paste depending on the effects applied to it
- Fixed the problem with the entire document copying when no object is selected

Art Text 4.2.0
- The new text animation feature
- Export animations to .mov, mp4, m4v, or GIF video formats
- Share animation within the Art Text document
- Revised the Document Size dialog and added new presets
- Fixed the problem with the mask rotation slider
- Various improvements relating to work with 2D textures
- Many other minor enhancements

Art Text 4.1.3
- Introduced the Request Set option into the What's New dialog
- Fixed issues with some 2D masks
- Minor UI improvements
- Fixed the problem with some 3D templates on macOS 10.13

Art Text 4.1.2
- Native color palette is now used for Light and Dark appearances
- the problem with the shadow cut on export for 2D text and shapes
- the issues with the 2D Glow effect
- rare issues with Gradient color dots
- templates set preview carousel
- some issues with Oval and Radial gradients
- the problem with the 3D text bound box not refreshing after transformation
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.1.1
- Fixed the problem with memory leak on macOS 12 Monterey
- Added the Paste and Match Style option for text editor section
- Optimized the app launch performance
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.1
- Vector drawing tools: Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, Reverse Path Direction
- 20 new badge and logo design templates
- 300 new vector icons and shapes
- 137 shapes for badge design
- Export to vector images for graphics with no raster effects
- Introducing Convert to Shape that lets you edit text using vector drawing tools
- Various other program improvements

Art Text 4.0.7
- Art Text runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 4.0.6
- Fixed the problem with Glow feature
- Solved an issue with irregular text edges being cut
- Resolved the problem with Distortion Effects not applied to imported raster shapes
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 4.0.5
- Added 8 new Christmas and New Year theme templates into Winter Season set
- Minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.4
- Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur
- Introduced precise texture positioning using X, Y, and Angle parameters (available for Distortion Effects, 2D/3D Masks, Shading Bump Map, Distribution Map in Spray Fill)
- Added Copy, Paste and Duplicate options for Distortion Effects via Control+click on the effect in the Distortions list
- Reworked gradient controls for simplicity and ease of use
- Introduced support for macOS 10.13
- Other fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.3
- Fixed minor localization issues.

Art Text 4.0.2
- Introduced the new Colorize tool that adjusts the Hue, Saturation and Contrast for the entire design
- Improved Design Gallery and introduced Buy All option
- Fixed some issues with distortion effects
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.1
- Fixed the UI problem with Stroke options
- Fixed the problem with gradient fill
- Fixed the problem with Height and Width values for 3D Text
- Fixed app crashes on import of SVG files
- Fixed rendering issues with 3D text on bi-resolutions
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements

Art Text 4.0.0
- All new Design Gallery with 400+ design templates (free and paid)
- 122 easy accessible style presets
- 110+ new masks
- Thanks to Apple Sidecar, Art Text extends workspace to an iPad display
- Dark and Light appearance supported

2D Text & Effects:
- Introducing new Spray Fill feature
- 440+ Spray Fill objects
- 18 Spray Fill presets
- Spray Fill distribution maps
- Individual shadows for Spray Fill objects
- Light controls for Spray Fill
- 8 font distortion effects: Displacement, Side Displacement, Roundness, Brush, Outer Distress, Erosion, Mask and Blur
- 2D Shading materials receive the Bump Map option
- Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal

3D Text & Effects:
- Introducing reflection mask feature for 3D materials
- Bump Map technology has enhanced with inclusion of both height and normal maps
- 150+ Height Map masks for 3D Bump Map
- Export to Facebook 3D Photo

Art Text 3.2.6
- The app has been successfully notarized by the Apple notary service
- Fixed the problem with opening a file with broken autosave
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 3.2.5
- Fixed the problem with missing custom styles, materials and shaders created in earlier versions
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 3.2.4
- Improved compatibility with documents created in Letters
- Minor bug fixes

Art Text 3.2.3
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra ready
- Minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 3.2.2
- Solved the problem with “Fit/Resize to Document” for 2D objects
- Fixed an issue with opening version 2 documents
- Improved LinkBack support
- Fixed the problem with Font dialog size
- Enhanced overall program stability

Art Text 3.2.1
- Fixed Google Fonts integration

Art Text 3.2

- Introduced Google Fonts integration, which provides immense choice of fonts to experiment with
- Evolved Environment Mapping and new Panorama textures
- Added the ability to Copy/Paste Style
- Other minor improvements

Added support for MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar:
- Visually enhanced layer selection
- Switch between Inspector tabs without interrupting the workflow
- Conveniently add layer, zoom, export and share your work

Art Text 3.1
- Introduces Depth Gradient effect for 3D objects
- Tree new 3D chamfer types
- New 3D Shear Transformation
- Create isometric-style graphics with Camera Parallel Projection tool
- Adds Inner Shadow
- 20 Logo samples
- Expands the ability to apply masks to 3D objects
- Introduces custom image folder to create and fine-tune 3D Textures
- Ability to save user style elements as a template in Custom Templates
- LinkBack support
- Pan tool
- macOS Sierra suppor.
- Minor fixes and improvements

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