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Amadine for Mac

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Amadine for Mac

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Amadine for Mac is the perfect app for vector graphic design professionals as well as amateurs with creative minds. Developed with precision and attention to what users need, this graphic design app offers every tool and feature to bring the craziest ideas to life.

User friendliness together with the cutting edge vector drawing tools guarantees a smooth learning curve. Different platforms: macOS, iPadOS and iOS add to a perfect balance across all your devices. Amadine is the master the new drawing software for Mac, iPad and iPhone with the neat and convenient Amadine UI that guarantees swift and easy workflow.

The high-end Pen tool encapsulates the expertise of precision-driven curves creation with multiple stroke effects. A supreme level of control over modifiers breathes life into every curve you draw. Implemented for simplicity of use, the Draw tool combines Brush with the freehand Pencil tool to create the smoothest vector lines possible.

The Width tool allows you to use an intuitive variable stroke with no need to define the width of the stroke manually. Simply drag a handle and see the magic happen.

Utilize color fill and overlapping fills for unique vector art. Divinely polished gradients and countless hue options are at your disposal. With Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Shadow and Blur effects, alter your vector graphics and add depth to your illustrations to make them perfectly stylized.

Inspiration-driven text tools are bound to produce effective results, whether you need a heading or frames for text. Take advantage of Wacom support and Pressure Sensitive Stroke to enhance your drawing process on a Mac and use your Apple Pencil on an iPad.

Features and Highlights

Diverse vector art
The high-end Pen tool encapsulates the expertise of precision-driven curves creation. Implemented for simplicity of use, the Draw tool has everything to create graphics that resembles a hand-drawn image. All the paths and shapes can have multiple stroke and fill.

Variable strokes
The Width tool allows a user to create and save unique strokes to give your drawing an artistic touch.

Distinct effects
Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Shadow and Blur effects to make illustrations perfectly stylized.

Wacom Support
Wacom tablet support and Pressure Sensitive Strokes allow a user to enhance their graphic drawing process.

Lettering and Typography
Inspiration-driven text tools are bound to produce effective results when a user needs a heading or a frame for text.

Amadine System Requirements:

Mac: macOS 10.12 or higher, Big Sur compatible, M1 chip or Intel processor.
iPad and iPhone: iPadOS or iOS 13 and higher.

What's new in this version:

Amadine 1.3
New Features:
- Updated the way of creating and pasting new objects. A new object can now appear above a currently selected object, which allows design editing in place. 'Draw/insert above the selection' option introduced in the program Preferences dialog.
- (macOS) User's brushes library is now stored in the document, which simplifies the library transfer between platforms and devices.
- (iOS) Main menu changes. Added Clipping mask commands. Users can now use Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste and Duplicate commands multiple times, without the need to reopen the menu.
- (iOS) Simplify Path dialog now launches in isolate mode, hiding all other tools.

- Fixed the problem with the font size changing while moving the Distortional text object.
- Other fixes and enhancements.

Amadine 1.2.8
New Features:
- Draw tool: continue drawing the selected path from its endpoints. You can turn on/off this setting in the app Preferences.
- Draw tool: object fill is off while drawing. To turn off filling for the Draw tool go to the app Preferences.
- Introduced support for raster HEIC format files.

- Fixed the problem with the incorrect opening of some SVG images.
- Path Width Tool: improved tool behavior along the path and on its ends.
- Pen tool: click (tap) on the path end switches it from the curve to the line mode.
- (iOS) Draw tool: significantly improved while working with Apple Pencil in Pressure mode.
- (iOS) Fixed support for the trackpad of the Magic Keyboard 2 for iPad.
- (macOS) Fixed the problem with the program freezing after opening an image file from Finder.
- Various interface and usability improvements.

Amadine 1.2.7
New Features:
- Amadine introduces the Fusion tool, a powerful feature for creating complex shapes by merging several contours and lines. This feature is an alternative to boolean operations.

- Gradient tool: work with gradient line handles improved.
- Fixed the problem with alignment for text written along a path.
- Multiple improvements for boolean operations.
- (macOS) Fixed the problem with sheet background disappearing when Amadine file opened on macOS 10.14 and lower.
- (iOS) Fixed the problem with mouse cursor when hovering over buttons for iOS/iPadOS 15.
- Other fixes and enhancements.

Amadine 1.2.5
- (macOS) Corrected memory leak problems when working with colors on macOS 12 Monterey.
- Fixed expand problems for texts with self-overlapping glyphs.
- Updated shape libraries People and Simple Icons.

Amadine 1.2.4
New Features:
- New Library: Basic Shapes, containing common geometrical shapes (over 100 shapes).

- (iOS) Better compatibility with iOS/iPadOS 15.
- (macOS) Fixed pasting of vector objects from other applications via Clipboard.
- Corrected a bug with the Reset Bound Box operation for objects with color gradients.
- Other bug fixes and usability improvement.

Amadine 1.2.3
New Features:
- Vector shape libraries: 17 libraries with over 1000 shapes have been added. More will follow!
- Custom libraries: Amadine shapes can be saved into custom libraries; it is possible to import or export libraries for exchange between devices or other users.

- The Divide operation now works correctly for open paths.
- (macOS) Fixed a problem where detached panels would sometimes appear on top of other windows when Amadine is on the background.
- (iOS) In the Color panel, it is now possible to copy and paste the color’s number.
- (iOS) The eyedropper was added in the Color panel for the Recolor dialog.

Amadine 1.2.2
New Features:
- (iOS) It is now possible to rotate the canvas using the pinch gestures.

- (iOS) Corrected the problem with line thickness in the Outline Mode.
- (iOS) Increased the maximum value for the Shadow Offset effect.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Amadine 1.2.1
New Features:
- It is now possible to use numbered and bulleted lists in text. In the text settings you can choose the bullet style (number, bullet or letter) and set the distance between the bullet and its text.
- The Align commands can now work with respect to the edges and center of the sheet (when there's only one object selected).
- (iOS) For precise positioning of selected object we added the Move control pad to the Geometry panel (an equivalent to keyboard arrow keys). In addition to horizontal and vertical movement, diagonal movement is also possible.

The Recolor Operation:
- Improved Saturation algorithm—monochrome colors are now brighter.
- Improved performance for duplicated groups of objects.

- Draw tool: it is now possible to draw with fills. A corresponding setting was added to the app’s Preferences.
- Lasso tool: anchor and direction points can now be manipulated — it is possible to move them or change their type.
- (iOS) Pen tool: іmprovements in the magnifying glass (when using a finger).
- Text and images can now be dragged into the program from a web browser and Photos.
- Automatic scrolling has been disabled when the Draw tool is active.
- Various interface and usability improvements.

Amadine 1.2
New Features:
- The Recolor function lets you easily make large color changes to your artwork.
- Available from Modify menu (macOS) or Appearance panel menu (iOS). Use it to change color of selected shapes by modifying their Hue, Saturation and Brightness. You can change colors manually or merge them. An option to automatically merge similar colors is also available.
- Importing of files in the AI (Adobe Illustrator) format is now possible.
- Boolean operation Divide for dividing shapes wherever the lines intersect has been added.
- (iOS) The Select Same menu commands can be used to select objects with similar properties—stroke, fill color and other.

Pen Tool:
- A button for removing selected anchor points added to the toolbar.
- Double-clicking an anchor point toggles its type between Corner and Smooth.
- Clicking a Direction point with the Shift or Opt key removes the corresponding Direction line.

Selection Tool:
- In the Edit Segments by Dragging mode, it is now possible to constrain movement by holding the Shift key (holding down a finger on iOS).
- Entering the Isolation Mode by double-clicking is possible again.
- Clicking a Direction point with the Shift or Opt key (with the one or two fingers held down on iOS) removes the corresponding Direction - line.

- (iOS) Added magnifying glass for the Eyedropper tool.
- When moving or duplicating sheets, locked objects are now moved as well (if the Move Artwork with Sheet option is enabled).
- Fixed the problem when changing the guides color in Settings would take no effect.
- Changes in the Pencil Pressure profile: Variation and Accuracy settings are now remembered. The default values are set to 60% and 30% respectively.
- Better raster effects performance.
- (macOS) The default font changed to Helvetica.
- Other bug fixes and usability improvement.

Amadine 1.1.1
- Amadine now runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip.
- The Duplicate command now inserts the copy directly over the original shape, without an offset.
- Minor interface tweaks for macOS 11 Big Sur.

Amadine 1.1
- New feature: The Simplify tool for removing unnecessary anchor points without significantly affecting the original path.
- Fixed an issue where the Edit > Transformations menu commands would not apply when the entire text was selected in a text box
- Fixed a problem where Shift and Option keys pressed together would not work properly when resizing shapes.
- Minor internal improvements.

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