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Write! App for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Write! 1.40.0
- Added an ability to align text to right, left, center or justify it. You may find the option under the Format menu
- Added an ability to insert first line indent (the Tab key) without the paragraph break
- Added options of spellchecking next/previous typo under the Tools menu
- Fixed the bug that made it impossible to remove the first item of a list with the backspace key
- Other minor fixes

Write! 1.39.0
- Fixed the bug with excessive data consumption in the background of the application
- Fixed the bug with an extra space that appeared after applying Markdown headers
- Improved the way documents are sorted in the Cloud panel
- Decreased the launch time
- Other minor fixes

Write! 1.38.0
- Added an ability to save documents directly to the format you opened them in without the necessity to export
- Released Write! for Linux 32-bit
- Fixed the bug with circumflex accent ^ and ï , which was not possible to type in Write!
- Fixed the bug with productivity counters on Linux
- Fixed the bug with text formatting on Linux
- Reworked conflict dialog boxes
- Other minor fixes

Write! 1.37.0
- Added an ability to select multiple documents in the Cloud panel. All works as you expect it to – hold the Ctrl button and left-click to select a few documents
- Fixed the bug with folders being collapsed when moving a nested document to the recycle bin
- Refactored the proxy mechanism
- Other minor fixes

Write! 1.35.0
- Added an option to publish to Medium
- Added the “Format” section to the Main Menu
- Added the shortcut to highlight text: Ctrl+H for Windows and Linux, Shift+⌘H for macOS. When in the menu with colors, hold Ctrl and left-click (⌘+left-click) a color to make it default
- Improved overall app’s performance by adjusting the load of dictionaries
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.34.0
- Added keyboard typing sounds
- Fixed the issue with dots in documents’ names
- Fixed occasional app suspension
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.33.0
- A state of Focus Mode is now saved on your PC even when the app is restarted
- Fixed some issues with the Document Outline feature
- Fixed the issue with Proxy settings and inability to set the proxies
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.32.0
- Write! now recognizes headers of all levels in your documents and uses them to create an outline that you could use to jump to different parts of your document without needing to scroll. It is a convenient time saver for browsing through lengthy documents.
- The outline appears in the Cloud panel and can be viewed for documents that are open in the current session (the documents that are in tabs). In order to show/hide the outline, click the arrow next to a document’s icon.

As mentioned above, you need to have headers in your document so that Write! could create an outline. Here are the ways to create headers of different levels in Write!:
- Go to the Contextual menu > Text Formatting Tab (Ctrl+Space or right click) and select the level of the header you need;
- Use Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 etc to create a header of the first, second etc level (on macOS Command+1, Command+2 etc);
- By means of Markdown, Wiki, or Textile syntax. An example of creating a header of the first level with Textile is as follows: “h1._space_Some header” and the phrase “Some header” will be automatically rendered to the header of the first level. For more info on how to use Markdown, Wiki and Textile go to Help (F1).

Write! 1.29.0
- Added text zoom in/zoom out option
- Fixed the bug with text formatting being not applied
- Fixed the issue with text scrolling under some particular conditions
- Fixed the visual bug with Cloud panel
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.27.0
- The feature requested by our customer: “It would be great if you could label parts of the text. With that ability you could easily label parts with different colors to highlight, find for example easily key situations within your text.”
- Fixed the issue when system buttons sometimes overlaid Write!’s UI on Windows 7
- Made some adjustments to the Contextual Menu layout
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.26.0
- Fixed the occasional crash on macOS
- Fixed the synchronization issue with folders that were dragged & dropped
- Fixed the issue with Proxy Settings on Linux
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.22.0
- Improved per-monitor display scaling on Windows 10
- Fixed the bug that triggered Autocomplete even though it was disabled
- Added the ability to open File Menu with the Alt+F shortcut and navigate the Main Menu with arrows
- Added the ability to paste plain text and blocks of code without losing line indents and spaces
- Added an option to create local documents by means of the Ctrl+N shortcut and Cloud documents with the help of Ctrl+Shift+N
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.19.0
- Added the option to open documents with a double-click on macOS
- Added the missing menu item – New Local Document – on macOS build
- Fixed the bug that suspended the app after pressing F11 on some Surface devices
- Fixed the visual bug with bullet lists
- Fixed the Spellchecker menu scrollbar bug
- Changed names of some Main Menu items
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.18.0
- Added an ability to work offline for two weeks without the compulsory login. After two weeks, the security-check login is required
- Fix laggy scrolling on macOS
- Fixed the Autocomplete not completing words beginning with capitalized letters
- Fixed the incorrect color of tabs in Settings
- Fixed occasional crashes on some macOS devices
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.15.0
- Added the option to launch Write! on system startup
- Added Proxy Settings tab to Settings
- Changed hotkey that opens the Keyboard Shortcuts Manager on macOS to ⌃+?
- Changed hotkey that opens Settings on macOS to ⌘+,
- Fixed Fold (Ctrl+Shift+) shortcuts
- Fixed issues occurring upon first startup on Yosemite and El Capitan
- Fixed tooltip display when hovering on a Cloud document on macOS
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.14.2
- Added the ability to download documents shared with the Publish feature
- Added the ability to create links via Ctrl+K
- Added support for Thai
- Added the ability to input text with the Help window open
- Added a mechanism that prevents Write! from crashing when too many local documents are opened at once
- Removed limit for displayed Autocomplete suggestions
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.14.1
- Added document information to be displayed when hovering over a document in search
- Automatic list formatting and header formatting are now optional and reversible with Ctrl+Z
- Added ‘Close All Documents’ and ‘Close Other Documents’ to tab context menu
- Fixed synchronization bug resulting in error message being displayed
- Fixed bug where highlight markers wouldn’t work after moving a text fragment
- Fixed .pdf and .docx exporting from the ‘My Stuff’ tab in the members area

Write! 1.14.0
Implemented the option to create offline documents. There are now several ways to create a locally stored document:
- By using a shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+N)
- By clicking ‘New Local Document’ in the File menu or a tab’s context menu
- By holding down Ctrl and clicking the + button next to the rightmost open tab
- Added ‘Reopen Closed Tab’ option to the context menu
- Added Enter key support for confirming Autocomplete suggestions on Mac
- Optimized Note-taking mode to work better with high DPI monitors
- Optimized Settings window positioning on dual monitor setups
- Fixed the issue where autocomplete caused Write! to freeze when typing certain words preceded by an em dash
- Fixed the issue with Focus mode highlighting two paragraphs at once

Write! 1.13.0
- Reworked interactions with misspelled words
- Reworked text highlighting mechanism
- Fixed error with Welcome page being shown on every startup
- Fixed crashing issues for several scenarios on Mac clients
- Fixed Twitter login issue

Write! 1.12.0
- Ctrl+0 resets paragraph styles like headers, quote, emphasized, code, and list formatting to regular text
- ‘Clear Formatting’ in the context menu resets text formatting like bold, light, italic, underlined, strikethrough, upper case and lower case
- Folding text under headings is now available in its own context menu. Right-click next to a header to open it
- ‘Show folding markers’ option has been added to Settings. They will always be displayed with this setting enabled, and only shown upon hover when disabled
- You can now place unanchored hotlinks. Press Ctrl+Space and input your link into the Hyperlink field
- Fixed the bug with text selecting inside lists
- Fixed text entry issue after pressing Tab key while renaming document
- Fixed Cloud connection issues on Mac clients
- Other minor bug fixes

Write! 1.11.0
- Ctrl+` when Write! is in the background will now bring up Write! on top, instead of minimizing it
- Added recently closed documents functionality and a shortcut to open the last closed tab: Ctrl/⌘+Shift+T
- New icons in the preset panel
- List processing reworked to remove several issues and improve overall experience
- Spellchecker fixes: the way dictionaries load has been refactored, so it’s faster; pasted links are no longer marked as incorrect, and a visual bug has been fixed
- Tab activation issues during document sync and after document deletion
- Scrolling area was broaden to the whole app’s window
- A bug where opening documents from the Cloud Panel with search enabled caused the search term to be highlighted
- App no longer crashes when trying to launch another instance of it
- Fixed the issue with color palette when switching between light and dark themes
- ‘Hide Write!’ in the context menu was fixed
- ‘Quit and Save As’ removed as a menu option
- Other minor bug fixes

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