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OneDrive for Mac

OneDrive for Mac

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OneDrive for Mac is a standalone app that helps Mac users of all ages to sync their local storage more easily with easily accessible online storage, helping them to accelerate the sharing of multimedia, safely store important documents, backup personal photos and videos, and enable streamlined collaboration on home, school, and work projects. All uploaded files are stored on secure Microsoft servers that protect all data from unauthorized access and give users the option to users to easily set up sharing rules and collaborative access to Microsoft 365 suite projects, such as Word files, Excel tables, and more.

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The free version of this service gives all users access to 5GB of secure cloud storage, and the ability to automatically sync data between Mac computers, Windows PCs, and portable iOS/Android devices. It is best suited for home users, individuals, students, and professionals who require easy access to their files when on the go.

The local OneDrive app for Macs is distributed exclusively via its official Mac App Store page, and users are not recommended to download and install any externally sourced version of this app.

  • Secure Cloud Storage – Store and access personal and work files from any device with an internet connection.
  • Streamlined File Sharing – Easily share documents, photos, and other files with friends, family, colleagues, and clients.
  • Advanced Security – All files are kept in a secure Personal Vault that closely monitors user access privileges.
  • Comprehensive Office Apps Integration – Built-in operation with Microsoft 365 suite, including apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others.
  • Real-time Collaboration – Collaborate in real time on various projects using files stored in OneDrive.
  • Free Access to Web Productivity Tools – All users of OneDrive gain access to web versions of Word, Excel, and others.
  • Flexible Premium Pricing – Expand the storage capabilities of this service with a single click.
Installation and Setup

To get this native Mac application up and running, users simply have to visit its official App Store listing and install it on their Mac computer. While the installation procedure is automated, the final activation of the app will be finished only when the user logs in to it using an active Microsoft ID profile. A new profile can be created with ease from within the app, and users can also pick which level of service (free or premium) they wish to activate.

Once inside the main dashboard, users can finalize the setup procedure by picking which local folders will be automatically monitored and synced with the cloud storage copies by this file backup service.

How to Use

This lightweight app always works in the background, monitoring the contents of the folders users selected to be synchronized with the available cloud storage in their account plan. To get files uploaded to the cloud, users simply need to move the files into any of the monitored directories, or manually drag and drop files/folders into Finder’s section covering the user’s cloud directory structure.

User Interface

The user interface of this app is quite minimal, as it prefers to just work as a background service that monitors selected directories and provides streamlined access to synchronized files.

A standalone configuration utility exists, but it does not provide many tools for managing synced files. Such management can be performed directly from the Finder app, which will host a separate drive listing for remote files that are present on the user's OneDrive cloud account.


What is OneDrive?
It is a cloud storage service that allows users to store, share, and access files from any device with an internet connection.

Is it safe?
100% yes. This app provides access to advanced security features, including file encryption and Personal Vault. It is developed and actively updated by the Microsoft Corporation.


Google Drive for Mac – An official cloud storage service by Google, providing streamlined collaboration features with their productivity and chat apps.

pCloud for Mac – A secure cloud storage solution, providing users with seamless access to their files, photos, and documents.

iCloud – The official cloud storage service of Apple Corporation, enabling streamlined file sharing and secure backup on Mac and iOS devices.


The FREE version of this app provides access to 5GB of storage space and complimentary access to free web versions of Word, Excel, and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Premium tiers are available for home and business users, unlocking more storage space, advanced security features, and access to the full Microsoft 365 suite.

System Requirements

This app is supported on all modern Mac hardware with macOS 10.14 or later. It does not drain system resources so it can easily run when on the battery power.

  • 5 GB of free storage.
  • Seamless integration with Office apps.
  • Advanced security features.
  • Real-time collaboration features.
  • Automatic file syncing between devices.
  • Secure backup for personal multimedia and documents.
  • Translated to over 20 international languages.
  • Flexible premium pricing.
  • Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription for more than 5 GB of storage.

OneDrive for macOS is an excellent free cloud storage, file sync, and backup solution for all Mac users who wish to streamline the sharing of online files and collaboration on Office documents. Its lightweight operation and excellent integration into the Microsoft 365 suite make it a necessary tool for all home users, students, and business teams.

Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

Also Available: Download OneDrive for Windows

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