Experience the epic origin stories, now more stunning and evocative than before!

Warcraft III: Reforged for Mac

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Warcraft III: Reforged for Mac

  -  6.1 MB  -  Paid
Warcraft III: Reforged for Mac game is a complete reimagining of a real-time strategy classic. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before. Integrating cutting-edge modeling and rendering, rebuilt every hero, unit, building, and environment in Warcraft 3 from the ground up. You’ve never seen Azeroth like this.

Reforged Visuals
Vivid recreations of every hero, unit, building, and environment.

Legendary Campaigns
Command Azeroth’s greatest heroes and villains over 62 missions that span the continents.

Exhilarating Gameplay
Play four diverse races, each with unique strategies, units, abilities, and champions.

Limitless Custom Games
Discover an endless universe of player-created games, including MOBAs, tower defense, and more.

Relive the events of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Command mysterious night elves, insidious undead, savage orcs, and noble humans as alliances shift and cultures clash in ruthless conflict.
  • 62 missions across Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend, and beyond
  • 40+ hours of epic gameplay, with 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes
  • Control over 20 legendary heroes and villains from Warcraft lore: gain experience, level up, master powerful abilities, and enhance nearby units
Humans, orcs, and night elves must stand together against the Burning Legion and their armies of the undead. Witness the tragedy of Arthas Menethil and the redemption of the Horde in this sprawling chapter of Warcraft’s epic history. Aid the Sentinels in their quest to stop Illidan, lead the blood elves to Outland in search of salvation, ascend the Frozen Throne, and help Thrall carve out a new homeland for orcs in Durotar.

Warcraft 3’s formula of hero-centric real-time strategy is easy to learn but difficult to master. Gather resources, build a base, and assemble an army. Recruit powerful heroes to lead your forces, then meet your foes in battle. Destroy the enemy base to win the game!

The Human Alliance is a conglomeration of humans, elves, and dwarves. A versatile faction, they boast strong ground and air troops, fearsome siege capability, and mighty spellcasters. A confederation of Orcs, trolls, and tauren, the Horde are defined by their brute strength and shamanistic power. Download and play Warcraft 3 Reforged for macOS today!

A well-balanced faction with durable ground forces and powerful air units, the Undead Scourge fields armies more numerous than any other faction through insidious necromantic magics. The Night Elves of Kalimdor emphasize mobility, ranged firepower, and spellcraft. Though they lack the brute strength of other races, their skills with bow and magic more than compensate.

Challenge opponents with modern multiplayer matchmaking, search for custom game lobbies, and connect with friends through the Blizzard Battle.net app. With updated UI and countless quality-of-life improvements, it’s never been easier to get into Warcraft 3 Reforged for Mac. Discover millions of player-created games, including tower defense, MOBAs, ARPGs, survival games, and more, or build your own with the upgraded World Editor.

Key Features

Updated Graphics
It boasts remastered graphics with stunning high-definition visuals, breathing new life into the game's characters, environments, and cinematics.

Reimagined Audio
The game features a re-recorded and enhanced audio soundtrack, including voiceovers, sound effects, and music, to immerse players in the rich Warcraft world.

Campaign Overhauls
The original Warcraft III campaigns have been redesigned with updated dialogue, cutscenes, and improved mission objectives for a more engaging storytelling experience.

Custom Games
Reforged continues to support custom games and user-generated content, allowing players to create and share their unique maps and game modes through the updated World Editor.

Online Multiplayer
Engage in epic battles with players worldwide through Blizzard's online matchmaking and ranking system, featuring competitive and casual game modes.

Classic Mode
For those seeking the purest nostalgia, Classic Mode preserves the original game's look and feel while incorporating modern bug fixes and improvements.

User Interface

It introduces a sleek and user-friendly interface. Menus are intuitive, and the in-game HUD is clear and informative, providing easy access to key game features. The user interface is well-designed and optimized for Mac users, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Installation and Setup

Installing Warcraft III: Reforged on your Mac is a straightforward process. You can download it from the Blizzard Battle.net app, which is compatible with macOS. The installation wizard guides you through the setup, and you'll need a Battle.net account to log in and play. Once installed, the game is ready to launch with minimal hassle.

How to Use
  • Launching the Game: After installation, launch the game from the Battle.net app.
  • Game Modes: Choose between campaign, custom games, or multiplayer modes from the main menu.
  • Campaign: Follow the story by selecting a campaign, and dive into the world of Warcraft.
  • Custom Games: Create your own games or explore those created by the community.
  • Multiplayer: Join or host online matches with friends or other players.

Can I play Warcraft III: Reforged on older Macs?
It has relatively modest system requirements, making it compatible with a wide range of Macs. However, it's best experienced on newer Macs with dedicated graphics cards for optimal performance.

Are there any microtransactions in the game?
No, the game does not have any microtransactions. Once you purchase the game, you have access to all its features.

Can I play custom games with friends who are on Windows PCs?
Yes, it supports cross-platform play. You can enjoy custom games with your friends on both Mac and Windows.

Is there a competitive esports scene for Warcraft III: Reforged?
While Warcraft III has a competitive scene, it's not as prominent as some other esports titles. However, Blizzard continues to support the game with updates and tournaments.

Are there any plans for future expansions or content updates?
Blizzard has not announced any future expansions for Warcraft III: Reforged, but they have a history of supporting their games with updates and improvements.


StarCraft II: If you enjoy real-time strategy games and are open to exploring other titles by Blizzard, StarCraft II is an excellent alternative. It offers a futuristic setting and a robust multiplayer scene.

Age of Empires III: If you're looking for historical real-time strategy, Age of Empires III provides engaging gameplay and a rich historical backdrop.

Total War: Three Kingdoms: For those interested in the strategy genre with a focus on grand battles and historical context, Total War: Three Kingdoms is a standout choice.


It was priced at $29.99 USD. Please note that pricing may have changed, and I recommend checking the official Blizzard website or the Battle.net app for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • Spoils of War Edition - USD 39.99
  • Standard Edition  - USD 29.99
Minimum System Requirements
  • macOS® 10.13 (latest version)
  • Intel® Core™ i5 or better    
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 750M or AMD™ Radeon™ R9 M290X or Intel® Iris® Graphics 540
  • Metal Compatible GPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 30 GB HD space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • 800 x 600 minimum display resolution
  • Stunning remastered graphics and audio.
  • Engaging storyline with updated campaigns.
  • Support for custom games and user-generated content.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer with Windows users.
  • Nostalgia factor for Warcraft fans.
  • Limited competitive esports scene.
  • Some players have reported issues with bugs and balancing.
  • System requirements may be demanding on older Macs.

Warcraft III: Reforged for Mac successfully brings a beloved classic into the modern era, offering improved graphics, audio, and user-friendly features. Whether you're a long-time fan of the Warcraft series or a newcomer to the world of real-time strategy games, Reforged provides an engaging experience.

While it may have faced some criticism for its initial release, subsequent updates and improvements have made it a solid choice for Mac gamers. With its nostalgic charm and cross-platform multiplayer capabilities, Warcraft III: Reforged continues to be a compelling title in the world of strategy gaming.

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