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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Vuze

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Vuze for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

Core Features:
- Added a 'low' file priority setting and the ability to set negative priorities for various levels of 'low' [Parg]
- Support for metdata download based magnet link resolution [Parg]
- Added means to backup and restore yoru Vuze config, manually and automatically [Parg]
- Added per-download and per-category option to prioritise uploading over other downloads [Parg]
- Added 'personal share' feature that auto-generates and seeds files with unique torrents [Parg]
- Per-torrent IP Filter enabling [Parg]
- Added extra arguments to magnet exports (dn,tr,ws) [Parg]
- Added a basic 'speed limit' handler with support for defining and scheduling various speed limit profiles [Parg]
- Added system property to set default timezone (azureus.timezone)
- Detect some types of corrupt torrents and add Help menu item to attempt a fix [Parg]
- Support for &fl arguments in magnet links
- Handle https->http redirects [Parg]
- Handle http redirects with http seeds [Parg]

UI Features:
- Warning triangle at bottom right now flashes a number of times when warnings are added [Parg]
- Added to Devices configuration to allow 'play now' buffering time to be configured [Parg]
- Added ability for the Library filter to search on comments (prefix with c:) and file names (prefix with f:) [Parg]
- Extended Library filter search of tracker URLs (prefix with t:) to consider all trackers [Parg]
- Added negation to Library filter logic (prefix with !)
- Made it clearer when Library filter in regular expression mode and the regex is in error [Parg]
- Added details of hidden generic devices to tooltip to surface them [Parg]
- Option to remove all devices that have been discovered [Parg]
- Added feature to allow devices to be explicitly tagged and then the view restricted to only those devices [Parg]
- Added the number of matches found to the Library title information when filtering [Parg]
- Added options to status bar IP Filter stats to get to IP Filter options [Parg]
- Added 'next ETA' and speed controls to the Transfer Bar [Parg]
- Added option to the torrent-add window to enable IP Filters [Parg]
- Added 'explore folder' for torrent files to advanced menu [Parg]
- Added magnet export to Shares view [Parg]
- Added right-click torrent view menu to a torrent's detail view header [Parg]
- Extended search results header to include active total [Parg]
- Added menu option to remove a search template to the right-click menu on search results [Parg]
- Extended recognised clients [Parg]
- Better error messaging for broken plugin installs [Parg]
- Enhanced search box - allows for entry of magnet links, torrent urls and hashes in the search box [Parg]
- Support 'bits' based base-10 display unit [Parg]
- Export magnet URI menu added to Share View [TuxPaper]
- Allow dragging stuff to Share View sidebar entry [TuxPaper]
- Added Tracker Name column header menu option to allow specification of preferred trackers to display for multi-tracker torrents [Parg]

Plugin Features:
- New highcharts stats demo plugin [Parg]
- New plugin to add tracker URLs to multiple torrent [Parg]
- Added JSON request format to Vuze Web Remote along with start-all and stop-all RPC support [Parg]
- Added plugin ability to add rate limiters to downloads and peers [Parg]
- Added alerts to Vuze Web Remote if default folders not configured [Parg]
- Persist default media server name in UPnP Media Server [Parg]

Core Changes:
- Fallback to 'DOT_ALL' matching when no results found. This allows search templates to specify constructs such as .*? correctly [parg]
- Disable fast-extension for downloads with explicit speed limits set as they aren't applied correctly [Parg]
- Maintain seeding-only and downloading-only totals based on real elapsed time to be consistent across computer sleeps [Parg]
- Import &tr arguments from magnet links
- Support some more (non-standard) RSS date formats [Parg]
- Added support for Double values in BEncoder [Parg]
- Handle common type in URL protocol in torrents [Parg]
- Automatically retry failed torrent downloads with an explicit referrer [Parg]
- Don't auto-retry transcodes on permanent failures (such as lack of disk space) [Parg]

Plugin Changes:
- Try setting up user-level registry entries when iTunes integration fails [Parg]

UI Changes:
- Disable 'show generic' devices option when there aren't any [Parg]
- Include torrent name in SSL certificate trust window [Parg]
- Changed %done torrents view item to excluded DND files [Parg]
- Improved error message on add-torrent fail to make the cause more obvious [Parg]
- Auto-open and scroll the details area on magnet add so user sees error messages [Parg]
- Extended update tracing for 64 bit windows SWT updates [Parg]
- OSX: Enable playing sound on completion [TuxPaper]
- Replaced native OS tables with custom (faster, more control) [TuxPaper]
- 'All' and 'Uncategorized' are now shown in Sidebar when categories in sidebar is enabled [TuxPaper]

Core Bug fixes:
- Fixed I2P Proxy support and updated the plugin to fix issues with I2P network integration [Parg]
- Handle malformed XML entity escapes better [Parg]
- Support SSL certificate install for scrapes [Parg]
- Added code to detect potentially evil regex (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReDoS) [Parg]
- Fixed edge-case file rechecking issue with piece-reordering mode [Parg]
- Fixed ETA calc for Play-Now files in multi-file torrents [Parg]
- Avoid enumerating USB drives if we crashed doing so last time (happening with some encrypted volumes) [Parg]
- Handle existance of null entries in search template column maps [Parg]
- Secondary lookup service URL was wrong [Parg]
- Work around for torrents with illegal characters in file names [Parg]
- Work around for systems where ti is taking huge amounts of CPU to enumerate network interfaces (mainly due to masses of borked 6to4 adapters) [Parg]
- Handle malformed 'upload only' values that are appearing [Parg]
- Re-enable streaming of incomplete files [Parg]
- Only udp-probe the IP network [Parg]
- Handle truncated peer response from trackers [Parg]

UI Bug fixes:
- Update UI on subscription name change [Parg]
- Fixed null-pointer exception in remote pairing dialog [Parg]
- Roll up some of the device stats correctly when tree nodes not expanded [Parg]
- Fixed some forum links in the client [Parg]
- Ensure filter background is consistently drawn and reverify regex when switching modes [Parg]
- Double buffer All Transfer and Mini Bars to reduce flicker [Parg]
- Double buffer transfer-stats view [Parg]
- Re-enable the start/stop toolbar options for transcoding view [Parg]
- Disable toolbar icons correctly when no selection [Parg]
- Fix drag+drop behaviour onto Shares view [Parg]
- Fixed table row consistency issue when downloads rapidly removed and added [Parg]
- Fixed incorrect base-10 unit display [Parg]
- Fixed menu not showing on first right click on the Torrent Details sidebar entry [TuxPaper]
- OSX: Fixed buttons in Column Setup not all being displayed [TuxPaper]

Plugin Bug fixes:
- Various minor fixes to mlDHT [Parg]