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Download Unity 2020.3.1

  -  512 KB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

- XR: Major latency reduction using view/controller Late Latching for Quest on Vulkan

- Scripting: Improved documentation for Application.isPlaying

- Android: Added .mov to supported extensions in VideoPlayer
- Particles: Ensure Force Field Components behave the same regardless of framerate

- 2D: Fixed an issue where PVRTC altas variant size adjustment were leading to incorrect sprite UVs
- 2D: Fixed an issue where the tile field value was getting set to none when the delete key was used while editing the offset field
- Animation: Fixed an issue where the animation values in the import settings could not be changed if an event was selected
- Asset Import: Fixed issue where the Texture Inspector would notify of 'Unapplied import settings' when no import settings were changed
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed a crash/assert issue when building and uploading shaders
- Editor: Fixed a regression with Inspector rebuild that was breaking SerializedProperties after inspector refresh
- Editor: Fixed a scene view move/rotate/scale handles not rendering issue when the editor was using OpenGL ES 2 graphics API
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Play mode button presses did not always register if done during script compilation
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the Material selector was not able to reach out to the changed property after one Material change
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the Scene view Move and Scale tool handle cone & cube end caps were no longer visibly rendered "behind" their axis line parts, in some view directions
- Editor: Fixed Null reference exception regression in Inspectors
- GI: Fixed assertion failure due to duplicate lightprobe assets being detected during an additive scene merge
- Graphics: Fixed a hang issues when loading textures from AssetBundles in the Editor that were built for other platforms
- iOS: Added identifiers for all iPhone 12 models, 4th generation iPad Airs and 8th generation iPads
- iOS: Fixed an issue where Screen.dpi returned zero on some iPads
- Package Manager: Fixed packages left selected issue when clicking a package that has a path exceeding the maximum path limit
- Package Manager: Fixed the issue where the update icon for assets takes a very long time to show when user have a lot of downloaded assets
- Package Manager: Fixed uninformative error when path to package files exceeds the maximum path length limitation
- Package Manager: Support installing a package to a location that exceeds the maximum path length
- Particles: Fixed crash when prewarming a Particle System that used a sub-emitter which itself used the Trigger module
- Physics: Fixed a crash of physics simulation after changing parent for game object with ArticulationBody moved using ArticulationBody.Teleport API call
- Physics: Fixed a crash when trying to save joint state values for un parented ArticulationBody components
- Physics: Fixed a crashes/instabilities of physics simulation caused by ArticulationBody component hierarchy modifications during the runtime
- Physics: Fixed an editor crash when entering Play Mode with Articulation Bodies and Scene Reload disabled
- Physics: Fixed an issue where that the LocalPhysicsMode argument when used to load a Unity scene incorrectly created a 2D/3D local physics world
- Physics: Fixed an issue where a line/ray cast against a rotated BoxCollider2D that uses a non-zero EdgeRadius didn't always return a detection
- Physics: Fixed an issue where adding a Cloth component would not compute the correct bounds for the related SkinnedMeshRenderer, unless update off-screen was toggled on
- Physics: Fixed an issue where an empty set of brackets would appear in a scene file when regenerating a CompositeCollider2D
- Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth bounds computation where objects with non-uniform scale caused the bounds to incorrectly expand
- Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth getting residual forces from meshes with bones
- Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth when attempting to use Undo functionality resulted in a NullReferenceException
- Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth where the simulation received incorrect data during initialization, causing it to become jittery and offset the simulation space
- Physics: Fixed an issue with the Cloth Inspector where constraints could end up being painted even though the brush was outside of the models bounds
- Physics: Fixed multiple issues with the HingeJoint2D including maintaining a reference angle when deactivating and subsequently reactivating, ensuring that any initial rotation of either anchored Rigidbody2D are correctly taken into account and that the associated scene gizmo takes into account the reference angle used when displaying the joint limits
- Scripting: Fixed an issue when Application.wantsToQuit was not being raised before OnApplicationQuit in the Editor
- Scripting: Fixed an issue with gc heap expansion memory that was being incorrectly attributed to Monobehaviour objects during deserialization operations
- Shaders: Fixed issue where the ShaderCache.db was growing in size after each build
- UI Toolkit: Fixed errors during static initialization of style resources which cause an infinite window layout loading error loop
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where Certificate was not being set in UWP publish settings with certain passwords
- XR: Fixed occlusion culling glitches that occurred when transitioning between two baked occlusion areas and the camera was close to the clipping plane

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