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Download Unity 2020.2.5

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What's new in this version:

- Fixed "Root Bone" and "Bone" Properties tooltip missing in Sprite Skin component
- Fixed an error when adding AngleRange to SpriteShapeProfile Preset that was reset before
- Fixed ArgumentException when tangents and cache geometry are enabled on SpriteShapeController component
- Fixed Category List dropdown doesn't expand on clicking its title in the Inspector for Sprite Library Asset
- Fixed InvalidOperationException thrown continuously on adding SpriteShapeController component to a GameObject with SpriteRenderer

- AI: Fixed an issue where OffMeshLink prefab was leaking to the main scene after closing the prefab window
- Android: Fixed an Editor crash when Unity Remote was used in project and Android support not installed
- Android: Update Android Logcat package to version 1.2.1. See the package change log for full details
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue with ResourceManager that at startup sometimes would get invalid asset states
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where the AssetDatabase could unload active AssetBundle streams, causing object data to be incomplete
- Build Pipeline: Fixed excessive gizmo rebuilding increasing the player build times by a lot

- Fixed a changing editor mode issue which showed "Failed to load window layout" message
- Fixed ReorderableList freezing Unity Editor when element height is 0
- Fixed ReorderableList ignoring custom property labels in inspector
- Tooltips are now passed through into PropertyDrawers as part of the labe
- Graphics: Fixed an Editor crashes with VFXExpressionContainer::EvaluateExpressions when opening a VFX Graph file
- Graphics: [SRP] Fixed an issue were reflections flickered when using SRP Batcher and Custom SRP
- Particles: Fixed a crash when calling TriggerSubEmitter with a null sub emitter. A warning will now be produced
- Profiler: Fixed Hierarchy view expansion state not persisting properly across frames stemming from the same session and between Hierarchy and Raw Hierarchy views. Additionally this fixes a potential NullPointerException in ProfilerFrameDataTreeView.AddExpandedChildrenRecursively
- Scene/Game View: Fixed rare crash when rendering gizmos after a script recompilation

- Allow CreateDelegate to work when the delegate type returns an integer, but the method type returns an enum
- Fixed a crash when attempting to deserialize and new a class that was not fully instantiated
- Fixed a crash when calling fast memory APIs with null CommandBuffer
- Fixed incorrect UTC offset during daylight savings time transitions
- Fixed issue where CreateNLSocket on posix systems would return an incorrect handle

- Services: Fixed an issue where in some cases a game would stall on close if analytics are enabled

- Added missing isnan() support to HLSLcc
- Fixed a caching preprocessor issue that incorrectly handle function-like macros declared in include files during shader import
- Fixed an Editor crashing issue when trying to render non-existent shader properties
- Fixed bad HLSLcc shader code generation on some RWTexture writes
- Fixed GetSamplePosition support on Metal shaders
- Fixed GetSamplePosition support on Vulkan shaders

- Terrain: Avoid unnecessary object loading in the terrain rendering code, therefore eliminate some main thread lock up due to scene being loaded asynchronously in the background
- UI Elements: Fixed a graphics issue with Intel drivers that were causing bad stretching and clipping in the editor
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when undocking and redocking a shadergraph and then selecting a property on the blackboard throws UIElement error
- Version Control: Fixed an issue where moving an asset just after adding it via AssetDatabase API was losing the asset VC state
- WebGL: Fixed pixelated edges of soft shadows for WebGL
- XR: Fixed an issue where ApplicationInfo was not being properly populated on Lumin platfom

- Shaders: Shader compiler logs are now generated in Logs folder instead of Library

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