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Download Unity 2020.1.1

Unity 2020.1.1

 -  100% Safe  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

- Animation: Fixed an issue where the animator would be invalid when setting a runtime animator controller to null then assign it a value
- Asset Import: Scenes do not loose references to Model transform after updating a project with Presets being applied during import
- Asset Pipeline: Changed behavior in Refresh
- Empty folders that don't have .meta files get deleted if the folders were known before
- If an orphaned .meta file is marked as folderAsset the folder is recreated
- These changes address issues related to creating/deleting folders in certain (p4, git) version controlled projects where empty folders don't get created/deleted when the user gets latest version on the client
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed an imported asset dependency on a source asset could lead to a wrong import
- Asset Pipeline: Prevented PluginImporter importing from root folders in registered asset folders
- Audio: Set override sample settings sets override for incorrect platform when passing a string
- Build Pipeline: Fixed build never finishing when there is a large number of assets in the StreamingAssets folder
- Editor: Fixed an issue where a MissingReferenceException was thrown when undo operation is performed with a Particle System object selected
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the newly added menu item under GameObject context menu is always displayed as enabled inappropriately, irrespective of the validation function being verified
- Editor: Fixed application freezes when it is out of focus
- Editor: Fixed freeze when Time.timeScale is set to NaN
- Editor: Fixed rare Editor hang on OSX when building to player
- Editor: Improved Mesh triangulation warnings to display the path to the asset where they originate
- Editor: Made shortcuts value based instead of location based in the Linux editor thereby making shortcuts consistent for all keyboard layouts
- Editor: Xcode projects generated for MacOS standalone builds will now correctly copy native plugins
- Graphics: Added correct usage flag in VFX mesh stripping : avoid lost of actually used channel
- Graphics: Fixed a potential crash in VFX when effect was updated out of frustum in indirect mode
- Graphics: Fixed an incorrect clamping of ASTC HDR lightmaps
- Graphics: Fixed an incorrect cubemap convolution of ASTC HDR cubemaps
- Graphics: Fixed CustomRenderTexture not using depth for camera rendering
- Graphics: Fixed Hybrid renderer + builtin unity + custom material vars rendering order issue
- Graphics: Fixed incorrect reported "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'shadername' - All passes" for HDRP/Lit shader
- Graphics: Fixed issue where the Vulkan pipeline cache data was not getting saved on Stadia
- Graphics: Fixed SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex on Vulkan
- Graphics: Fixed SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex with tessellation shaders on Vulkan
- Graphics: Fixed viewport clear when using texture array on Vulkan
- Graphics: Fixed Vulkan shaders on desktop not working like they do in Metal with half precision disabled in most cases except explicit min16float in shader
- Graphics: Game view Statistics tab reports false values when using SRP
- Graphics: Image conversion into a NativeArray is supported
- ImageConversion.EncodeNativeArrayToTGA
- ImageConversion.EncodeNativeArrayToJPG
- ImageConversion.EncodeNativeArrayToPNG
- ImageConversion.EncodeNativeArrayToEXR.
- Graphics: Improved Hybrid Renderer V2 error handling when incompatible shaders are detected
- Graphics: Solved performance issues with reflection probe anchors when reloading scenes
- IL2CPP: Fixed ArgumentException thrown in Socket constructor when using Windows SDK 10.0.19041.0
- IL2CPP: Fixed ARM64 release build failure that could occur in some circumstances
- IL2CPP: Fixed GC performance regression on Android and Linux
- IL2CPP: Fixed managed stacktrace resolving on old Android devices (5.0 and lower), previously stacktrace resolving would fail and would show zero frames, now it should show proper managed stacktrace
- IL2CPP: Generate less source code for managed debugging
- iOS: Fixed occasional crash on exit pointing to ViewInfo_OnDisplayCutoutsChanged
- iOS: Fixed Xcode archive validation error when using custom storyboard
- Linux: Fixed chains of editor windows not remaining open when clicking the x button
- macOS: Fixed popup stays open after closing window
- Package Manager: Disabled Cancel button in the Package Manager progress pop-up
- Package Manager: Fixed case 1239910, delay display of labels
- Package Manager: Fixed case 1245090 close filtersWindow if already open (dbl-click)
- Package Manager: Fixed loading spinner rotation speed
- Particles: Fixed crash when using ParticleSystemRenderer.BakeMesh with Mesh particles and GPU instancing
- Particles: Fixed exception being thrown when Texture Sheet Animation module is multi-editing a large list of sprites
- Particles: Fixed trying to use GPU Instancing on devices that can't do Structure Buffer reads in Vertex Shaders
- Physics: Fixed an Editor crash on "Collider2D::Cleanup" when changing Scene and disabling a GameObject at the same time
- Physics: Fixed an Editor crash on "PhysicsContacts2D::EndContact" when exiting Play mode after Assertion failed on expression: "GetShape() == NULL"
- Physics: Fixed ArticulationBody.immovable property setter to have effect when set during runtime.
- Physics: Fixed collision detection of kinematic Rigidbody with non-convex mesh collider
- Profiler: Fixed an issue where CPU texture memory would no longer be reported
- Profiler: Fixed outn of memory crash when saving large frame in Profiler
- SceneManager: Fixed SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex returns a blank Scene object when 'Reload Scene' is disabled
- Scripting: Fixed engine code stripping bug when a user assembly was named InputModule.dll or matched any of the other engine module names
- Scripting: Sort ILPostProcessors by name
- Serialization: Fixed crash when using SerializedProperty::SetManagedReferenceValue with object instance containing boolean serialized field
- Serialization: Fixed crash with recursive generic instance containing field of the generic instance type
- Serialization: Fixed serialization layout errors when using classes with arrays of structs containing SerializeReference fields
- Shaders: Fixed an issue which would causes shader requirements not to be serialised correctly
- Shaders: Fixed Caching preprocessor output when encountering an unknown preprocessor directive
- Shaders: Shaders with GrabPass can now be added to ShaderVariantCollection
- Text: Fixed for GetPathsToOSFonts() not returning any valid font file paths on iOS
- TextCore: Fixed potential marshalling array resize issue
- UI Toolkit: Fixed allocating TextInfo inside TextHandle when not necessary
- UI Toolkit: Improved performance for elements using star rule by removing duplicates in StyleVariable list
- WebGL: Fixed "Constant Physical Size" UI scale mode on WebGL
- Windows: Fixed visual artefacts that can appear when the window is minimized and restored after previously running the standalone player in fullscreen
- XR: Added a pre-init flag to request an offscreen Vulkan swapchain
- XR: Projects targeting ARCore (Android only) can now use any Gradle version up to 3.6.0

API Changes:
- XR: Added: Expose new fields to SystemInfo so that SRP and end-users can have more knowledge about graphics capabilities required for single-pass rendering techniques

- XR: Updated Oculus XR Plugin package to 1.4.0

- Editor: Scene view "Shaded Wireframe" mode can work with SRPs now, via ScriptableRenderContext.DrawWireOverlay.
- Editor: Vertex snapping is many times faster on large scenes, and it's easier to snap to vertices that are close/visible, without accidentally snapping to some far away occluded objects

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