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Download Unity 2019.4.3

Unity 2019.4.3

 -  100% Safe  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

- 2D: Fixed "A Native Collection has not been disposed, resulting in a memory leak" is thrown when 2D Sprite Shape Controller is added
- 2D: Fixed error occurs when unselecting Cache Geometry for Sprite Shape prefab
- 2D: Fixed exception when creating UXML Template asset with 2D Animation package installed
- 2D: Fixed InvalidOperationException thrown continuously on adding "Sprite Shape Controller" Component to a Sprite object
- 2D: Fixed OnGUI in SpriteShapeController creates GC allocs
- Android: Fix native exception handler code to be thread safe, potential fix for crashes which contains stacktrace with install_signal_handlers entry
- Animation: Animation window now shows clips from both the animation and animator components if both components exist on the GameObject
- Animation: Fixed a bug where the Animation Preview does not find the model when using Generic Animation Type
- Animation: Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to access a default muscle with an invalid index
- Animation: Fixed crash when using binary2text on *.bundle with Playable Director
- Asset Import: Fixed a rare issue which could cause improper UV generation for a model when mesh compression is enabled
- Asset Import: Non-set values for UVs in FBX files are imported with default value 0,0 in the Mesh
- Asset Pipeline: Fix for crash in inside mono that could happen during cache server download
- Audio: Set override sample settings sets override for incorrect platform when passing a string
- Audio: Unity print "More than 2048 Allocators are registered. Reduce allocator count" and crashes
- Build Pipeline: Reduce amount of garbage collection performed inside the ContentBuildInterface
- CodeEditor: Enable player generation in GUI
- CodeEditor: Local and Embedded packages are the default value when we have a new project
- Core: Bug Fix to now allow any native container with multiple safety handles to ignore safety with the attribute [NativeDisableContainerSafetyRestriction]
- Editor: Fire SceneOpening/SceneOpened callbacks when scene reloaded
- Editor: Fixed game view flickering when resizing it while frame debugger is enabled
- Editor: Fixed input lagging when the editor is running slow
- Editor: Fixed Line Renderer tool not working if gizmos are disabled in the Scene View
- Editor: Fixed the background color of the selected snapshot element in the Audio Mixer window in play mode
- Editor: Fixed the Shuriken Icon issue in inspector
- Graphics: Fix mesh properties throwing readability errors in the Editor when Mesh.isReadable is set to false
- Graphics: Fix: SplashScreen logo and background textures not being deallocated
- Graphics: Fixed a crash in shadow rendering when painting trees on the terrain
- Graphics: Fixed crash on shader warmup
- Graphics: Fixed missing submesh index range validation in Mesh.SetSubMesh & SetSubMeshes
- Graphics: Fixed NPOT Crunched textures crashing Editor and Player, Crunched NPOT textures now require to have a size that is multiple of 4
- Graphics: Fixed Visible AO artifact on XBOX ONE
- Graphics: Mesh.SetVertexBufferParams now issues a warning if vertex attributes are passed in non-expected order
- IL2CPP: Fix crash on startup when an exception is thrown executing a method with the RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethodAttribute
- IL2CPP: Fixed crash in Array.Copy when array size is >= 2GB
- IL2CPP: Generate less source code for managed debugging
- IL2CPP: Properly throw a NullReferenceException for 'throw null;' statements in C# code
- iOS: Fixed iOS append build failing
- License: Fixed an issue where Headless (build-server) licenses did not work with only -batchmode
- macOS: Fixed crash in -[CocoaMainMenu validateMenuItem:] when using the Help menu search after building a player
- macOS: Fixed issue where the color picker would select the wrong color when using a non-sRGB color profile on your monitor
- Package Manager: Fixed network requests sometime mislabeling the host as undefined when unsuccessful
- Package Manager: Package manager: Fixed git package failing when revision anchor and path query parameters are both set
- Particles: Disabled Particle System "Open In Editor" button when editing a preset
- Profiler: Fixed profiler collecting samples when Playmode is paused
- Scripting: Fixed issue with x64 jit codegen with regard to valuetype references
- Shaders: Fixed bad GLSL for loop condition check generation on some cases
- UI: Fixed UI Flickers in Game View when Camera.Render is Selected in the Frame Debugger
- WebGL: Fix build error when AllowDebugging option is enabled for WebGL platform
- Windows: Fix incorrect mouse position in Wheel input events
- Windows: Fix NewInput not respecting swapped mouse buttons
- XR: Fixed Vulkan framebuffer layer count logic when using multiview
- XR: Re-enabled dynamic MSAA levels with Vulkan and FFR

- 2D: Changed Editor settings for new scripts line ending to 'OS Native' in 2D template
- iOS: Removed the breaking interface change to IUserProfile accidentally introduced in 2019.4.2f1

- 2D: Allow mesh to be baked to save generated geometry data in Sprite Shape

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