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Download Unity 2019.4.2

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What's new in this version:

- 2D: Crash in ProcessVertices when applying texture type to Sprite for specific images
- 2D: Gameobjects with regular Sprites and Sprite Skin are not added to the same Batch
- Asset Pipeline: Fix for a crash in script type hash generation that occurred in a certain type recursion scenario
- Editor: Fixed an issue with Screen Space and World Space Cameras not rendering when frame debugger is enabled for Standalone player
- GI: Fixed crash that sometimes occur when loading scenes
- GI: Fixed fireflies artifacts in big outdoor scenes using area lights and directionnal lights in GPU lightmapper
- GI: Release temp gpu memory used by progressive lightmapper just before denoising to improve denoisers stability
- Graphics: - DX11 backend no longer crashes if constantbuffer values are being changed with incompatible shader bound
- Graphics: Fix crash in culling jobs when intermediate renderers have been deleted
- Graphics: Fix for using a ComputeBuffer as in input after calling SetCounter immediately before the next Dispatch
- Graphics: Fixed various bugs when rendering into texture2darray slices as well as resolving texture2dmsarray into a non-multisampled texture on Nintendo Switch
- Graphics: Speed up material property animation binding which occurs when creating GameObjects with animations or timelines
- iOS: fix for Social.localUser.ID returns GameCenterUsersID instead of the new GamePlayerID and TeamPlayerID
- iOS: Fix iOS Achievements Callback GameCenter Crash
- Linux: Sprite Editor menus function correctly
- Package Manager: Fix Parts of the Asset Store login popup are pushed offscreen if the login fails
- Physics: Don't declare PhysX as a separate middleware for the purposes of the Nintendo Switch game submission
- Physics: Fixed an issue where Cloth components interacting with colliders would behave incorrectly
- Physics: Fixed an issue where Cloth components would become bouncy/elastic at the start of the simulation
- Physics: Fixed an issue where the Cloth component's particles would inherit residual forces at startup and cause the cloth to behave erratically
- Physics: Fixed an issue with the Cloth component's virtual particles being set incorrectly at creation
- Windows: Fixed build icon's alpha value is not shown correctly
- XR: Fix order of single-pass instancing shader variables for gles3
- XR: Update XR Plug-in Management to 3.2.12
- Update Windows MR Plug-in package to 2.2.0

API Changes:
- iOS: Deprecated: Deprecated
- UnityEngine.iOS.LocalNotification
- UnityEngine.iOS.RemoteNotification
- UnityEngine.iOS.NotificationServices

- Timeline: Updated Timeline package to version 1.2.15

- Android: Improve performance of constant buffer memory access on Adreno devices when using Vulkan

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