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Download Unity 2019.3.15

Unity 2019.3.15

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What's new in this version:

- 2D: Fix ObjectOverrides for Tilemap Prefab Instance when comparing with the original Tilemap Prefab saved from a previous editor version
- 2D: OnGUI in SpriteShapeController creates GC allocs
- 2D: [Backport] [2D] "Sprite Shape Renderer" component icon is missing in the Inspector
- 2D: [HDRP] Expanding invalid MinMaxAABB errors are thrown on creating SpriteShape controller
- Animation: Fixed a crash when disconnecting an animation playable and reconnecting it later in a playable graph
- Asset Bundles: Fix crash when bundle is asyncload and unload in the same frame
- Asset Import: Fixed issue in Model importer material remapping section where selecting none twice in the Object Selector locks it
- Asset Import: Fixed SpriteAtlas packing issue when texture importers having been badly migrated from old version of Unity and have a compression quality of -1 in their settings
- Asset Pipeline: Asset Import results can now have dependencies to script types. If an asset has a dependency to a script type, the asset will now get re-imported if script type serialization format changes.
- Asset Pipeline: Asset Import results can now have dependencies to script types. If an asset has a dependency to a script type, the asset will now get re-imported if script type serialization format changes.
- Asset Pipeline: Editor stops repainting and throws exceptions when creating new Scene inside AssetDatabase.StartAssetEditing()
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed crashes happening when calling (ADBv2) SetImporterOverride directly from OnAssetsModified for a new asset that hasn't been imported previously (i.e. dragged into the project browser).
- Asset Pipeline: Fixing editor freeze when importing meta file which have more than 100 megabytes of user data
- Asset Pipeline: Source Asset reloading improved, so that loaded objects get reloaded, if the associated script is modified
- Build Pipeline: Fix rare race condition causes error message when calling AssetBundle.LoadAsset and then immediately unloading the bundle
- Build Pipeline: Fixed the incorrect file header size outputted in the Editor.log after a build
- Editor: - Metal: Fixes a resource leak issue in some scenarios where a view is being repainted constantly
- Editor: Ensure we do not save the isDarkTheme in an asignable variable to ensure users cannot bypass entitlement.
- Editor: Fix "Exception: This method should have been replaced by codegen" error in Unity.Entities after fixing compile errors that were emitted on editor startup.
- Editor: Fix "Exception: This method should have been replaced by codegen" error in Unity.Entities when entering play mode while recompiling all scripts.
- Editor: Fix an issue where secondary container windows can pop up out-of-bounds on Linux if the display is resized
- Editor: Fix crash attempting to import Substance file using the old Substance plugin.
- Editor: Fix crash when undoing an array resize of a SerializeReferene array on a SerializeReference instance.
- Editor: Fix Standalone profiler who was throwing an exception in OnGUI because m_VertSplit wasn't properly setup.
- Editor: Fixed a GUILayout exception switching to Prefab Mode.
- Editor: Fixed an issue where a console error is thrown when holding the control/command key and dragging objects in the hierarchy window.
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Unity exceptions are continuously thrown when the tags are reset.
- Editor: Fixed crash in RenderTexture::SetActive when entering the Play Mode
- Editor: Fixed editor windows appearing black when showing up along with a modal dialog
- Editor: Fixed renaming asset while scripts are re-compiling.
- Editor: Scripts will now be recompiled with updated scripting defines, after a restart when the input mode has been changed.
- Editor: Use the higher resolution of an icon for floating dpi values
- GI: Fixes a crash in the CPU lightmapper due to out of bounds access to the light grid.
- Graphics: Delayed acquiring the swapchain buffer when rendering with Vulkan
- Graphics: Do not perform rendering during OnValidate/CheckConsistency. This will invariably fail.
- Graphics: Errors appear when modifying a directional light with a reflection probe when HDRMode is R11G11B10
- Graphics: Filters out VFXRenderer from inspector
- Graphics: fix image layout complaint from vulkan validation layer by making sure we dont have multiple barriers for the same image
- Graphics: fix ShaderInputNotProduced vulkan validation layer complaint by adding colorwrite properly for the shadow pass
- Graphics: Fix slow down in Mesh API for some projects.
- Graphics: Fix validation error when using SRGB format for UAV
- Graphics: Fixed a crash where instancing properties are absent from the MaterialPropertyBlock object sent to DrawMeshInstanced calls. Fixed path-finding bug in which floating point errors would cause agents to take potentially large, spurious detours.
- Graphics: Fixed an issue with warnings inside SpeedTreeWind.cginc regarding pow() not working for negative numbers
- Graphics: Fixed crash in shader prewarming when using scriptable render pipeline
- Graphics: Fixed memory leak when using -batchmode command line argument and particles, lines or trails.
- Graphics: Implement frame pacing for Stadia
- Graphics: Incorrect colors due to copying from BGRA to RGBA format
- Graphics: MegaCity 2019.3 port crashes the editor when a subscene is streamed in and starts rendering
- Graphics: Mesh.RecalculateTangents no longer trims UVs to Vector2, if incoming mesh had Vector3 or Vector4 UVs.
- Graphics: Suppress HW-tier variants for SRPs. Disable tier-settings when an SRP is in use.
- Graphics: Vulkan: Increased internal limitation of 64 descriptors per set to 128, fixes compatibility with some complex shaders
- Graphics: When there is no renderpipeline tag specified in a shader match all pipelines, this was an oversight from a 19.3 refactoring and is now fixed.
- IMGUI: Fixed the cursor position when Home End keys are pressed.
- Input: Errors are Constantly thrown when Active Input Handling is set to Input System Package in HDRP and URP templates
- iOS: check for Application.RequestAdvertisingIdentifierAsync too when determining if ads api is used
- iOS: fixed an occasional crash on exit
- iOS: fixed ReplayKit.APIAvailable returning false on the first call
- iOS: Fixed showing Broadcasting ViewController on phones in landscape orientation
- Linux: Fix for "OnApplicationFocus" not being received on toggling between game view and any other window in the Editor.
- macOS: Fixed issue where repeatedly spamming the eyedropper button could hang the Editor.
- macOS: Fixed unreadable text in macOS installer in dark mode
- macOS: Fixes crash when changing Device to Use setting from Automatic to Intel GPU
- macOS: Improves the module installation button in Build Settings
- Particles: Fix applying a preset in the MinMaxCurve pop-out editor window.
- Particles: Fix crash/visual corruption when using GPU Instanced mesh particles.
- Particles: Fix memory overwrite/corruption when using shadow casting particle lights
- Physics: Fix a memory leak producing 2D physics collision callbacks when the multithreaded solver option is active.
- Prefabs: Fix crash on InstantiatePrefabDrag when dragging a Prefab to a Scene (that deletes its PrefabInstance handle in OnEnable)
- Prefabs: Fix Dragging a UI Prefab to the Scene view incorrectly shows it in the Hierarchy and an ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown.
- Prefabs: Fix that Editor logs errors when adding/removing a Component while Prefab is selected in a locked Inspector.
- Prefabs: References could be lost if a prefab was edited and saved after a player build.
- Prefabs: References following an array of a class that only contains a single boolean is now correctly remapped when the prefab is instantiated.
- Prefabs: Self-reference to variant via property overrride is now correctly mapped to an internal reference
- Profiler: Fixed an issue with remote captures where the Editor would freeze due to missing serialized data
- Profiler: Fixed an issue with remote captures where the Editor would freeze due to missing serialized data
- Profiler: Fixed chart highlight when selecting a simplified scripting sample in the CPU Profiler Timeline.
- Profiler: Fixed issue where "Unrecognized block header in profiler data" would occur when building and running multiple times with autoconnect profiler enabled would occur.
- Profiler: Fixed Timeline view Selection tool-tip being offset when expanding threads so that the thread with the selection goes out of view.
- Scripting: Fixed - Added support for dialects of Chinese language in Application.systemLanguage.
- Scripting Upgrade: avoids checking VCS if only files outside /assets folder needs updating.
- Serialization: Disable unstable test for case 1247566
- Serialization: Return a sound static element type name, when a SerializedProperty pointing to a managed reference array (not an actual array item)
- Serialization: SerializedProperty named guid will now be handled correctly when serialized to and from yaml.
- Shaders: Local keyword no longer removed when loaded from player asset bundle.
- UI: Fix Canvas size when Game window exists but is hidden since the Editor start
- UI Elements: Fixed issue with click events passing through the inspector preview if it's drawn over other inspector components.
- UI Elements: Optimize StyleVariablesContext hash computation
- UI Elements: Slider drop shadow would not properly follow indicator
- Video: Changed texSubImage to texImage, in order to solve some browser specific rendering issues in WebGL Videos
- WebGL: The rounding function we were using to support HDPI scaling is incorrect for negative numbers
- XR: Fix for excess memory compares in stereo and built-in matrix buffer updates during draw calls on Quest
- XR: Fixed a crash during shutdown on Android apps using Google's ARCore SDK for Unity
- XR: Fixes a lock/hang on splash screen on Oculus Quest when using IL2CPP and the Strip Engine Code option
- XR: fixes automatic upgrading for URP and HDRP projects
- XR: Implement full render pass/render param support for XR SDK providers
- XR: Linux Editor no longer attempts to load Resonance Audio library when running on machines that don't support SSE 4.1 instructions
- XR: XR: Fixed HDRP mirror view modes not working

API Changes:
- 2D: Added: Added an overload for GenerateGridSpriteRectangles with an extra parameter (bool keepEmptyRects) to allow users to keep empty rects as Sprites

- 2D: Added Auto-Slicing and Keep Empty Rects options when selecting Grid Slicing in the Sprite Editor
- XR: Updated Oculus XR Plugin package to 1.3.4

- Android: Documentation clarified for Application.targetFrameRate behavior on mobile devices
- Editor: Added a Warning HelpBox in Preferences under Enable Code Coverage to notify users about lower performance when Code Coverage is enabled

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